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Bienvenidos a Nuevo Orleans is the 40th episode of the series and the first episode of Season 4. It translates to "Welcome to New Orleans."


Teresa expands her business and proves herself to a smuggler who offers her a business opportunity.


The Queen of the South rides a motorcycle to a hotel, where Pote kills two of her men. Outside the hotel, the police arrive and aim guns at her as fireworks go off.

At least 6 months after the events of El Mundo[]

While overlooking the water, Teresa asks Pote if he has heard from James, but he hasn't. In the meantime, Birdie tries to teach Pote how to mix drinks.

Javier calls Boaz and warns him that when he acts out people begin to suspect him of being disloyal. He asks if he is stealing from Teresa and Boaz says that he's a lot of things but he's not a thief. Boaz thinks that Teresa's nice guy approach is worthless. Javier reminds him that in this business they're all replaceable.

George is co-owner of the bar. Teresa has to bribe René so she can get her liquor license, which she has been waiting for for six months. Five kilos have gone missing from Taza's shipment, and Teresa suspects it came from Boaz, so Teresa goes to El Gordo's cockfight. Javier bets on the other chicken and he wins. El Gordo beats his man Cheo because he cheers for the opposing bird.

Teresa flirts with one of Gordo's men and learns that they're expecting a shipment that night. Teresa sends her men to steal El Gordo's shipment. This forces El Gordo to come to terms with Teresa. He gives her 48 hours to get his shipment to Miami. Birdie names a drink after Teresa.

Teresa gifts Pote a house with a beautiful kitchen and kisses the jazz player, Eddie Brucks, with whom she is flirting and who is giving her a piano lesson in a bar.

Later, Teresa meets with Judge Cecil Lafayette at his greenhouse. He tells her that René is just the gatekeeper, but he himself is the decision-maker. Lafayette collects 'taxes' on the businessmen of his town and wants Teresa to pay $10,000. Teresa says that renovations were expensive and she needs a couple of weeks. Lafayette turns his attentions to the roses as a bug zapper goes off. Lafayette says that he uses blood for his roses as way of threatening her. He gives her two days to come up with the money.

Tony Parra calls Teresa from the janitor's closet of his school and tells her that he thinks someone is trying to kill him. The door to the closet opens as Teresa says Tony's name.





  • Castel: I bet on you, Teresa.
    • Teresa: I appreciate that you did. Thank you.
  • Teresa: Were you able to get a message to James?
    • Pote: No one's heard from him. James is a ghost.
  • Marcel: If I understand correctly, you're making your own tequila... See, most of the locals, they stick with rum or bourbon. That uh- that agave, that's hard to come by. I guess you're just doing you.
    • Teresa: We have an amazing bartender. We hope we can add something to the city's rich cocktail history.
    • Marcel: I'm sure you will, but uh, I promise I'll come back and uh, check you out during your opening. Please, let me know if you need anything.
    • Teresa: Thank you.
    • Marcel: Yes, ma'am.
    • Javier: Undercover police?
    • Teresa: I don't think so.
  • Judge Lafayette: Your girl thinks she can turn Bourbon Street into Tequila Street?[1]
  • Pote: It seems like ever since we moved here, you need less of me.
    • Teresa: Everyone I loved is gone, except for you. I will always need you by my side.
  • Lafayette: I'm of a mind that this lady has thorns for a reason. She lusts for what runs through our human veins. Luckily, blood we have in spades.


  • Entertainment Weekly wrote, "Series fans can expect the premiere to start in the drama’s traditional style, with a flash-forward of Mendoza in her white pantsuit. It’s not long before she’s staring down at some men in fear for their lives, but they should know she’s not afraid to make difficult life and death decisions. As Pitbull’s “La Reina De Blanco” plays in the background, Mendoza reflects on what it really takes to be and remain the boss. “History and human nature have proven time and again, staying on top is never bloodless.” —Rosy Cordero" [2]


Pote says that "James is a ghost." Ghost detainees are people whose identities are kept hidden while they are held in CIA detention centers.


  • Pitbull wrote a song with the show composers for this episode.[3]
  • '"To run a business in my city, you need to pay taxes. And those taxes shall be remitted to yours truly." Love the way David Andrews delivers his lines in this eerie rose garden. #DemandingLittleLadies #QueenOfTheSouth' [4]
  • Ryan O'Nan tweeted, "I like seeing Teresa smiling this season!" [5]
  • Ryan O'Nan tweeted the title page. [6]
  • Abraham Martinez: Our Queen is back-season 4! W/ territory to take. Thrilled to follow & shoot this!Thurs nights [7]
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  • Churros + Beignets = Cheignets. [video] [9]
    • Make sure it's actually flour. [10]


  • No animals were harmed in the making of this episode. [11]


It had 988,000 viewers and a 0.3 rating. [12][13][14][15]