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"Es muy raro a ver una mujer que merezca la lealtad de un hombre! (It's very rare to meet a woman who deserves the loyalty of a man)"
―Cortez to Guero, about Teresa

Cortez is one of the main antagonists of Queen of the south. He was the colonel then general of the military in Sinaloa, serving as one of the main antagonists (alongside Epifaño Vargas ) Season 2 ,the main antagonist of Season 3 and a posthumous antagonist in Season 4.

Season 2[]

El Cuerpo de Cristo: Cortez reminds Epifaño that he will need assistance -- Epifaño's political power and Cortez's military strength will make them unstoppable.

Later, Epi finds Cortez in his backyard. Cortez gives him some tacos, which are revealed to be made from the flesh of Batman, who Cortez killed. Cortez tells Epi that though he tried to have him killed, he's going to let him live and retain his position in the cartel right alongside him, just like his conquistador forefathers first offered Montezuma. They share a shot to honor their new partnership. Epifaño orders the soldiers to carve him off another taco.

Season 3[]

When Camila becomes governor, he goes behind her back to Boaz Jimenez and asks him to sell heroin with him. He wants to cut Camila out completely.

Los Enamorados: It is revealed that Cortez had kidnapped and held Guero for eight months, torturing him to try to get information about Teresa. He does not manage to recover Teresa and Guero when they escape their cells. Camila doesn't blame him and makes pozole for him, telling him that he's become family.

El Diablo:

Justicia: A maid puts arsenic in Cortez's wine, but it isn't enough to kill him and he survives. While manipulating her to side with him against her mother, Cortez tells Isabela that he loves her as if she was his own flesh and blood.

El Mundo: Camila is brought to Cortez blindfolded, where he tests Isabela's commitment to him. Isabela attempts to use the gun he gave her to kill Camila on Cortez, but it is empty. He disarms her and finds the tracking device in Camila's bracelet, but does not kill them because he does not want to lose his alliance with Reynaldo Fieto. After a shootout instigated by James and Javier, Cortez is isolated and captured. Teresa has him brought back to Phoenix, as she wishes to know the location of Camila. Cortez refuses to give up her location and dares them to do their worst. As revenge for Cortez having Bilal lobotomized, King George cuts Cortez up with a chainsaw, killing him.


  • After Boaz shoots his brother in front of Cortez and Epifanio, Epifanio calls Boaz a Judas. Cortez replies: "He may be a Judas, but he is our Judas!."


  • Cortez is a cannibal. After Cesar tried to attack him, Cortez roasted him over a spit and served his flesh as taco meat. He told Boaz that he has a special recipe waiting for Camila when he kills her.