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Boaz Jimenez is the secondary antagonist of Queen of the South. He is the don of the Jimenez cartel and the father of Kique Jimenez. After temporarily being in charge of the Sinaloa Cartel, he is now running the Miami branch of the Mendoza cartel for Teresa Mendoza. He serves as a major antagonist in Season 2, an anti-villain in Seasons 3 and 4, and the main antagonist in Season 5.


Camila and Manuel Jimenez made a deal that if she got his brother out of jail, they could work together. Camila sent James and his men to break Boaz out of prison while he was being transferred.

Season 1[]

  • Punto sin Retorno: Camila makes a deal with Manuel to take down Epifaño: she's going to use the Jimenez cartel as a distraction for her husband and in exchange, she'll retrieve one of Manuel's lieutenants, Boaz, as he's being transported to a high-security prison in Colorado. Manuel agrees that they will be friends if she does this for him.
  • Quinientos Mil: James and his men break Boaz out of the DEA safe house. James gives him a phone so he can call Manuel and he asks him how freedom tastes. Boaz says that it's very, very good.

Season 2[]

  • El Beso de Judas: Boaz overhears Manuel's phone conversation with Camila in the stables, where tells her that if it wasn't for their mother, he would have put a bullet in his head a long time ago. Later, at Nico's wedding, Boaz comes in drunk and Manuel asks him to get ahold of himself. Soon, Epifanio and a group of soldiers arrive. They had been invited there by Boaz. Boaz, Manuel, Cortez, and Epifanio gather in a limo to talk business, where Boaz shoots his brother in the head. This was part of an agreement between Cortez and Boaz, and Boaz will now be overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business. Privately, Epifanio calls Boaz a Judas, and Cortez agrees, but he's their Judas.
  • El Nacimiento de Bolivia: Camila blames Boaz for screwing their shipment in Galveston. In Mexico, Epifanio notes that Boaz's family still doesn't know that it was him that killed Manuel. They toast to the new king, Boaz.

Season 3[]

  • La Ermitaña: At Isabela and Kique's engagement party, Boaz unveils a golden statue of Epifanio in a cowboy hat. He is upset that his product was lost and asks Cortez and Camila how the DEA knew about his shipment.
  • El Colgado: Boaz is watching a bullfighting match with Cortez, who suggests to him that they start dealing heroin on the side, without telling Camila. Boaz kills and eats his prized bull after it loses a match. Cortez brings him a suitcase of cash from the heroin business.
  • Reina de Oros: Boaz picks up Kique from the dance studio to accompany him on a meeting with the Colombians.
  • El Juicio: After Camila goes after him, Boaz flees to Badiraguato with the help of his cousin, Javier.

Season 4[]

Boaz shows up in NOLA at the opening of Teresa's bar, where him and Javier get drunk and are not able to handle the altercation with Renee with cool heads. Javier kills Renee and Boaz assists him to clean up and dump the body in the NOLA bayou. Boaz talks Javier out of confessing to Teresa several times and tries to turn him against her by inviting him back to Mexico where they as Jimenez can run the biz and live like kings.

Later Boaz finds out that the love of his life Emilia, has run away with Javier. After Emilia does not make it back to Mexico, Boaz goes to NOLA and beats up Javier in search of her.

When Teresa is unconscious in the hospital Boaz attempts to take control over her operation. Once she recovers and sets in motion an operation to kill El Gordo's nephew, Boaz assists. As a reward Teresa asks Boaz to become her top man in Miami and he accepts. Boaz is upset with Emilia's death and with Teresa handing Javier to the Judge.

Season 5[]

Boaz comes to the bar to insist that Teresa get revenge on the Judge. Teresa tells him she has a plan and he needs to wait.

Boaz kidnaps and beheads the Judge cartel style and brings his head in a box to Teresa. Boaz is ready to accept his punishment, however he is able to resolve a crucial shipping problem at the port of Altamira, and Teresa has no choice but to let him go to Miami and to hand in Dumas for the murder of the Judge.

When George shows in Miami to spy on Boaz, Boaz fools him by blaming the Haitians for cutting the coke. When George finds that Boaz is plotting against Teresa, Boaz shoots him in the head.

Boaz and his men leave for NOLA to attack Teresa's operation. They ambush Teresa and James in a shoot out. Boaz's men kidnap pregnant Kelly Anne from the hospital. Boaz refuses Teresa's offer when she offers him her business. He wants to trade Teresa for Kelly Anne as Boaz actually works for Devon who has ordered that Teresa be brought to him. Once James and Teresa play another angle and themselves look for Devon, Boaz's play is moot. He refuses to free Kelly Anne because Pote and Teresa and team cause a shoot out at the exchange. Boaz sends Kelly Anne to Mexico to be prostituted.

Boaz seeks out Kostya and attempts to supply him with coke without Devon's knowledge.

After Teresa is presumed dead, Boaz takes over her NOLA operation and sends sicarios after Pote. Devon works with Boaz for four years, however it is revealed that Devon is not happy with how Boaz manages things. Devon tells Boaz to stand down and not touch Pote in prison.

After Pote is released from prison, he gets revenge on Boaz by challenging him in a knife fight, Sinaloa style, in the bar in NOLA. Pote kills Boaz before he disappears.