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Gato is Teresa's rapist. Teresa shot him in the face as she was attempting to escape him.


Gato was Pote's partner and part of Epifaño's inner circle. He served as a sicario.

Season 1[]

Piloto: Gato and Pote are sent to Chino's house to kill him.

Pote and Gato track Teresa to a warehouse. Gato rapes Teresa, stopping only when she shoots him in the face.

Estrategia de Entrada: He is not present when Pote and Batman search for Brenda and Tony because he is having surgery to reconstruct his face.

Cicatriz: The bag over her head is ripped off to reveal Pote and Gato, who has a scar on his face from where she shot him. Both are surprised to see each other.

Gato notices that Teresa keeps staring at him. He tells her that the worst part of getting shot in the face is that he can't chew anything. He hasn't had a steak in weeks. The only meat he's had is the pig cartilage they used to rebuild his cheekbone. She replies simply, it suits you. He tells her that she'll pay for this.

When Epifanio is done with Teresa, he tells Gato that Teresa is all his and leaves.

Gato drags Teresa across the warehouse. Her time is up. He begins taking her up some stairs. She uses her position above him to kick her rapist in the groin before dashing up the stairs to lock the door.

She looks for a weapon. The lock doesn't hold for very long, but she hits Gato in the face with a strip of metal, causing him to drop his gun. She grabs it off the floor as he holds his nose. She tells them not to move and tells Pote not to reach for his gun. Gato advances anyway, saying that he's not going to shoot because she doesn't have it in her. Teresa turns her gun from Pote and shoots Gato through the eye, killing him.



  • He first interacts with Teresa at Epifaño's party after she runs into Pote Galvez.
  • Gato & Pote were the ones that killed Chino Parra 1x01.