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Hospitalidad Sureña is the 42st episode of the series and the third episode in the season. It translates to "Southern Hospitality."


Teresa fends off a pushy business proposal from a corrupt judge.[1]

A corrupt judge wants in on Teresa’s deal when he learns about her business.[2]


Teresa talks with Birdie. They open the doors to the bar for the first time and Teresa leaves for Pote's house and leaves Javier in charge of the bar.

Teresa arrives at Pote's house and they hug. Pote tries to tell Teresa about Kelly Anne but they are interrupted by Tony. Tony has been making his own graphic novel. Pote tries to tell Teresa more urgently but Kelly Anne chimes in with a "hey Teresa" instead.

Teresa is upset with Pote because Kelly Anne is alive. He tells her that it was Cortez. Pote asks what she wants him to do with her. Teresa says that they'll deal with her later and wants Manny to stay with them. Pote tells Kelly Anne that she and Tony are safe there tonight. Teresa has issues getting her money due to some legal issues. She needs it because she can't just give the company bags of money, she needs it to be legitimate.[3]

René, Davis, and Judge Cecil Lafayette meet. Davis asks Lafayette how René is doing. After he left the hospital he went on new medication and now he wanders around the house like a zombie.

Teresa meets with the trucking company owners, who have been in the business for 30 years and are ready to retire and sell, but they have a problem. Joel Boucher, a loan shark, now owns a 30% stake in the company after the small business went through a rough patch a few years ago.

Boucher tells Teresa that Salerno Transport is not for sale, but she insists on meeting with him tonight. He agrees because she's piqued his curiosity. He does a line of cocaine before telling his driver to redirect. Teresa tells Pote that they do need this specific company because of its established routes all the way to New York.

Boaz comes to Teresa's club and makes a scene when he tries to bring a gun in. It's a showpiece as a gift to Teresa. Teresa tells Boaz to go to the VIP lounge and tells him that they'll have a drink and talk later. Teresa meets with Boucher and offers to pay off their debt in full. She doesn't want him as a partner. He refuses to give us his stake in the company. Before leaving, he hocks and spits on Teresa's money. Pote offers to kill him tonight. I think we just kicked the hornet's nest with this cabrón.

Joel beats up Frank of the Salerno Transport. His men throw a molotov cocktail into one of his trucks.

Teresa calls to tell Tony that it's late and she won't be seeing him tonight.

Birdie called Eddie and had him and his band perform at the bar, to the surprise of Teresa. Boaz interrupts them and Teresa says that Boaz is her agave distributor before taking Boaz to her office as Eddie goes back to the stage.

Kelly Anne has made sandwiches for Tony and he realizes that she's leaving because his mom used to do that. Boaz gives Teresa a package and tells her that he made the thief pay back what he stole. Boaz promises that he is her soldier. Teresa says that she represents her in Sinaloa and she needs to know that she can rely on him.

Abby Salerno calls off the deal because of the attack on her husband and tells her not to contact them again. Teresa says that she got these people hurt and she needs to make sure they're okay. As Pote peels out of the parking lot, they are cut off by two men who get out of the truck and aim guns at them.

Javier tries to get Boaz to calm down. René is rude and racist to Javier as he tells him to get him and his friend set up in the VIP lounge for free.

Teresa and Pote have been kidnapped by the two men. Teresa is led out first while Pote has to stay in the van. Joel is waiting for her. He undoes her chains and tells her to walk with him. In the truck, the man plays loud rock music as Pote tries to get out of his chains. Joel tells Teresa about the farm and explains how to wrestle gators like his daddy taught him. As he speaks, he shows her the alligators on his property. He tells her that as of tonight he is in charge of Salerno Transport.

Pote strangles the driver with his chains. Teresa and Pote escape. Javier enters the VIP lounge to tell René and his friend that they're closing. Boaz is annoyed with Javier for allowing them to treat him that way. Javier tells him not to do anything stupid.

Teresa and Pote run into a police roadblock. Judge Lafayette greets Teresa and brings them to an abandoned building. She asks him what he wants. He wants to mediate. Teresa tells him that Joel kidnapped her and her associate. Teresa plays dumb when he asks if she's only transporting liquor. Lafayette has Joel strangled.

Teresa ask what he wants for this and he says that he wants transparency. Teresa wants Chicho to follow Lafayette for a couple of days. Tony interrupts and says that he couldn't sleep because he wants Kelly Anne to stay so she will be safe. She saved his life and she's family. Kelly Anne asks if she can talk to her for a minute. Teresa tells Tony to go back to bed and that they'll talk tomorrow. Kelly Anne says that she told Tony that she betrayed her but not the details. I deserve what I got coming. But you should at least know how sorry I am. I don't know I can ever make amends. But I would really, really like to try. Teresa says that she appreciates what she did for Tony but she can't trust her again and she doesn't want Kelly Anne anywhere near her or her business.

Teresa tells Pote that this is his house and it's not up to her if she stays or goes because Kelly Anne is his guest. Lafayette's boy Davis was picked up by a patrolman. He had gotten lost. Lafayette gets him out of the car he had been driving and takes him home. Teresa tells her man to get some rest and says that she'll call if she needs him. She calls Marcel and tells him that the deal is off because he broke her trust.

Inside the bar, Boaz tells Javier that the bartender reminds him of Emilia. She was the one, 'mano. She was the one. He calls her the love of his life. Javier leaves the bar to keep an eye on René.

3AM, Eddie's Church[]

Teresa knocks on Eddie's door and excuses her behavior as problems with her godson. He apologizes for the mess because he is working. She feels bad that she missed the show. He says it's okay and that there will be other gigs because he's real tight with the club owner. Teresa and Eddie kiss.

Siete Gotas[]

In the bathroom, René pisses on the floor. René asks if he's 'putting it to that boss lady' of his. Javier beats up René because he keeps mispronouncing his name on purpose. René's friend attacks Javier from behind. Boaz bursts in with the gun he gifted Teresa and beats the man with it. Javier drowns him in the toilet as Boaz laughs. This is really bad, primo. The cousins are covered in blood.





The episode had a total of over 860,000 viewers and posted a 0.3 rating in the demo, which is roughly the same as it was for the previous episode, Un Asunto de Familia.[4][5]