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Teresa and James have the best slow burn romance in modern TV. They meet and get interested in each other in season 1, acknowledge their attraction in season 2, act on it in season 3, then go through hoops in seasons 4 and 5 being separated and disappointed with each other until they defy the odds, escape the narco world and make a life together.

QOTS poster J&T.jpg

In the beginning Teresa is often paired with James for missions and they develop a partnership. He mentors her about the reality of the business, about Camila's nature and helps her deal with the violence that is part of her new life. His interest and the protection he extends to Teresa are significant due to James' deep loyalty to Camila. James and Teresa fall in love with each other slowly throughout the series and fight their feelings for a long time due to the complicated situations they face. In Season 2 James risks his life for Teresa many times while she has a dreamscape where he kisses her2x06.

T&J faces.gif

In Season 3 Teresa admits to Devon that she is ready to die for James and after the heart-to-heart conversation they have, Teresa kisses him and they sleep together3x05. Teresa is kidnapped and their relationship faces difficulties as Guero resurfaces and is killed for vengeance on Teresa.3x06 Teresa and James bounce back as they are soulmates before they are partners and lovers. They are successful in winning Phoenix and running it together for several weeks until Teresa's trip to Bolivia puts their relationship to another serious test. The season ends with James leaving Teresa in order to protect her, which detail remains unbeknownst to her3x13.

James is gone in season 4 and only returns to warn Teresa of a kill team at her doorstep at the end of the season. 4x13.

In Season 5 James confesses his work for Finch the purpose of which is to protect Teresa. As she is afraid that he may become a target for her enemies once it's known they are together, she askes him to leave. Pote brings James into the loop of what Teresa has lost while he was gone, which information helps James realize that he should stay as she needs him. Teresa is happy James has not left and when he accompanies her to NYC, she kisses him and he responds in kind. It is obvious that they have deep feelings for each other. Teresa asks him to stay but tells him they cannot be together in this life. 5x02.

James is disillusioned with the greed and quest for power that has taken over Teresa 5x06. She orders kills, takes crazy risks and behaves like Camila used to. She has lost her moral code 5x03. James goes through the stages of grief until he accepts the fact that the girl from Culiacan, whom he fell in love with, is gone. 5x06. James and Teresa start talking more to each other and once Boaz declares war on them, they are back together fighting side by side 5x08.

When Finch extorts them to flush out and kill Kostya, which is a suicide mission, Teresa and James share some tender moments, confess their feelings for each other and make love 5x09. The couple devise a plan to escape the narco life together which plan involves fooling the CIA that James has completed the ordered hit on Teresa. Their plan is successful and they are shown to be happy together four years after. 5x10.


Season 1[]

1x02: Cuarenta Minutos[]

James trying to convince Teresa to throw up the drugs.

On Teresa's first job as a mule, he tries to get her to throw up the cocaine before it may dissolve and kill her, telling her that her predecessor, Aveline, wasn't the first to die that way and he won't have it happen again, but she insists on completing the job.

James gets into a car accident while trying to get her to the airport and they both have to run the rest of the way there. James excuses their out-of-breath appearance to the security by telling them that his 'girlfriend' is always late.

James stopping Teresa from going the wrong way.

He pulls Teresa into a bathroom and when she cannot throw up the last three balloons he squirts soap from the soap dispenser in her mouth to help her throw up thus saving her life. James opens the taxi door for her as they leave the airport. In the car, she asks him how he knew that drinking soap would help her throw up, and he t

James opening Teresa's door for her.

ells her a story about how he did that when he was a kid to get out of going to school. Truly surprised by Teresa's performance James tells Camila that "She did it!"

Camila ordered James to get Teresa to trust him because she wants to know more about her.

1x03: Estrategia de Entrada[]

James warns Teresa, telling her that trying to ingratiate herself with Camila will only make it harder for her to get out of the business.

Camila has him take Teresa with him on his run. When he exits the building, Teresa isn't in the SUV, where he told her to stay, because Camila had used dirty DEA agents to question her loyalty. He throws up his hands in a "what the hell" gesture and motions for her to get in the truck he's driving. He says that he didn't know that Camila had

James & teresa meeting with lopez. estrategia de entrada. theblackapple.gif

planned to do that to her.

Teresa gets out and joins him while meeting Lopez, despite James' protests. Lopez doesn't trust Teresa, so James has to vouch for her.

In Lopez's warehouse, Teresa notes that the money they're being paid with is fake. James tells her that if she's wrong about this, they'll kill her. Teresa moves her hair back to reveal a scar, telling him that in Sinaloa, you don't make a mistake with your boss' money, and that she was in the hospital for 5 weeks after she did.

James and Teresa + money Estrategia de Entrada stills.png

Lopez is insulted that they would suggest that he's cheating them, and holds a gun to Teresa's head, saying that he demands reparations if she's wrong. James grits his teeth and tells Teresa to find another fake bill. She finds two more and they prove that they are fake. It is obvious James is both intrigued and impressed by Teresa's skill and courage as well as worried what may happen if she is wrong.

