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Emilia was Javier's girlfriend and Boaz's ex-fiance.

Promotional Information[]

Lama will portray Emilia, Boaz Jimenez’s nervous & frightened former fiancee with a secret that could cause things to turn ugly fast [1].

Season 4[]

Pote goes to Javier's apartment and asks him where he's been. Pote shoves him angrily and Teresa tells Pote to give them a minute. A woman breathing heavily can be heard in the background and she watches from the balcony. Teresa asks who the girl is and he says that Emilia was really sick and he had to take her to the hospital. Emilia is Boaz's ex-fiancé, and she's with him now. Boaz can't know that she's there.

Later, Teresa asks Javier if he's in love with Emilia and he sighs and says it wasn't planned.

Emilia tells Javier that they should go to New York soon. She seems to love the gumbo he has brought her. She asks what Teresa said about them and he reassures her that everything is fine. She asks if it's true that they'll be safer there and he nods a yes.

Emilia helps Javier to transport Renee's body and unwillingly hits a post and breaks the stop light of the SUV thus leaving a trail that Green later finds. Emilia decided to return to Boaz and calls him, but is unable to make it to the airport as she is caught driving the damaged vehicle. Emilia is questioned by Lafayette and Randall on information about the death of Rene. She lies, but when Randall finds the matching earring found at the scene in her purse, they know she isn't being truthful.

Emilia is rescued from the smokehouse by Davis, who hears her reciting the Lord's Prayer in Spanish. Davis attempts to drive Emilia to safety, but he is pulled over by the police. Randall drags Emilia out of the car and shoots her in the woods, later burying her body there.



  • When asked on Twitter[2], writer Jorge Reyes responded, "I don't believe we gave her a last name. We didn't in episode 406. But we may have after? [3]"