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Cole was the owner of the law firm that brokered the purchase of the trawling company.

He was played by actor Brett Cullen.

Season 2[]

Dios y el Abogado: Cole hosts a party at his home and introduces Camila and Teresa to his wife, Kelly Anne. Later, after Teo is caught molesting his babysitter, he talks to Cole to figure out what to do. Cole fakes his death and makes it look like a suicide. Cole meets with Camila at a restaurant after Teo's death. More than anything, I'd like this to serve as an example of just how dedicated this firm is to you as a client. How much we value you, Mrs. Vargas.  

Un Pacto con el Diablo: When she visits his office, Cole assures Camila that she's a legitimate businesswoman in Dallas. Cole has to cancel lunch with Kelly Anne when Loya and Finnerman come to his office and ask for Camila's files, which he gives to them.  

El Nacimiento de Bolivia: He hands Camila a package that arrived at his office that morning, that an assistant opened. Inside is a bag of cocaine with a note that says that it's the last bit of coke she'll see for a while. Cole says that the assistant saw the white powder, thought it was anthrax, and almost called the FBI. Camila apologizes for what he husband did, and says that she'll take care of it. 

El Camino de la Muerte: Cole visits Camila's safehouse in Texas. She kisses him and tells him that she needs her to make her feel good. He picks her up and they have sex on Camila's desk. 

El Precio de la Fe: Cole meets with Devon Finch. 

Que Manden los Payasos: Kelly Anne shoots Cole in the head after he comes home early and threatens Teresa.


  • He's Teo's boss.
  • Pote cleaned up after his death3x05.
  • Cole prepares for Camila the fake ownership documents for the Colibri Trawler company that implicate Teresa as its owner.