They find the man that is responsible for stealing, and Teresa says that they shouldn't punish him. He takes her to the club to talk to Camila and then takes her back to the warehouse.

1x04: Lirio de los Valles[]

James enters the bathroom while Teresa is seen sitting on a stool and tells her that he has to show her something; she responds that she is trying to pee and he leaves. Later he brings her to the table and tells her that she's going to be going on her first run by herself.

James taking teresa's phone. lirio de los valles. hvitserkk.gif

He gives her her instructions for the run and tells her what to do if she's caught.

James kicks Wendell in the face after he attacks Teresa and Sandra. He gives her the duffle bag and tells her to finish her deliveries, but Camila tells him to send someone else, because she's had enough for one day.

When Teresa is kidnapped by Batman, James says that he'll find her, but Camila tells him that she already knows where she is. When Teresa is brought back the club by the dirty cops, James chides her, telling her that she's been lucky.

James between us scene. lirio de los valles. gargoyles42.gif

I've seen a lot of girls in my time who are trouble. And you... are trouble. Between us, I've got a plan for a future. And it doesn't include getting killed by crossfire meant for you.

After Teresa leaves the club, James tells Camila that he still thinks that they should have given Teresa back to Epifaño.  

1x05: Un Alma. Un Mapa. Dos Futuros[]

James seeing teresa come down the stairs in her dress. un alma un mapa dos futuros. dylanobriyn.gif

James wakes Teresa up and tells her to follow him, because he's going to go kill someone.

He takes Teresa to the apartment of Kim Brown who is his girlfriend to get Teresa a high-end dress for the party they're going to. James is impatient to go.

Teresa coming downstairs. un alma un mapa dos futuros. dylanobriyn.gif

James uses Teresa to plant the device in Eric Watson's home, and holds her to prevent her from distracting the Birdman so that his victim can escape.

They argue in the car on the way back to the warehouse, and Teresa tells him to find someone else to work with him on his next job. He tells her that her job was to learn. That evening, James is shown to be uncomfortable when Camila threatens Teresa.

1x06: El Engaño Como La Regla[]

Teresa and james. el engano como la regla. hvitserkk.gif

Camila wants James to pick up the Columbian shipment personally and has Teresa join him. They haven't quite recovered from their fight in the car, but they do as they're told.

They both mess around with the radio passive aggressively before James breaks the silence. James offers her a metaphor on the way to the pickup location about being trapped in a cave and wondering what will happen when the light goes out. He says that you learn to live in the darkness, but Teresa asks why they can't use the time that they can see to get out of the cave. He tells her that they can't get out of the cave because they're in it every time they close their eyes. It is obvious that James does not enjoy his life as a cartel enforcer and the violence that comes with it.

Teresa + cave metaphor. el engano como la regla. supagirl.gif

When the DEA crash their shipment, Teresa follows James over the side of the parking garage and they run through the Dallas streets to try to escape the police. The pair split up, with Teresa making it back to the car first. She is about to get on the freeway when she changes her mind and goes back for James, who is on a trolley.

Teresa pulls over before they get back to the warehouse. James asks her why she came back for him, and she tells him that she used the time that she could see to get him out of the cave. James's face shows surprise at her actions which show loyalty to him despite the irritated way she speaks to him. She walks back to the warehouse.

1x07: El Hombre Pájaro[]

When Camila asks James if he believes her story, James says that he thinks that she hides a lot of things but that the DEA isn't one of them.

Camila sends Teresa and James to go to a cemetery and retrieve $5 million, the last of their stores. They realize that they're being followed and they are fired upon. James takes a bullet in the shoulder, and they lose half of the cash.

1x08: Billete de Magia[]

James wakes Teresa at 4am and leads her outside, opening her car door for her. He tells her the plan to rip off the Terris family before taking her to a maid's house, where his men are torturing the family for information.

At the airport, James tells Teresa how to use the tracker.

Teresa calls James and tells him that she's letting the maid go. James tells her to go back to the hotel room and wait for Talky John there. After the op when John sees James' face by chance, Teresa protects James by killing John. As this is the first person she has killed, she is distraught.

Teresa is walking briskly down a Dallas street when James pulls up next to her. He asks where John is before telling her to get in, moving a bag that had been on the passenger seat.

She removes the gun from her waistband and sets it on the center console. Teresa hasn't said anything since getting in the car, closing her eyes and letting the breeze play with her hair. James looks over at her. Are you hurt? A beat. Answer me are you hurt? She says no. James asks what happened. Teresa looks out the window as she says that she shot him, her voice breaking ever so slightly. James asks if he's dead and she nods yes. James looks like he wants to say something but he is interrupted by a call from Camila, asking if he has Teresa. I just got her. She's all messed up. We're coming back now. James looks back over at Teresa, adjusting his grip on the steering wheel, and tells her to wipe her face.

1x09: Coge Todo lo Que Puede Llevar[]

In the warehouse, James tends to Tonto, who has just been shot. He yells at a group of women to go back to their business, but he orders Teresa to come grab Tonto's feet. The trio get him onto the table and James works on taking care of Tonto until the doctor arrives.

