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Isabela Vargas is the daughter of Camila and Epifaño Vargas.


Isabela goes to a boarding school, and takes world literature among other classes.

She doesn't want her family to be involved with the cartels anymore and is pleased when her father says that he's leaving that life behind to become the governor.


  • Camila Vargas: Isabela is upset with her because she feels that she has abandoned her, and often ignores her calls. When gifted with an Hermes bag, Isabela says that her mom always had taste, but never had time. Sometimes, she thinks that Camila hates her dad more than she loves her, though Camila confirms that she loves her much more than she hates him.
  • Epifaño Vargas: Isabela is a total daddy's girl and is very proud of him for going legit and becoming governor. She is crushed to learn that he's been lying to her and has been cheating on her mother. She wants her family back together and goes to Dallas to ask Camila to come home. Isabela witnesses the death of her father and sobs over his body on the airport runway.
  • Teresa Mendoza: Isabela hates her for what she did to her father and cannot wait for her to die. Though when presented with the opportunity to kill Teresa, Isabela doesn't take it3x06.
  • Pedro Jimenez: She doesn't like him because he calls her narco-princesa, and she later hates him because he kidnaps her, holds her for ransom, and murders her best friend.
  • Olivia Gutierrez: She is Isabela's best friend and they are often seen together; they grew up together. Olivia tries to get Isabela to be less of a goody-two-shoes. Olivia gets involved with Pedro and dates him while Isabela dates Kique. Olivia is executed in front of Isabela by Pedro.
  • Kique Jimenez: Isabela met Kique at a wedding and seemed to like him right away. Isabela was engaged to him after they were both kidnapped and held for ransom by his cousin Pedro. After her mother forbade her from seeing Kique, they planned to run away together. Kique was murdered by Cortez before that could happen, and Cortez used her grief to manipulate her into hating her mother.
  • Alberto Cortez manipulates Isabela into siding with him by making it seem like Camila was responsible for the death of Kique, though she specifically told Cortez not to hurt him. He encourages Isabela to kill her mother.


  • She believes that her mother has good taste1x07.
    • Camila gifted her a bag that she got directly from Hermes.
  • She loves Camila's chilaquiles and the ones that she orders in restaurants always suck in comparison2x06.
  • Her parents gave her a teddy bear for her fifth birthday. She named him Pablito and slept with him every night until she was 12. Camila has a mural done in the orphanage that features this bear. (3x02)
  • Isabela is still enrolled in high school in season 3, despite having plans to get married soon. 

She is a goody two shoes



  • Isabela seems to have been aged up in between season 1 and season 2. When asked how old she is, writer Ryan O'Nan tweeted, "You ain’t never heard of accelerated aging? Timewarps? Come on! Keep up!"