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Dios y el Abogado is the 15th episode in the series. It translates to "God and the Lawyer."

Plot synopsis[]

Old enemies and old flames threaten to tear everything apart when Teresa and crew rig a high-stakes narco horse race.


Manuel Jimenez's home, Mexico[]

James pulls up to a house in a shiny black truck and is met by two armed guards who escort him inside. Don Manuel Jimenez tells him to let him in, and tells James to sit. He doesn't, and when one of the men place a hand on his shoulder to try to force him to, James hits him and pulls two guns from under his jacket, pointing them at the other guards. Jimenez laughs and says finally! the man I've heard so much about shows up. He tells his men to lower their weapons. James places the larger gun on the table and pushes the handgun into his waistband, sitting at the table.

Party, Texas[]

Camila exits her car with Teresa. Teresa is to pretend that she's an executive consultant for Camila, because titles and appearances are very important to these people.

Inside the party, Camila points out Cole Van Awken, Teo's boss, to Teresa, and she notes that Teo Aljarafe must be there too.

Manuel Jimenez's home, Mexico[]

James says that Camila needs more product and asks if they can get it for her. Don Manuel says that he doesn't see any money, and James says that Camila's working on it now, saying that they got his brother out and it seems like the Jimenez cartel owes them. Don Manuel tells James to follow him.

James and Don Manuel enter the stables. Manuel is hosting the cartel race this year. He points out his horse, Míralo, which was supposed to be a lock, and he invested millions in him, but now the only money he'll make back is from the horse's offspring. James asks what his point is, and Manuel tells him that just because something used to be valuable doesn't mean it still is. He says that if he wants any product, he's going to have to pay in cash.

Cole greets Camila and she introduces him to Teresa. He notes that her shipping business really seems to be taking off. She tells him that Teo did a great job. He says that Teo is a great lawyer, but his timing isn't so great. He introduces the two women to his wife, Kelly Anne, who has just returned with some drinks. Teresa and Kelly Anne exchange compliments. Camila excuses herself as James enters in a suit, Cole excusing himself as Camila leaves.

James reports that Jimenez agreed to sell, but it's cash only and their credit's gone. King George said he'd ship for them but James doesn't think that he'll wait for long so they need that cash fast. Camila thinks that Teo can help with that. She greets Teo and pulls him into an office.

She tells him that she needs $3 million from her account. Teo reminds her that her husband still has her accounts frozen, and now is a bad time for big moves. No harm in caution, right? She orders him to take his shirt off, and he objects, asking if she really thinks that he's wearing a wire. He looks over at James, but he's not going to side with Teo, so Teo removes his shirt. Camila isn't satisfied, so he removes his pants too. Nothing to hide. I've always been loyal. She says impressive -- your loyalty before sitting down. James asks Teo about the DEA as he puts his clothes back on. The DEA approached him before the party, but he didn't tell them anything. Teo asks how they knew, and James says that he just told them. As Camila and James leave the room, they decide that they should leave because the DEA could be all over the party.

Kelly Anne is still talking to Teresa, now about her wine club. She asks Teresa what her drink of choice is, before answering her own question, saying that Teresa's a cerveza girl. She then asks if it was racist of her to ask a Mexican if they like cerveza. Teresa laughs, telling Kelly Anne that she was a kept woman once, but a cartel came and killed everyone she loved, sending her running for her life. Kelly Anne laughs, thinking that Teresa is joking. She exchanges numbers with Teresa, telling her that she's going to turn her into a wino like the rest of them. Teresa is looking away from Kelly Anne and spots Guero walking through the party. Kelly Anne hands her her number telling her to llame me. Teresa whispers thank you and leaves to look for Guero.

Teresa climbs the stairs after Guero, entering a bedroom. Guero is waiting for her. Hey, beautiful. Teresa is shocked. He's supposed to be dead. She can't believe that he's there and cries as she embraces him.

As the pair walk to the car, Camila asks James if Jimenez said anything about the horse race. He says that there will be millions of dollars there and a lot of cash changing hands. She says that this is exactly what they need. She tells him to find Teresa and meet her at the house.