Teresa is nauseous and goes to the bathroom to wash her hands and put water on her face. She stares at her hands, which are clean. She has a flashback of killing John.

When Camila arrives, she asks after Teresa and James says that she might be in the back. He reports that there was a maid that can ID Teresa that got away.

James and Camila are watching the news in Camila's office, turning when Teresa enters. James demands the information she got on the maid. Teresa tries to protect Maria by saying that she was scared and won't say anything. James approaches her and reminds her that it's not a robbery anymore, it's a murder investigation. The cops tend to lose their sense of humor at this point, and the maid can tie her to this. Teresa lies and says that she didn't get her name. He is upset because he specifically told her that the first things she was supposed to do was to get a picture of her ID. Camila says enough and orders James to call Denny at the sheriff's office to get the girl's name and address. Teresa turns away so that she can delete the picture she took of Maria's ID.

Teresa is washing her hands again. James joins her in doing so and tells her that Tonto is stable, and she should get some sleep. He says that he knows how she's feeling. Teresa says that she doesn't want anything to happen to that woman. James says that he understands, but at this point, it's not her decision to make.

The Queen of the South appears and gives a small nod to Teresa. Teresa gets her screwdriver, which serves as a key to her stolen car, waiting for James to leave before she exits the warehouse parking lot.

James meets up with Leon Terris. Leon asks about the Jimenez cartel. James says he'll call his boss and look into it. As he turns to leave, Leon says that there was also a maid who might be able to identify someone. James turns back at this, because Teresa was that maid that interacted with Talky John, covering and saying that he'll ask about the maid too. Leon says that he'll give James a beat to work on this, but after that, he's taking matters into his own hands. James tells him that he won't have to and promises that they'll figure this out.

James finds Maria's apartment and watches security footage of the complex. He discovers that Maria and Angel left with Teresa, and calls Charger to tell him to turn on the LoJack on Teresa's car. James receives Teresa's GPS location from the screen in his car. Camila calls James for an update on the maid. He lies and says that he's still waiting for an update from Denny, then distracts her with the information on Leon, who isn't going to stop until he has blood on his hands.

James uses the LoJack to find Teresa's car, weaving in and out of traffic to get closer to her. He moves around a truck and finds that Teresa's car is being towed. Teresa is revealed to be in Brenda's car. She receives a call from James, but ignores it.

Teresa, Brenda, Tony, Maria, and Angel arrive at an airplane hangar. Teresa takes a call from James, who skips a greeting and says bluntly that she turned her phone tracker off. He tells her that she knows she has the maid and that if she brings her back to him, they can forget this ever happened. Teresa responds that she's not going to be responsible for what he wants her to do. James grows slightly pleading, saying that he hasn't told Camila yet and that she doesn't have to know. He asks Teresa to trust him and tells her that he's trying to stop her from making a big mistake. He promises that they can keep this between them, but he needs her to come back. She says no and hangs up.

1x10: Esta Cosa Que Es Nuestra[]

James is tasked with finding Maria Sanchez, the maid who can identify Teresa and therefore tie her to the crime, which puts Camila's business at risk. He finds Teresa's car by using a LoJack. It had been towed from a handicap spot in front of the Church. James gets the information about what church from the guy that works at the tow yard.

James visits the church and asks about Teresa. Half as big as a minute." He lies and says that Teresa is off her medication. This prompts the Father to send him to Father Ramon, who was there the previous day, but he's not there that day. James leaves his number with the man he spoke to. James notices a security camera on the grocery store across the street and heads over.

James watches the gas station security footage and gets to the part of the feed where Brenda arrives at the church and Teresa puts their things in the trunk. James pauses it so he can take a picture and dials a number, saying that he needs them to run a plate.

James visits Ricardo and Drake at the Longhorn Motel. He calls Brenda and, when she isn't cooperative, he gets information on her from Drake and Ricardo, including a picture.

Stateside, Teresa pounds on the door to the tunnel. She is freed by a worker and greeted by Brenda. She confirms that she got the book, saying that she needs to figure out what it means. Brenda reports that she got a call from someone she thinks works for Camila. Teresa asks if it's James, and Brenda says that he didn't give his name. She didn't tell him anything, but he knows where she lives now.

James is playing with his gun in the hotel room, watching Ricardo and Drake squirm. He receives a call and answers it. It's Teresa. He asks where she is, and she tells him to listen to her. He interrupts her to say that she's betrayed Camila and that she's going to have to keep running. Teresa responds that she's not running, and to look out the window.

James lies to Camila to protect Teresa.

