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Raul "El Gordo" Rodriguez was a Cuban dealer out of Miami who had ties to all the kingpins on the East Coast.

Season 4[]

Bienvenidos a Nuevo Orleans: Teresa goes to El Gordo's cockfight. Javier bets on the other chicken and he wins. El Gordo beats his man because he cheers for the opposing bird. Teresa flirts with one of Gordo's men and learns that they're expecting a shipment that night. Teresa's men steal El Gordo's shipment. This forces El Gordo to come to terms with Teresa. He gives her 48 hours to get his shipment to Miami.

Un Asunto de Familia: El Gordo tries to get Teresa to admit that she's the one that stole his shipment as he plies her with alcohol. Teresa reaches for her gun under the table. Teresa reiterates that it wasn't her. The tense moment is dissolved when Gordo breaks out into laughter, telling her that it's water under the bridge, but threatens her if she does it again. After another shot, he leaves laughing.

Gordo threatens to kill Birdie and King George if Teresa doesn't find his nephew for him by the time he finishes his cigar. Teresa and her team are successful in locating his nephew and El Gordo agrees to do business with her after receiving his shipment.

Noche de las Chicas: Gordo introduces Teresa to Oksana, who becomes a buyer for her.

Secretos y Mentiras: Gordo orders for his men to kill Teresa.

Los Pecados de los Padres: El Gordo's men attempt to kill Teresa but they fail.

Teresa kills El Gordo at the meeting organized by Oksana with her approval.


El Gordo says he hates doing business with cartels and prefers money to murder in Bienvenidos a Nuevo Orleans, but he later decides to get revenge on Teresa.