Guero excuses his actions by saying that he was in trouble with Epifaño and that he had to get out. You left me. He tells her that it wasn't up to him. Teresa steps away from him and repeats, You left. Teresa had to run from their life because Guero was dead. Guero tells her that Epi was on his way to kill him and they had to do something. Teresa interrupts him to ask who "they" are. Guero tells her that he's working with the DEA. You're a rat? He tells her that they saved his life and asks what else he was supposed to do. Teresa realizes that he's the one that gave up the warehouse. He tells her that he only did that after he knew she was out of there. That's bullshit. He tells her that he's been feeding the DEA bullshit until he could get back to her. You're a liar. You're a liar. Guero tells her that he did what he had to do, but nothing's changed; he told her that he'd give his life for her. Teresa's phone buzzes as James calls her. Teresa tells Guero to leave, and that if Camila finds out about the DEA, she'll kill him and her. You need to go, and never see me again. He presses a packet of matches with his hotel's name on it into her hand, asking her to please meet him there. Just go. Go. James enters the bathroom and leaves.

James enters the bedroom, asking Teresa what she's doing in there. Teresa turns from the window and James notices the tears, asking her if she's alright. She lies and says that she just needed to go to the restroom. He tells her that they've got to go and she is to ride back with him. She says she'll be right out.

At Camila's safehouse, Teresa is opening her closet when Pote comes up behind her and presses a knife to her throat. Teresa freezes as Pote asks her where her gun is. She tells him that it's in the closet. Living in a safehouse doesn't mean you're safe... And a gun in the closet can't save you. All this... means nothing if you die wearing it. He places her gun behind her bed. Camila knows this very well. She thinks that she knows the truth about poor girls from Culiacán... That nothing distracts like glitter. Camila will surround you with distractions. He steps in front of her. Don't get comfortable, Teresita. Now, Camila needs to see you. He tosses his own gun onto the bed and exits the room. Teresa opens the matches to see that Guero has written "Tues. 8pm" on the inside. She puts the matches underneath her bedside lamp.

Camila, James, and Pote are gathered in the living room talking about the upcoming cartel horse race, which is hosted by La Mano Ponderosa, which is the 5 most powerful families in their business. Every year, each race is hosted by a different family. There's a lot of money exchanging hands and they're going to steal it. It's a million dollar minimum to enter. She describes the process of the horse race. Teresa says that maybe they don't have to steal it. If they pick the right horse, they'll just be given the money. James points out that they need a million dollars in cash first. Teresa says that they just need to make them think that it's a million dollars, but she doesn't know how to pick the right horse. Pote offers to cooks something to slow their motivation. There is a montage of Pote cooking drugs with a tea light and of Teresa wrapping money with paper bands. James asks what happens if their horse doesn't win or if their bullshit moneybags are found. Pote replies that they're all dead.

The four of them go to Don Manuel's ranch, with Teresa and Camila in front, Pote at Teresa's back, and James carrying the moneybag behind Camila.

Guero approaches the entrance to his motel room and stops in front of Detective Alonzo, who is sitting on the stairs, drinking coffee. Guero says that he didn't know that he would be coming by and Alonzo says that he didn't know that he needed an invitation. Alonzo notices that Guero is wearing new clothes. Guero invites him inside, throwing a box and his keys on the bed and offering Alonzo a beer. Guero tells Alonzo that one time in Phoenix, a distributor that Epifaño worked with, Teo made the deal. Alonzo asks if he has any more information about the dealer, and Guero says that he has the street he lives on. Alonzo says that he'll take that and offers Guero a pen and paper for the address.

In the barn, James offers to check the odds while Pote offers to check the horses, and tells Teresa to follow him. Pote tells Teresa that each family sends a little girl to bless the horses before the race, it's tradition. You mean opportunity?

Camila greets Don Manuel and he tells her that the thing about the credit isn't personal. She replies that business never is. She tells him that he's betting on the wrong horse, in more ways than one, before turning away to answer James' call. James tells her that it's Blanco de Invierno that has the best odds: 12 to 1. Camila tells him to make sure he wins and to place the bet.

He calls Teresa and tells her that they picked their pony: Blanco de Invierno. She tells Pote that they're betting on the white horse. He says that he'll tell the little girls, but she says that she'd better do that. Pote nods and walks away as Teresa approaches the line of young girls wearing large, bright dresses. Pote takes the sugar cubes out of the bowl and replaces them with the drug-infused ones that he made. Teresa talks to the children and warns them not to feed the white horse because he's very mean. Pote comes to Teresa's side and tells them that Blanco will bite their hands off, probably their whole arm, so be careful.

The girls go in a line for their sugar cubes and stand before the horses. A little girl in a blue dress stands before Blanco de Invierno. She looks back to Pote and he chomps his teeth and shakes his head.

Teresa is walking through the stables alone when Auerlio Casillas wraps his arm around her shoulder, greeting her. She says that she thinks he has her confused with someone else. He grabs her arm and pulls her back to him, telling her that he was thinking that they'd watch the race together. She says no, and he tells her that he wasn't asking. He pulls her along with him to the seating area.

