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Don Manuel was the leader of the Jimenez cartel.

Season 1[]

Esta Cosa Que Es Nuestra: Epifaño calls Manuel to personally guaranteeing Eric's safety. Manuel suggests that Epifaño owes him for allowing him to become governor. Manuel wants a sit-down with Epifaño after he's elected, and Epifaño says that he's not guaranteeing anything before hanging up.

Punto sin Retorno: Don Manuel receives a call from Eric Watson, who tells him about the book and the information on the pages. Brenda wants money for the book, and Manuel tells Eric to confirm the information and then pay her, because he wants that book. Later, Camila makes a deal with Manuel to take down Epifaño: she's going to use the Jimenez cartel as a distraction for her husband and in exchange, she'll retrieve one of Manuel's lieutenants as he's being transported to a high-security prison in Colorado. Manuel agrees that they will be friends if she does this for him.

Quinientos Mil: James and his men break out Boaz Jimenez from the DEA safe house he was being held in.

Season 2[]

Dios y el Abogado: James visits Manuel, pulling guns on the soldados when they try to force him to sit down. James tells Manuel that Camila needs more product and that even though they don't have money at the moment, it seems like the Jimenez cartel owes them after they broke Boaz out of prison for him. Manuel has James follow him to the stables. Manuel shows James his horse, Míralo, who he spent millions on, but now can only use for breeding, telling him that something that used to be valuable doesn't mean it still is. Manuel says that if they want any product, they need to pay in cash.

He tells Camila that if his mother wasn't alive, he would have had Camila kill Boaz after stealing him from the DEA. Boaz overhears this conversation as he hides behind a pillar.

Manuel sends his bodyguards and personal plane to escort Camila to the wedding of his godson, Nico.

Manuel Jimenez was killed by his brother, Boaz, in Epifaño's armored limo.