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Alice Braga is the lead actress of USA's original show Queen of the South. She is credited with participation in Elysium, Repomen, Predators, The Shack, City of God, Lower City, Solo Dios Sabe, I Am a Legend, We Are Who We Are, The New Mutants, The Duel, The Suicide Squad, etc. Braga is currently working on a blockbuster movie Hypnotic.

Biography []

Alice Braga Moraes is a Brazilian actress. She has appeared in several Brazilian films, most notably as Angélica in 2002's highly acclaimed City of God and as Karinna in 2005's Lower City

Trivia []

  • Alice is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Her mother was an actress and Alice fell in love with the industry as a young child.
  • Alice Braga is part of a production company -- Los Bragas -- along with Felipe Braga and Rita Moraes.
  • She is actually quite a big fan of the book that the show is based on, and she regularly carries around a copy of it while on set.
  • Her own birthday was on Teresa's fake ID in El Diablo.
  • Alice is a passionate environmentalist. She engages in many activities to support the Amazon and its native population.


On James & Teresa

  • When asked about James and Teresa, she said, "It’s a tough love relationship. I think we love each other too much and it’s like that love and passion…and difficulty. But yeah, I love the relationship that they have. He saved her, she saved him; I think it’s a very strong relationship.”

What others have to say[]

  • While talking to Vanity Fair, executive producer David Friendly explained that Alice Braga is constantly consulting the original story. "She literally carries around a tattered copy of the book with her every shoot day," he said. "We’re talking about months here. And she has passages underlined" [1].
  • "As I watch the Emmys, thoughts turn to the amazingly, talented and incredibly beautiful star of our show (Queen of the South) Alice Braga. This is her show and we would not be heading into S5 without this brave, brilliant and focused professional. She will win one of these soon!" [2]

Instagram []

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