The time comes for the girls to give the horses their sugar cubes. The girl wearing yellow drops hers and loses it in the sand, creating a problem. The girl in the blue dress never gives the sugar cube to Blanco.

Auerlio tells Teresa that they have the best seat in the house. You really have a way with women. He tells her that most men don't like strong women, but he thinks that the wilder the horse, the sweeter the ride. Camila, sitting to Teresa's left, interjects Enough! She's with me now. She's not the same girl you met. Auerlio pauses. End this... so we can enjoy the race. He takes a pull of his cigar and excuses himself, saying that they'll talk later. The race is about to begin.

James approaches the betting counter with the bag of money, offering a million for Blanco de Invierno. The man takes the bag and places it behind the counter. Pote stops and waits for James to join him. James asks him where Teresa is and Pote tells him that they have bigger problems -- one of the horses did not take his medicine. James considers this and quickly walks away. Pote is about to follow him but pauses when he hears that Auerlio is calling Don Epifaño to tell her that he's just seen Teresa. Aurelio asks for permission to kill her.

From the viewing benches, Teresa tells Camila that she knows that Auerlio is going to try to make a move and kill her. Camila tells her that she'd better get a head start and tells her to go. Aurelio comes back to find that Teresa is gone.

In a hallway, Auerlio asks two men where Teresa is. They can't answer him. He tells them to go and find her.

The horse race begins. Blanco takes the lead. Camila takes off her sunglasses to watch. Blanco and Campéon Charlie are neck and neck while the other horses fall behind.

Pote pulls Teresa into a horse stall, shushing her and pulling his gun as two men walk by. He tells her that Casilla's men are after her. She says she knows and asks where James is.

James has set up on a hill near the racetrack. He's loading his gun and looking through the scope, finding Campéon Charlie. He shoots at the ground near Charlie's feet, causing him to whinny and slow down for just a second, giving Blanco a chance to get into the lead. Camila smiles as Blanco edges into first place, putting her sunglasses back on. Blanco wins.

Teresa goes up to the betting counter and tells them that she's collecting on behalf of Camila Vargas, with Pote and James a step behind her. James tells him to pick up the pace. The man at the counter tells him that he should be more happy considering he just turned a million dollars into twelve. This is me in a good mood. Get to work. Pote pulls back the hammer of his gun, causing it to click, which makes the man turn back to him. The little girl in the blue dress comes in asking her dad if she can ask Pote for more sugar cubes for the horses. He tells her to go to her mom and smells the sugar cube, noticing that the money counters are short. He leans close to Teresa and says that it looks like the sugar cubes aren't the only things that are fake. Teresa tells him that he let them bet with fake money, and no matter what the truth is, the bosses will blame him. She asks him if he understands what's happening -- he's going to die today, either the bosses will do it, or he will. The camera cuts to Pote leaning on the counter and pointing his gun at the man. Teresa tells him that his only chance to live is to come with them, telling him to think about his daughter. He begins to threaten her, saying that if she touches his daughter he swears-- Teresa interrupts him and says on my word. You walk us out safely, you get a bag of your own. What's it gonna be? He nods and backs up, zipping up the bag they brought in.

Don Manuel tells Camila that the tip she gave him about the horses saved him a lot of coin. He tells her that he has credit as long as she needs it. She tells him that sometimes it pays to play the underdog. She kisses his cheek and makes her way to their car.

James is pushing the man toward their cars, with Pote and Teresa following close behind. Teresa notices Casilla's men following them. Pote hands her the bag and slips between two cars. James catches up to James and points out Casilla's men. He tells her that they just want her, not the money, and tells her to get in the truck and meet him down the road.

Pote takes up position behind a van and places a silencer on his gun. James steps forward to meet the men, blocking their path. Pote comes up behind them and shoots them both, killing them. James wipes at his suit, getting into one of the cars as Pote gets into the driver's seat.

Teresa is waiting down the road. Pote pulls up alongside her. James asks where the money-counter is, and she says that he took his bag and left. James is puzzled. She promised that she would give him one if he kept quiet. He tells her that it wasn't hers to give, and asks which way he went.

No good or bad.gif

Teresa tries to protect the money-counter, saying that she gave him his word. Pote looks in the rearview mirror and says that they've got to go. James gets out of the car, telling Pote to meet him back at the house. He pulls open Teresa's door and slides into the driver's seat as she moves to the passenger seat, telling him that they have enough money to buy. James chides her, saying never leave loose ends. He waves Pote on, telling him to go.