James stands and turns to the window behind him. He slides his gun into his waistband and goes to meet Teresa. He asks where Brenda and the kid are, and Teresa responds that she's not going to tell him. James tries to reason with her, saying that he hasn't told Camila yet and that he doesn't have to, but he needs her to give him the maid. Teresa is shocked and asks why he didn't tell her. He ignores her and again asks for the location of the maid. She tells him that she's gone. James receives a call from Camila, asking where he is. He says that he's with Teresa. Camila asks about maid. James takes too long to reply, taking another look at Teresa before lying, saying that she's dead. Camila doesn't suspect that James would lie to her so she tells him to go to the club. Teresa is obviously surprised that James has taken her side and has lied to protect her. James says it's over and Teresa replies that it will never end, meaning the lies and the bloodshed in this life. They both start walking towards his car.

1x11: Punto sin Retorno[]

After recognizing the sound of the birds reacting to the device she planted for James1x05, Teresa realizes that he is going to kill Eric Watson while her best friend Brenda is in the house and tells her to get out of there. After killing the Birdman, James finds a page of the Book on him, but doesn't tell Camila about it.

While at his Trailer, James gets a call that Teresa is gone again and never made her deliveries. James orders them to track her car. Later that evening, James calls Camila and tells her that Teresa ran with four keys of coke. When asked if she left any clues, James looks down at the blood-spattered page and lies no. He says that he'll go get her, but Camila tells him that he's too valuable to her and that he needs to stay hidden.

1x12: Quinientos Mil[]

James is busy breaking Boaz out of prison, while Teresa is in Mexico trying to extort El Limpiador for cash.

Peter and Alice.jpg

1x13: Cicatriz[]

Camila instructs James to turn around. She says that they're not going to Higueras, that they're going to the airport. Camila doesn't trust Teresa or Epifaño enough to show up there. James says that he thinks she's telling the truth. Camila asks why. "Because if I know her, I know that the one person she mistrusts more than you... It's Epifaño. I believe her". Camila asks if he's willing to bet his life on it. He says that he is. Camila says that Teresa was trouble for her, and that she'll be trouble for him too. By this time it is obvious that James has developed feelings for Teresa and that he is fighting them, however he is not able to turn a blind eye to the meaning of hte things Teresa does. He is also not afraid to share his opinions with Camila.

Season 2[]

2x01: El Cuerpo de Cristo[]

James tells Teresa about the new safehouse they're staying in and gives her a new cellphone.

Teresa meets with Camila alone in her office and offers to help her 'like James does,' offering her her loyalty and the Book.

Using information from the book, James and Teresa find King George's boat. The two of them are patted down after placing their guns in a box, and a switchblade is found in James' pocket, while Teresa doesn't have anything on her. On the boat, George asks them what the hell they're wearing, because 'this is a boat, not a Morrissey concert.' When King George yells for his men to get Teresa a 'proper King George bikini,' James steps in front of her and takes off his sunglasses. James isn't pleased with George's antics and tells him that they don't deal with lunatics, and he pulls at Teresa, telling her let's go. George pulls a knife and presses it to James's belly, saying that he'll leave when the king says so. Teresa grabs the gold gun and fires off a shot before pointing it at George, who steps back from James. She asks if she has his attention now and tells him why they're there.

Inside the boat, James and Teresa wear matching expressions as they sit at George's table. James tries to convince George to use their boats and Teresa talks math and profit numbers. George asks if she can guarantee those numbers and she tells him to do one run with their boats, no charge, saying that if they don't deliver, he's out. Brains, balls, and booty! If Rico Suave here didn't already have dibs, I might just make you my queen. James and Teresa wear matching unimpressed looks. George will accept their offer if they bring him a man that owes him some money.

James and Teresa gather supplies to kidnap Rolando Rios, who James says won't go down easy. Teresa says that no one does, and he asks how she would know. Teresa reminds him that she's been kidnapped. James's again has a surprised look with traces of resignation.

That evening, they go to Rios' church and James grabs him from behind and pushes a gun into his chest, whispering for Rolando to follow him into the van. Teresa binds his wrists with duct tape and James tells her to keep an eye on him until they get back to the coast.

After Rios speaks to her on the way to the boat, Teresa hesitates to turn him over. What, he give you his born-again ex-con bullshit? James reminds Teresa that they can't back out because this is her shot and Camila won't give Teresa another one before handing Rios over. Despite him warning her to not ingratiate herself with Camila in the beginning, now when Teresa is shooting for partnership, it is James who helps her to be strong enough to deliver the prisoner.

Later, James finds Teresa standing in front of a shrine for Rolando Rios. "Everything in life has a price. Brenda was my best friend." Teresa begins to cry. "She's never coming back. It hurts so much". James steps closer and rubs her back. She looks up at him and he pulls her into his arms, letting her cry against his chest as he rubs her back.

James holding teresa. el cuerpo de cristo. dylanobriyn.gif

James closes his eyes in pain as it becomes clear that he is fighting strong feelings at his moment.

2x02: Dios y el Abogado[]

James calls Teresa while she's has just discovered that Guero has not died and has lied to her. They are at a party. He comes upstairs to find her and asks her what she's doing there. He notices her tears as she turns from the window and asks if she's okay. She lies and says that she just needs to go to the restroom. He nods and tells her that they've go to go and she's to ride back with him.

