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Alonzo Loya is a DEA agent working with Camila Vargas to capture Teresa Mendoza.


Alonzo works with Agent Finnerman and Guero Davilas to take down the Vargas cartel. After Finnerman's death, Loya finds himself helping Camila take down Teresa, who he blames for Finnerman's death.

Season 1[]

Dios y el Abogado: He believes that Guero is planning to see Teresa and asks Finnerman to place 24-hour surveillance on him, but Finnerman doesn't. Alonzo stakes out the motel and is there when Teresa visits him that night.

Season 2[]

El Cuerpo de Cristo: Loya is frustrated with Guero because he hasn't been giving him any information of substance. They storm Camila's warehouse using Guero's intel, but it's empty. Loya tries to emotionally manipulate Guero into revealing information about Teresa, but Guero doesn't fall for it. El Beso de Judas: Guero overpowers Loya and chases after Teresa. Loya finds Finnerman after he's shot and blames it on Guero. (Incomplete) El Precio de la Fe: Loya is promoted to the head of the Vargas investigation while Finnerman is in the hospital. His first decision is to bring Kelly Anne in for questioning. She lies to him about knowing Teresa. (Incomplete)

Season 3[]

He's on suspension. 

Loya works with Camila to take down Teresa. Camila gives him the book

La Fuerza: When Camila cuts her hand with a glass, he helps her take care of it. She kisses him and he tells her that this is a bad idea, but she says that she doesn't care. They have sex against the bathroom sink.  

El Juicio:  Loya meets up with Camila for information exchange and sex. He assures her that he is on her side. He notices that Cortez has installed surveillance equipment and after Camila leaves, he fights Cortez.

Diez de Copas]] Loya meets up with Camila who is hiding in the abandoned dance school and offers to help her move to the USa under DEA protection. Camila thinks about it and at the end refuses. They part on good terms.


Camila Vargas: As of season 3, they are working together to take down Teresa. Camila gave up 400 kilos of Boaz's shipment to make Loya look good. They start a romantic relationship.