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Devon Finch is the overarching antagonist of Queen of the South. He is a CIA contractor posing as a drug dealer, serving as a major character in Season 2, the secondary antagonist of Season 3, the overarching antagonist of Season 4, and the final antagonist of Season 5.

James worked for him during the six months between season 2 and season 3 and the full year of season 4.


Devon's family is Haitian. His sister, The Professor, works for him as his enforcer. Devon is known for his intellect and 'elegant violence' in the cartel world. He has diversified holdings all over the world -- real estate, stocks and bonds, boutique hotels [1]. He keeps 10% of the rooms empty even though they appear as booked on paper, which means he's losing about $18 million dollars a year for doing that. He also has what Camila refers to as a "private Uber-for-jets business."

Season 2[]

After Camila sees Devon in Cole's office, she sends Teresa, James, and Pote to Chicago to secure a relationship with him. 

Camila and Devon do business together, however once Teresa goes after half of El Santo's coke, Devon is disappointed. it is James who delivers the coke at the end of season 2 and receives the payment.

Season 3[]

In a flashback, it is revealed that James and Devon were partners during the time jump. Devon pressured James to kill the Douglass family, even though James thought that they were innocent.

Devon shows up in Phoenix and takes over the winery because he wants Teresa to introduce him to El Santo and because he wants to settle his unfinished business with James. He forces James to reveal to Teresa what really happened with the Douglass family. After receiving a video call from Lil T which shows his mother singing in her church choir, he backs off and goes back to Chicago. He meets with an agent about securing his family and taking down Teresa and El Santo. 

Devon Finch follows Teresa to Bolivia to try to take down El Santo. He blows up the house that the party takes place in.  

James calls Devon to bait him, saying that he knows who the mole is, even though he doesn't. It is revealed the Devon manipulates drug using and unstable Kelly Anne to betray Teresa and set up James.

Devon and James meet in a remote location and James leaves to work for Devon as payment for the mess in Texas. James has figured out Devon is CIA as well as the relation to Castel and the Colombians, for whose support El Santo was taken out.

Devon Finch and the CIA have plans for Teresa's expanding business and as such they remove James who has shown softness in Texas and for whom Teresa has shown feelings. Devon assures James that Teresa will be safe as long as she is useful.

Season 5[]

Once James confesses to Teresa who Castel is and how she can put a halt in Boaz's war, they look for Devon as he is Castel's boss. Devon shows up at the bar and reveals that both Boaz and Castel work for him and that to end the war, Teresa and James must flush out and kill Kostya who is an enemy of the State. They are to use Oksana, Kostya's cousin to find his whereabouts. Devon tells them that the CIA tolerates criminals like them to be able to use them for the 'greater good'. the stakes become 'kill or be killed'.

When James and Teresa flush out Kostya, Devon promises that once he is taken out, they can become the largest cartel with the CIA support. Once the kill is successful Devon calls Teresa to tell her that the boats with coke have left Cartagena and will be in NOLA in 8 days.

Devon expects that Teresa would not work for him and sends James to kill her. Unwilling James accepts. The conversation sounds like Devon is warning James to move as the 'guy after' him may not be 'so nice'. Devon tell James he likes him and leaves after disclosing the CIA knows Teresa is hiding in Belize.

James sends Devon pictures of Pote spreading Teresa's ashes in Culiacan and insists that Devon confirm that they are done doing business. Devon confirms and smiles as he hangs up. James is chased by a hitman Devon sent after him. James is successful in eliminating the hitman but get wounded in the shoulder and finds out that there are hitmen after Kelly Anne and Pote.


  • Cole says that before Finch will meet anyone new, he requires a $250,000 donation to his charity. [2]


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