Camila, James, Pote, and Teresa come up with a plan to steal money from the upcoming cartel horse race.

Later, at the race, Pote and Teresa tell James that one of the horses didn't take his 'medicine,' so James leaves and sets up his gun, shooting at the ground near the horse so that the horse that they bet on pulls into the lead and wins.

Teresa goes to the betting counter with Pote and James a step behind. James tells the man to hurry up, and when he realizes that Teresa must have messed with the race, she quickly gives him an ultimatum. When Casilla's men follow Teresa, James tells her to get in the truck and meet him down the road before he and Pote go to deal with them.

Pote pulls up next to Teresa's car and, when the money-counter is nowhere to be found, James reminds her that the bag she gave him wasn't hers to give away and gets out of the car, telling Pote to meet him back at the house. James pulls open Teresa's door and slides into the driver's seat as she moves to the passenger's seat, telling him that they have enough to buy. James reminds her to never leave loose ends. In the truck, James reminds Teresa that this is part of being Camila's partner. Teresa says that she has to do it her own way. Or what? You become like me? Is that what you're afraid of? Teresa shakes her head and tells him that he's a good person. James pulls over. Listen to me. There is no good or bad in this business. There is win or lose, live or die... We're in this together. It's on us. that thing you're trying to keep alive inside you... it's what's gonna get you killed. When Teresa doesn't answer her phone after it buzzes, James answers it for her. It's Tony. Teresa takes the phone from him and speaks to Tony briefly before hanging up. She tells James that she's taking care of Tony now. He asks if Camila knows and she says not unless you tell her.

Later, Camila confronts Teresa about stealing the money from her. Camila tells her about how James came to her. James returns from fixing her mistake -- leaving the man alive -- and she looks at him a bit too long. Camila tells Teresa that her mistake cost a life, and James just fixed it; that's loyalty.

When she shifts on her bed, Teresa realizes something that there is something under her pillow. She finds a few stacks of cash, a Nintendo DS, and a note that says "FOR TONY." The door opens and Teresa points her gun at the intruder.

James 2x02 1.jpg

James puts his hands up, saying that next time he'll knock. She lowers the gun and gestures to the bed, asking if this is for real. He tells her it's to help get Tony someplace safe, and the game is to take his mind off things. James says that Camila won't find out that he took the money from Camila if Teresa doesn't tell her. She asks why he's doing this and he repeats "It's like I said, we're in this together". Both exchange little half smiles before James leaves.

2x03: Un Pacto con el Diablo[]

James and Teresa are sent to the Mexican-American border to destroy a tunnel that Epifanio traffics through. Along the way, Teresa is stung by a scorpion. James binds her leg and tries to get her out of the desert, but they are found by the border militia.

Teresa leaning on James Un Pacto Con El Diablo stills.png

James tells Teresa he cannot leave her and half carries her limping along delirious. James gives himself up to the Border patrol militia so that Teresa can get away.

James with a gun to his head. un pacto con el diablo. gargoyles42.gif

Despite being delirious, Teresa drives to the militia camp and speaks with the leader Carl to try to help James.

She succeeds in getting the militia on her side and together they blow up the tunnel and interrupt the traffickers. In the kitchen, James and Teresa flirt openly about her calling Carl and then James thanks her for coming back for him and tells her that he won't forget it. He puts his hand on her shoulder and she gives him a warm close-lipped smile. 

2x04  El Beso de Judas[]

Camila’s operation is threatened by a rat and the cop on her payroll Denny sets up a secret meet where a DEA agent will be lured in and kidnapped for information. Teresa has an issue with the violence to be used against the DEA agent as well as wants to prevent her disclosing information about the rat. James senses her doubts and tells her that he is prepared to do anything to protect Camila, her, himself and the business.

After Teresa ensures the operation fails, the team is sent to the port of Galveston to pick up the coming coke shipment. James sees a crow and remembers the conversation he had with Camila regarding omens. Teresa senses his worry and asks him if he is ok. James shares that he has a premonition that they are walking into a trap set by the rat.


Queen of the South 2x04 ep el beso de judas

As they walk into the trap, James and Teresa are shown running into the warehouse. She asks him how they are going to get out and he tells her to keep running. When they take cover behind a wall, James says regarding getting out of the ambush: ’We are not! You are!” They stare at each other for a long moment when no words are spoken but thousand things are said. His eyes disclose his deep feelings for Teresa and it is then that her face shows realization that he loves her and that he is going right back into the shootout to give her time to escape. Teresa says "No" and asks him not to do this, but James tenderly says “It’s OK” and runs off.

Teresa puts herself in the middle between James and Guero to prevent them from shooting at each other. She tells James Guero is with them and they all run out.

Teresa looks at James imploringly when she is trying to convince Camila that Guero did help them escape and does not deserve to die.

2x05  El Nacimiento de Bolivia[]

Teresa, James and Guero are in La Paz to make contact with a new supplier El Santo. In the coke bar they meet Leo, Guero’s ex-girlfriend before Teresa, who is his connect, but is not happy to see them. Leo pulls Teresa to dance on the floor while waiting and Guero is shown not to like the way James looks at the girls.