Agent Finnerman pulls up to the warehouse on his motorcycle to speak to Alonzo, asking what's going on. Alonzo tells him that they need 24 surveillance on Guero and they need it now. Finnerman sighs because Guero's information hasn't been very fruitful. Alonzo points out that you don't buy a shirt unless there's a girl around to take it off. Finnerman dismisses this, heading into the warehouse. Alonzo persists, saying that Guero knows where Teresa is, and wherever Teresa is, so is Camila. He insists that Guero's going to lead them to Camila. Finnerman appreciates the show of spine, but he wants it to be backed up. A DEA agent interrupts to bring them a traffic cam shot of Teo driving while a blonde woman in the passenger seat yells at him. He says that they're going to need more than buying a t-shirt for them to put eyes on Guero, and that Teo's their boy.

In the truck, James chides Teresa. He'd tried to get her to hear her. She told Camila she wanted in. This is part of it. Things need to be taken care of. She asks if he means people. He says that sometimes, yeah. He asks her if she thinks she can do this her own way. She says that she has to. Or what? You become like me? Is that what you're afraid of? Teresa shakes her head and tells him that he's a good person. He pulls over. Listen to me. There is no good or bad in this business. There is win or lose, live or die. Today we left a witness who can connect us to the money. And we're short. Short when money means survival. She interrupts, saying that he means that she left a witness. We're in this together. It's on us. That thing you're trying to keep alive inside you... it's what's gonna get you killed. Teresa's phone buzzes. James asks who it is, and when she doesn't respond, he tells her to answer it. She doesn't move, so he answers it for her. It's Tony, and she takes the phone from him, asking if everything is okay. He says that he's fine and that he's at the motel, but his mom isn't there. Teresa hasn't told him that Brenda died. Teresa is surprised to hear that he's in Dallas. His uncle had brought him via the bus. She tells him to wait there and says that she'll come by as soon as she can. He tells her to hurry and to tell his mom he loves her. She says she will and tells him she loves her as she hangs up. She tells James that it was Brenda's son, and she's taking care of him now. He asks if Camila knows and she says not unless you tell her. He pulls the car back onto the road.

Teo is in his garage leaning against his car. He pulls the babysitter off her knees and into his chest, telling her that his family will be home soon and he needs to get to the office. She presses the button to open the garage door as he buckles his pants. As the door rolls up, Agent Finnerman is revealed to be standing in the driveway. Teo tells her to go.

Finnerman enters the garage, commenting that the babysitter's cute and old enough to drive, but too young to vote. Such a tight little window. Teo realizes that he's busted for statutory rape.

Teresa joins Camila in her office in the safehouse. Camila tells Teresa that she did well today, but they're missing one bag. Teresa tells her that she gave it away so that they could escape. Camila points out that it wasn't hers to give. Teresa says that she didn't have a choice. Camila says that she did; Teresa stole from her. Teresa whispers no, saying that it was strategy. Camila laughs. A few weeks with me and you're already a mastermind? When I tell you to do something... just do it. Don't forget whose house you're in and who built it. Now, how are you going to pay me a million dollars? Teresa responds that she'll pay for it with her loyalty. Do you even know what that word means? I can help you look the part. Your instinct will keep you alive. But loyalty... Loyalty cannot be taught. You know how James came to me? Before the enemy was my husband, the Castillas cartel was fighting us over territory. So to send a message to Epifaño, they put a hit on me. A flashback of the event plays as Camila voice-overs. James had just gotten out of the Service. He was invisible to me. Until he wasn't. In the flashback, James approaches a man loading a car trunk. I don't know if it was instinct or if he was trying to climb up the ladder, but doesn't matter. James strangles the man. When the assassin came for me, James proved his loyalty. No weapons. Not one word spoken. And it was done. Action. That's loyalty without question. He's been with me ever since.

James enters the office. Teresa stares at him a beat too long and he looks away, dropping a bag on the table and saying that it's a little short and that he must have taken some out before he got there, but they're good now, right? James and Camila both glance at Teresa; he fixed her mistake. Camila confirms that they're good. He leaves the office, pulling the door shut behind him. Camila tells Teresa that her mistake cost a life, and James just fixed it -- that's loyalty.

Finnerman tells Teo that he'll be safe, and they'll be all around him. Teo tells him that you don't cross Camila Vargas. He replies that he knows, and that it's a good thing he doesn't have to, but Teo does. Teo looks away and scoffs. Finnerman tells him to cheer up, he's finally working for the good guys. Finnerman says that from where he stands, Teo has two choices: meet with Camila and get her talking, or the DEA tells his family that he'll be missing out on the next couple years for statutory rape.

