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Diez de Copas is the 37th episode in the series. It translates to "Ten of Cups." It premiered on August 30, 2018.


Teresa hunts for a mole inside her own operation, faces a difficult choice and makes a serious mistake.


  • Teresa, James, Kelly Anne, Ivan, Charger, and Pote sit together by the pool. Pote sweeps the whole property under the guise of getting more alcohol and finds a bug in James's room. James tells Teresa that he's glad that she's back home safe. When she tries to leave to get tequila, Charger and James throw Kelly Anne into the pool.
  • After pulling Teresa aside, Pote tells her that he believes that James is the mole and tries to convince Teresa to wake up and realize that James is a danger to her. Pote says there are weeks of recordings on the bug and that James recorded her when they were together. Teresa is hurt but keeps silent.
  • Camilla wanders in the desert and makes a phone call asking someone to meet her at an address, but they hang up on her. While walking, she comes across some people paying their respects to a dead family member. After crossing herself, she steals one of their cars.
  • Pote and Teresa ask Ivan about the tracking device in the medallion.
  • Kelly Anne asks if Teresa's okay because she looks like someone's just run over her dog and because she senses something happened between James and her. Teresa is preoccupied and admits she is having a difficult time.
  • Teresa goes upstairs to tell James that she's meeting with El Santo at an abandoned factory by Taza's reservation. James reminds Teresa that he's there for her and kisses her and she lets him hug her.
  • Teresa and Pote wait at the spot to see if James will turn up to kill El Santo. Nobody shows up. Pote keeps insisting that James is different than them as he comes from a different place and plays by different rules. Teresa is still doubtful and says that she believed Pote liked James. Pote has no specific answer to support his arguments besides that James is different. They wait for two hours and decide to go see Lil T.
  • The radio announces that Camila is being searched for everywhere. She sneaks into a safe house, an old dance studio, with a red door while avoiding the police. In a cabinet, she pulls out a gun and a bottle of alcohol. Uncovering a ballet bar, she begins to dance sadly. Camila continues to pull sheets off of things in the room and puts on a record to dance to. In a flashback, Camila is shown dancing for a small crowd while a young Epifanio watches. As her dance ends, two men enter the building and begin shooting.
  • Lil T admits to Teresa and Pote that she screwed up because she talked to her uncle. This makes it clear she is not the mole.
  • Camila struggles with a guard who has uncovered her on the ground and reaches for a gun. There are flashbacks to how Epifanio and Camila met. Camila meets Loya and refuses his offer to extricate her to the USA. She escapes and is on her way to USA.
  • James examines his room and figures out that someone has been inside and has touched the electronics on his desk. James calls Devon and tells him that he knows who the mole is.
  • James calls Teresa and tells her that he knows about her doubting him and that if he means something to her, she should meet him at the compound.
  • James has found the mole: it 's Kelly Anne who has been using coke and who has been extorted by Devon to place bugs in James's room and in Teresa's medallion. She was made to believe she was protecting Teresa by helping Devon eliminate El Santo. Kelly Anne confesses to Teresa and after some hard thinking and insistence from Pote, Teresa orders Kelly Anne be killed. Teresa is shocked at Kelly Anne's betrayal and James retorts that she had no trouble suspecting him. It is obvious that he is hurt by her suspicions. Pote is not able to kill Kelly Anne, so James take over and shoots her.
  • Teresa goes to James on the terrace and apologizes for suspecting him. James is hurt and says she should have come to him first. James says they need a break and walks out.
  • Lil T is given money and sent away by Teresa and Charger. Teresa wants her to go to university and have a better chance in life.
  • James talks to Camila on the phone saying that he needs to hear more details before he can agree to anything.



  • James: Rum? Where's the tequila, huh?
    • Pote: I love you guys a lot but I'm not sharing that shit with you cabrones.
  • Ivan: Bolivia. You do anything exciting like zip-lining or visiting Lake Titicaca? What? I didn't name the la-- I didn't name the lake.
  • Pote: Open your eyes, Teresita, or someone will shut them for you.
  • James: Well, I'm glad you're back home safe.
    • Teresa: Me too.
  • James: Look, you know I'm here for you right?
    • Teresa: I know.
  • James: You should have come to me first. I have put myself out there for you time and time again, and this is what I get.
    • Teresa: I'm sorry. You deserve better.
    • James: It's been a long day. We need a break.
  • James, in a phone call to Teresa: Meet me at the safe house. I can explain everything.
    • Pote: It could be a trap.
    • James: If I mean something to you, you'll show up.
  • Teresa: I can't believe this.
    • James: But you had no problem suspecting ME.
  • Kelly Anne: Teresa collected us like a pack of strays and I love her forever for that...

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Young Epifanio was played by Lourenco de Almeida, Joaquim de Almeida's son.
  • It was directed by Nick Copus and written by Fernanda Coppel.
  • Jorge Reyes tweeted that, "Pote’s heart is broken at Kelly Anne’s betrayal too"


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James: Look, you know I'm here for you, right?

Teresa: I know.

Javier: Ese cabron saved my ass at the hospital. You have a good soldier.

Teresa: I know.