When la Capitana forces Teresa to do three lines of coke, James and Guero give up the cash in order to escape. They practically carry overdosing Teresa to the bar kitchen where James yells at Guero to find some pills to slow her heart down. Meanwhile Teresa is convulsing and clutching James’s arms while trying to beg him not to kill Guero if she dies in Bolivia. James holds her and reassures her that he is there for her and that it will be ok.

James and Guero have a fight as James is worried about Teresa and wants to leave, while Guero cares to continue the search as he needs to save his ass with Camila.

In Leo’s house, Guero tells Teresa he does not like the way James is looking at her and Teresa tells him that James saved her life and that Guero needs to back off as James is not used to having to compete.

After the Capitana soldiers capture the four of them and tie them in chairs next to the pool, Teresa is threatened that both her men are going to be shot. The attack of El Santo’s soldiers follows and Teresa falls in the pool with the chair she is tied to.

2x06 El Camino de la Muerte[]

Teresa wakes up tied in chains and creams the names of the men.

After El Santo makes it clear that one of them has to go under the knife, James and Guero have a fight as Guero calls James a coward and James retorts that if Guero were a real man, Teresa wouldn’t have to beg for his life. Teresa goes under the knife, which ends up being a poisonous beetle that causes hallucinations.

Teresa has two dreamscapes of the three of them leaving El Santo’s compound with the coke. In the first dreamscape soldiers kill Guero and she and James continue the journey while James comforts her telling her Guero loved her. In the second dreamscape Teresa is running in the jungle and stumbles upon James, who tells her she is safe, hugs her and kisses her. At this moment he is shot by Guero who says it was either ‘him or me”. The Queen whispers to Teresa to Choose!


Queen of The South - 2x06 - Teresa and James kiss (vision)

Teresa wakes up and her first sentence is ‘Where is James?” After the three of them leave, and drive along the same road as in her dreams, they get stopped and both men get out of the truck to light up. Teresa and James discuss moving 1 ton of coke and paying weekly while Guero interrupts with remarks about James killing Teresa on the next mission if Camila orders so. James responds that Guero has no idea what loyalty means.

Once the shoot out begins, James has a moment where he points his gun a Guero and tells him that he does not deserve Teresa as he is an egoist, Guero retorts asking James if he deserves her. Guero shoots a soldier aiming at James and saves his life. When asked why he did it he says that James kept Teresa alive, when Guero was not there, while James says that she kept herself alive.

Teresa takes out La Capitana and screams for the two men in hysteria. The three of them, bloodied and dirty, get back in the truck and continue the journey.

2x07 El Precio de la Fe[]

Camila praises Teresa for her actions and decisions with El Santo and looks down on James’s contribution as a strategy to encourage Teresa’s performance. James is hurt and it shows in one of his remarks that if Teresa makes decisions she gets a pat on the back, and of he makes decisions he is insubordinate. He distances himself from Camila’s game as well as from Teresa and Guero and keeps things strictly business like.

2x08 Sacar Con Sifón el Mar[]

Camila sends the team to Chicago to secure a meeting with Devon Finch. Teresa and James work together to show the purity of El Santo’s coke. Camila calls the team and again behaves encouragingly towards Teresa and discouragingly towards James. Visibly unhappy, James asks Pote to accompany him to the bar and they leave the room.

Guero seduces Teresa and convinces her to run away with him. Teresa is hesitant and when getting to the parking garage, she discovers that James has been taken by the DEA. Teresa forgets her plans to run away and rushes to where Cortez and Loya keep James, which is on a high floor in the building still under construction. It is obvious to both Pote and Guero that Teresa cares about James’s well being more than she lets on. Once James is saved, but injured and requiring a hospital, Teresa anxiously asks about his well being.

2x09  Sólo el Amor de Una Madre[]

James is out of commission in a hospital and has no contact with Teresa. She must protect Camila alone.

2x10  Que Manden los Payasos[]

With Camila in jail, James and Teresa have to visit her to discuss how she wants the business to be run without her. Camila instructs them to keep things going.

Teresa arranges for people to keep Camila safe in the jail despite arrangements that James has already made. Teresa meets with Devon, while James meets with Boaz. Camila states that she is happier with what Teresa has achieved. James is hurt but holds back and does not engage in playing Camila's 'divide and conquer' game.

James and Teresa have a serious conversation about whose loyalty lies where. James calls Teresa “an inexperienced girl” while Teresa accuses him of having more than business on his mind.

2x11 La Noche Oscura del Alma[]

Teresa meets up with James in his car under a pouring rain to tell him that she's leaving. He has been looking for her for hours and starts apologizing for their disagreement. Teresa says it has nothing to do with him and discloses to him all the information about the fake ownership documents prepared by Camila’s lawyer to incriminate Teresa. James asks her to come back as he promises to protect her but Teresa says she is done and asks him to promise not to be the one that comes after her.