Teo calls Camila and they set up a dinner date to talk about business.

Teresa is lying on top of her bed and shifts, noticing that there's something under her pillow. She gets up and moves the pillow, revealing a few stacks of cash, a Nintendo DS, and a note that says "FOR TONY."

The door opens and Teresa turns, wielding the gun that Pote had hidden by her bed. James puts his hands up, saying that next time he'll knock.

James 2x02 1.jpg

She lowers the gun and gestures to the bed, asking if this is for real. He tells her that it's to help Tony, to get him someplace safe. The game, it's um... take his mind off things. I mean, kids love those. She says that the money is from the money-counter's bag and if Camila finds out... James says that she won't, if Teresa doesn't tell her. She asks him why he's doing this for her. It's like I said, we're in this together. She gives a small nod and says thank you, and that he's going to love it. James leaves. Teresa pulls out the matchbook that she hid under the lamp.

Teresa drives to the motel where Tony is staying with his uncle. Tony runs up to her car and gives her a hug. He asks where Brenda is. She tells him to get in the car because she needs to talk to him. Teresa places a hand on Tony's cheek. There's something I couldn't tell you over the phone... The audio cuts out as Teresa tells Tony that his mom died. They hug. I'm so sorry. I have a new job now. As soon as I make enough money, I'll come for you and we'll move in together. I'm gonna make sure you're safe. Tony sniffles and Teresa hugs him again. She presses a kiss to his temple and leaves him with his uncle.

In the car, she looks at the matchbook again. The Queen of the South appears, saying that pain can make you strong, or it can make you stupid. Hope those green eyes are worth it. Teresa considers this and puts the matchbook down, leaving the parking lot.

Camila meets with Cole at a restaurant. He says that Teo will not be working with her from here on out. Cole says that he was setting her up with the DEA. If Teo had been successful, the DEA would investigate him too, and he couldn't have that. Teo was a risk to both of them. She notes that he says "was." The camera cuts to Agent Finnerman pulling up to Teo's house and opening the garage door. Teo's dead body is swinging from the ceiling; it looks like he hung himself with an extension cord. More than anything, I'd like this to serve as an example of just how dedicated this firm is to you as a client. How much we value you, Mrs. Vargas. She tells him to call her Camila.

Guero is smoking outside of his motel room, waiting for Teresa. She gets out of her car and approaches him. He takes a few steps closer and pulls her in for a hug, pressing a kiss to her temple. They kiss and Guero takes her by the hand to lead her to his room. The camera moves to reveal that Alonzo is watching them from his car.



  • Now, tell me, are you going to wear that dress, or are you going to continue to let it wear you? -Camila to Teresa
  • You're a good person, James. -Teresa
  • When the assassin came for me, James proved his loyalty. No weapons. Not one word spoken. And it was done. Action. That's loyalty without question. He's been with me ever since. -Camila to Teresa about James and loyalty

Notes & trivia (contains spoilers)[]

  • James takes money from the horse race winnings to buy a GameBoy for Teresa to give to Tony. This surprises her greatly. When asked about the tracking device in the GameBoy and the reason behind it, Jorge Reyes said said, "The idea is that it started as one thing—for Camila, but then became about protecting Teresa."


  • Lounge Bar by APM
  • Somos Sur (feat Shadia Mansour) by Ana Tijoux
  • One Way or Another by Georgio Moroder/Raney Shockne feat. Chloe Chiadez

Parallels (contains spoilers)[]

2x02 3x05
James: It's like I said, we're in this together. Teresa: We're in this together
2x02 3x05
James: You think you can do this your own way?

Teresa: I have to.

James: Or what? You'll become like me?

Teresa: You're a good person, James.

James: Listen to me. There's no good or bad in this business. There is win or lose, live or die. Today we left a witness who can connect us to the money. And we're short. Short when money means survival.

Teresa: You mean, I left a witness.

James: We're in this together. It's on us.

Teresa: You told me once that there's no good or bad in this business, right?

James: I'm not sure I believe that anymore.

Teresa: Because of that little girl?

James: Her... and you.

Teresa: Listen. Whatever you've done, you don't need to hide from me. We're in this together.

James: I don't deserve that.

Teresa: Everyone deserves that.

2x02 2x03
Teresa: You left me.

Guero: It wasn't up to me.

Teresa: You left.

Guero: Teresa, please.

Teresa: You should leave me behind and get back to the truck.

James: No, I can't leave you.

2x02 All of Season 1
Guero: Nothing's changed *literally everything in Teresa's world is turned upside-down*