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Bilal worked for King George as his first mate and closest friend. It is also indicated that George and Bilal were in a relationship.

Season 2[]

El Cuerpo de Cristo: Bilal pats down James and Teresa before they get on the boat. Bilal interrupts George's attempts at "extorting sex" from Teresa with gunshots. He leads the prostitutes wearing monogrammed bikinis onto the ship and down to the bedroom and starts a bath for them.

Que Manden los Payasos: Bilal isn't on George's boat when it is attacked, so he doesn't die along with the rest of the crew.

Season 3[]

La Ermitaña: King George are seen practicing sword-fighting together. He cuts George's hand.

Reina de Oros: Bilal helps George free the women being trafficked. George saves him with a sword through his attacker's back.

El Carro: Bilal and George are caught by police while driving the transport vehicle to Phoenix. Backup arrives and they manage to get away. Later, they are attacked by Cortez's men on the way back to James' compound after seeing a donkey show and they are kidnapped and taken to Mexico.

El Diablo: King George bargains with Camila and Cortez to bring him Bilal. When Bilal is brought out, it is shown that he has been lobotomized. George is distraught and promises to kill Cortez.