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Cesar was Epifaño's right hand and part of his inner circle. Epifaño wanted him to take over the day-to-day operations of the cartel so that Epifaño could distance himself from the cartel during the election1x01.


Batman is ambitious and desires to be in control of Epifaño's cartel1x04.

He helps Epifaño deceive Camila about how they are withholding her product so that she will come home.


He goes to Dallas looking for Brenda and Teresa. Batman kidnapped Teresa after smashing the window of her car and attempted to bring her to Epifaño in Culiacán, but failed when Camila sent her state troopers after their car to retrieve Teresa. Camila has him brought to her and offers to allow him a place in her empire once she takes it over. She leaves it up to him to decide. Batman still tells Epifaño what he had seen in Dallas1x04. Batman and Epifaño decide to let Camila think that he didn't snitch on her, and they lie to her about the shipments together1x06.

Quinientos Mil: Camila has Batman brought to her, and he threatens Isabela. The scene cuts to Isabela being brought into an SUV by a man she doesn't know. Camila receives a call confirming that they have Isabela. It's a good thing she's safe, right?

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Batman dies after Epifaño orders him to deal with the Colonel overstepping his place. When he goes to visit him, the Colonel kills him and has him put on a spit and roasted like a pig. He later serves Batman to Epifaño in a taco. 2x01



  • While on the phone with Brenda, Teresa says that while they were at brunch, Batman's new morra was so posh she ate a taco with a knife and fork1x01.
  • His go-to torture method is pulling teeth.