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El Final is the tenth episode of Season 5 and the 62nd episode overall. It is the final episode of the series.  


Pote, James and Kelly Anne fend off attacks from Devon Finch and Boaz in an effort to escape. The Queen and her family are revealed to have successfully escaped the narco life.


  • Teresa’s body is on the floor with blood trickling from her mouth. Distraught Pote shuts the door in Samara’s face. Samara gives a statement with the police explaining how she heard the shot and the breaking of the window. Pote is shown witnessing how Teresa’s body is cremated.
  • Pote gives Samara cash to leave and tells her that he will go to Mexico to spread Teresa’s ashes as per her wish, which we see her share with him in a flashback.
  • James breaks in the police station and takes copies of the pics of Teresa’s dead body. In a flashback he remembers her telling him she loves him.
  • Boaz takes over Teresa’s house and biz in NOLA. Dumas refuses to work for Boaz. Devon visits Boaz and the conversation shows that Devon is not expecting Boaz to run the biz like Teresa did.
  • Pote meets Chicho in Mexico and they drive to the hills outside of Culiacan where Pote spreads her ashes. James is hiding and taking pictures.
  • James sends the pics to Devon. They talk on the phone and James confirms the job is done and Teresa is dead. After they hang up, James finds a bomb in his truck and gets into a shootout with a killer Devon sent. James secures his phone with pics of Pote and KA. James is wounded in the shoulder but he calls Pote to warn him that Devon is after them.
  • Pote calls KA and instructs her to run as Devon’s men are coming for her. KA manages to escape in a prearranged motel where she has to wait for Pote.
  • Pote and Chico are attacked by Boaz’s men. They steal a car to escape and get caught as they get a flat tire. Pote is arrested for car theft.
  • Devon visits Boaz again to order him to stay away from Pote in prison. Pote is sentenced to five years and is put in maximum security for his safety.
  • Pote is released in FOUR YEARS. Chico meets him and they plan a retaliation on Boaz. Dumas joins them and lures Boaz in his club. However, Boaz is expecting a hit and hits first managing to capture Chicho.
  • Left with no options Pote goes to the bar to save Chicho and challenges Boaz in a knife fight. Boaz accepts only after being urged by one of his men that a sicario challenge cannot be refused.
  • The fight is bloody, but Pote prevails and kills Boaz avenging George, KA and Teresa. Pote and Chicho leave the bar.
  • Pote hands documents to Dumas and Chicho and tells them to never look for him. The documents are the ownership and the funds for the development of the Waterfront property which Teresa had left to Dumas.
  • Pote is shown walking on a deserted beach where he meets a young girl building a castle. He gives her a toy soldier he carved out of wood. KA appears and reunites with Pote presenting him to his daughter Lena.
  • When they walk in the house James greets Pote and asks him what took him so long.
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Teresa appears shortly after. It is revealed that Teresa, James and KA have lived a quiet life in this house for four years, KA taking care of Lena, Teresa learning to cook, James to surf.

The escape plan is successful and is presented in a flashback. Teresa expected Devon to ask James to kill her and James agreed. After the shot Pote and Teresa faked the blood and paid off the morgue officials in Belize. Teresa escaped by boat that she had on standby. After warning Pote that Devon is after him and KA, James drove to Texas and saved KA at the motel as Pote was arrested.

  • The four have dinner at the table, where Teresa sees the Queen, who nods approvingly at her life choices and walks away. James and Teresa are happy together and share a kiss, while KA cannot hide her excitement that Pote is back. James proposes a toast to a new life.
  • James and Teresa are sitting at the dock, holding hands and watching Pote, KA and Lena play in the water. Teresa narrates how the girl from Culiacan killed the Queen to choose Life despite being told that her only options were prison or death.
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