Loya and Teresa take fire from inside the cabin. Loya suggests that the tracker in the toy must have been how the sicarios located them. The toy was a gift form James for Tony. It is not confirmed that James used the tracker to locate them in the cabin. It is clearly shown that Denny follows Loya to the cabin.

2x12 Todas las Horas Hieren[]

James answers a call from Teresa asking what she wants. She asks for half of the coke. He responds that "the only thing you'll get from me is a bullet." They pull into a train yard. Teresa decides to attack them there. James's men are loading the cocaine when Teresa sends in remote control cars armed with explosives. James picks Teresa's men off with his sniper skills.

Teresa and James are alone in a train car. They both lower their weapons wordlessly. James asks where Camila is, but Teresa doesn't know. “Don't play games with me. She trusted you. I trusted you.” Teresa makes an effort to patch things with James and asks him to become her partner because she doesn't want to fight him and because she knows he doesn't approve of all this violence. She wants to do this differently than Camila, without all the killing. James is unable to accept a partnership with Guero and her and in an effort to end the conversation shoots above her and she ducks. Pote fires a shotgun through the train window and James runs off.

2x13 La Última Hora Mata[]

Guero points a gun at James but James just turns and walks away after telling him that he didn’t want to kill Teresa and that he has never missed from 15 feet away. He tells Guero not to tell Teresa he has caught up with James and not to give her the money so that she can have a foothold in the biz, if he loves her.

Season 3[]

3x01 La Ermitaña[]

Someone throws a bomb into the cafe that Teresa is in and then a person riding a motorcycle shoots at her as she's exiting the cafe. A car comes to a screeching halt in front of the bombed cafe, the passenger door swings open and James yells at Teresa to get in. She hesitates but jumps in and James speeds away.

3x02 El Colgado[]

James and Teresa are speeding down a narrow street. James tells Teresa to get down and turns the corner.

Teresa demands that James give her his gun. He hesitates, but hands it over. The back window of their car is shot out by their pursuers, and Teresa turns around in her seat to shoot back. The passenger side window is shot out before James takes an especially sharp turn, losing them.

As soon as James and Teresa are safe, Teresa turns the gun on James. "I just saved your life". She says that if he wants to save his, he'll turn left.

Teresa asks James how he found her while holding a gun to his head. Would you mind pointing that somewhere else? She tells him to answer the question. There's a contract out on someone they call "La Princesa." He did some digging and found out that she was moving Bolivian coke. He followed the sicarios hoping to help. Teresa says that's bullshit, and when he says that it's the truth, she asks him why he would do that. James says that the last time they met, Teresa offered him a partnership. She reminds him that he tried to kill her. He tells her that if he really wanted to kill her, she would be dead, and she knows that. Teresa asks him if he's working for Camila, and he says that they parted ways a while back. He states that he's not working for Camila. Teresa says that she knows that he has another gun and tells him to give it to her. James nods, puts his sunglasses back on, and gives it to her. Teresa takes the gun and tells him to get out of the car slowly. She tells him to open the trunk and finds that it's full of rope and other kidnapping gear. James tells her that it's not for her, and that he figured that he'd have to subdue Pote to even get a word in with her. Teresa tells him to get a zip tie and tie himself up, then get in. He ties his wrists but tells her that it isn't smart because there are people after her. She interrupts his speech by shooting at the ground near his feet.

James is still in the trunk and is attempting to break his zip tie open.

Teresa opens a safe and removes a duffle bag. She wipes her face and changes her shirt, turning on the news. Teresa pauses in her movements as she recognizes her own face on the TV.

Outside the window, a car parks next to James'. Two men get out. Teresa grabs some guns and puts the duffle bag back in the safe, going outside. The men stab the tires and move on to the safe house. James watches them go through a bullet hole in the trunk as Teresa retreats back inside.

In the gunfight, Teresa drops her gun and crawls back to get it. She drops some metal pipes on one villain, while the other still stalks her. James has finally freed himself from the zip tie and is using a crowbar to open the trunk. Teresa runs across the warehouse as the villain follows. She's backed into a corner and offers to double whatever her pursuer is being paid. He tells her that she's a legend, and that she was a nobody until she killed Epifaño, and now he's going to kill her.

James hurls his entire body through the glass window and tackles the man. They fight, and Teresa grabs a gun off the floor, shooting the man. She asks James if he's hurt, and he confirms that he's fine. They hear a noise from a police scanner the man was carrying. Their vehicle has been spotted and the police are on their way.

Teresa takes him into the room with the safe, retrieving her duffle bag while James watches the police arrive from the window. James tries to convince her to give him a gun and she hands him one that only has one round. She calls Rocco de la Peña and asks him to help her get out of there, because if he doesn't he'll be losing a lot of money. He says that he'll see what he can do. Teresa leaves and James follows, asking who she was talking to. He reminds her that she has a $10 million-dollar bounty on her head and she just gave up her location. She tells him that she doesn't need him to lecture her, reminding him that the last time she saw him, he was shooting at her.

