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Garret Finnerman was a DEA agent who used Guero's information to try to take down the Vargas cartel.

Season 1[]

Estrategia de Entrada:

Finnerman went undercover as "Keegan" for several months in the Savings Club. James notices him and notes that he's never seen him before, and asks Bill about him.

Season 2[]

El Cuerpo de Cristo:[]

Finnerman and his agents chase Camila, James, Teresa, and Pote to a field and fire on them as their waiting airplane takes off.  

In Guero's hotel room stateside, Finnerman threatens to put Guero on the 'mainline in a snitch jacket.' He tells Guero that Camila's on the run with his girl. This leads Guero to telling them about Camila's warehouse.  

The DEA agents storm Camila's warehouse using information they got from Guero, but it's empty. Later, Finnerman gives a speech to his agents telling them that Camila will know soon that they're in her warehouse and that they're coming for what she has left.  

Dios y el Abogado[]

Alonzo approaches Finnerman about getting 24-hour security on Guero because he believes that Guero will be meeting with Teresa soon, but Finnerman waves him off. 

Un Pacto con el Diablo []

Finnerman and Loya catch Teresa and Guero together at a bar. Finnerman gives her 48 hours to decide whether or not to become an informant for them.

El Beso de Judas[]

After receiving information about a drug deal going down, Finnerman and his men set up a take-down. After entering the warehouse, Finnerman was shot once by Guero and again by James, which killed him.


  • He drives a motorcycle.