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Fantasmas is the first episode of Season 5 and the 53rd episode overall. It translates to "Ghosts." 


Teresa sets out to expand her business in New York City while James proves his allegiance to Teresa.


  • The Judge gives his statement in the police station and blames Dumas for the murder of his son. Captain Gamble appears and it becomes clear that he is in the Judge's pocket. News of Dumas being wanted for murder is released.
  • Teresa sits around and nervously waits for James, who has just had surgery, to wake up.
  • Teresa, Pote, Kelly Anne discuss that they need to locate Dumas to assure him of their loyalty and to provide him help.
  • George goes through James's bag and finds tracking devices and jammers. He suggests James is the one coming to kill Teresa. Teresa’s eyes fill up as she tells George that he must be sure before taking any action.
  • After waking up James discloses that he worked for Devon Finch, who is a CIA contractor, and as parting gift received the information about the hit on Teresa. James tracked the kill team, but could not eliminate them as he got wounded. James does not know who they are. He tries to convince Teresa to disappear. She is shocked he went back to Finch, but James tells her he had not choice as Finch would have kept coming back. Teresa realizes James has sacrificed himself to protect her and her business.
  • James meets Kelly Anne whose life he spared and she thanks him for giving her a second chance.
  • George expresses strong feelings that James is a traitor and it is decided that he would take him to the shootout place to gather details while the rest got to NYC to meet with a possible new buyer Polanko, the Dominican, and a new banker.
  • Teresa and Kelly Anne conduct the meetings in NYC successfully. Oxana shows up upset that Teresa is doing business with the competition. Teresa requests a meeting with Kostya and Oxana agrees to arrange it.
  • George and Chicho take James who is not fully recovered to the distillery and treat him suspiciously, pointing guns at him while he is limping. George and James get into a shouting match.
  • The group is attacked by the kill team. One of George's men is killed and using his gun James eliminates the rest and saves the situation. George understands James is not a traitor and together they determine that the tats on the back of the kill team men are Russian.
  • George tells Teresa that the kill team was Russian and she backs off from her meeting with Kostya leaving Oxana hanging.
  • Boaz walks into a bar and gives the Judge his condolences, they drink together, Boaz warns the Judge that New Orelans is a dangerous city.


Behind the Scenes[]



  • "To weep is to make less the depth of grief." is derived from a play by William Shakespeare called Henry VI, Part III.