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Chino Parra was the husband of Brenda Parra and the father of Tony Parra.


He started working in the cartel when he was 14[1].

Chino was married to Brenda, and was present when Guero picked up Teresa in Culiacán1x01.

After Guero's plane exploded, Chino was confronted about their lack of loyalty and theft by Pote and Gato. He and Guero had been stealing from Epifaño by using a contact in the Federales to get back cocaine that had been captured by the Feds and selling it without their boss's knowing. When he tried to lie about where Brenda was, they cut off two of his fingers. Brenda's face was the last thing he saw before he was shot in the temple1x01.


  • Brenda tried to warn Chino about Pote and Gato coming to kill him, but he was wearing headphones and couldn't hear her screaming at him1x01.
  • The first time he escaped from jail, he jumped out of a window and didn't eat for six days1x02.
  • After getting a new car, he raced with El Limpiador and the man ran Chino and Brenda off the road1x12.


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