James and teresa. 3x02. dylanobriyn.gif

They argue over the details, with James reminding her that she's the one who attacked him at the depot. James insists that he's just trying to keep her alive and has been since the beginning.

James denies having used the tracker in Tony's game boy to locate her at the cabin. Teresa tells him that she doesn't trust him as she doesn't even know him. A tactical team tears through the door as Teresa struggles to open another.

James and Teresa make their way out of the compromised safe house, with James in the lead. They are caught by two police officers.

In the back of a police car, James and Teresa talk about going to prison. James says that Malta was listed number four in "Top Ten Places to Do Time" on CNN, and they teach yoga and eat French bread. Teresa asks what number one was, and he says that it's Sweden; the prisons are like IKEA stores. "I'd like to trust you. But I barely know you. I know how you shoot, how you fight". James says that maybe that's all there is. The officer turns off the road.

Teresa and james. el colgado. dylanobriyn.gif

The police officers put on latex gloves as they come to a stop. Teresa tells the officers that they can let James go. James tells her that he's not going anywhere. Teresa begs for James' life as the officer removes a gun from the glove compartment and considers it. He shoots his partner in the head. Rocco opens Teresa's door. What are you waiting for? Theme music? This is a jailbreak.

Teresa and James get out of the car as Rocco's men surround them. Rocco reminds Teresa that she's not out of the woods yet; the governor of Sinaloa is very powerful and has a vary large reach. A car stops in front of them and two men get out. Rocco hands Teresa a phone and she puts it to her ear. Camila says you should have known there's no place on earth you were safe from me.

Gunshots ring out. Rocco's men have just killed Camila's. Rocco takes the phone from Teresa and tells Camila that Malta is his island and that he's just killed her men.

James and Teresa locate Pote who is lying injured on the floor.

The next morning Teresa joins James on the balcony overlooking the city. James asks after Pote; he's asleep for now. Teresa is amazed that Pote didn't give her up, and James says that he knows that she would do the same; she doesn't think that she's that strong, but James reassures her that men like him follow strength, and she's as strong as they come. When Teresa asks James why he came back, there is a flashback to the night that James has to kill Mark Douglas. It is interrupted by the youngest, Suzy, entering the bathroom and screaming. James says that Teresa always said that there was another way, and he never believed her, but now he wants to do things differently.

·        Teresa: If we do this, it's not a partnership. You work for me.

·        James: You won't regret this.

·        Teresa: You might. With a flirty smile

3x03: Reina de Oros[]

Teresa shares with James that they are making a tour to get proof of concept of Rocco de La Pena’s cryptocurrency and bank. If his system checks out, Teresa plans to put $20 million in and keep the rest liquid. With cryptocurrencies, they won't be tied to Malta anymore and they can operate anywhere in the world. They have drinks at his club to celebrate the deal where Pote shows his mistrust of James. Both Teresa and James ignore him.

James and Pote join Teresa on the balcony. James says that girls have always been currency to cartels, and they can save them, but it won't change anything. They will just get other girls. They have put too much money into this to ruin it, but they can slowly back away from the deal. Teresa reminds them that she knows what it's like to be a slave, and for people to not give a shit whether she lived or died.

Teresa withdraws $19 million before escaping with the freed girls. She enters the vault and waits as the money uploads to the hard drive. Downstairs, James tells Pote that his intentions with Teresa are good. Pote says that he's not her father.

James and Pote get into a shootout before being able to escape the bank with Teresa who has secured the hard drive. Pote misses a shot as his hand still hurts and James has to take over to save Teresa’s life as she is coming up the stairs. James takes them to an airstrip and Teresa offers the pilot $200,000 to get them in the air in less than 5 minutes. George drives up and calls window seat.

3x04: La Fuerza[]

A diner off of Interstate 18. Teresa rinses her face in a diner bathroom. She joins Pote and James at their booth. James asks her if she's alright and she says that's been a long trip and asks how far it is to her place. He says that it's not far, just up the road. A police car pulls up and Pote points it out; Teresa asks for the check. James says that his name is Sheriff Mayo and arresting illegals is his favorite hobby. The sheriff enters the kitchen and chases down a Latino kitchen boy. Teresa, Pote, and James leave while he's distracted.

James' place. They get out and James tells them about the house. There's just one access road coming, poll cams, and an electrified perimeter fence. The Charger and Tonto work for them now.

James says that some of the local players he knows have good distribution but not consistent product. Teresa talks to him about doing business on the dark web and what her IT guy, Ivan, has already accomplished. She says that cryptocurrency is safer and makes sense, but James thinks that it makes less profit. He gets them beers from the fridge and asks her what kind of volume they can move that way. Teresa wants to connect with a thousand mid-level dealers, people who can handle a kilo a month, but they never have to meet them, and they can ship through a legitimate front and get paid in crypto currency.

James gives Teresa the narco landscape of Arizona: The state is carved up by five narcos, called La Commission: Pecas, Caldezar, Taza, Saucedo, and Bedoya. Nothing comes in or out without their say-so; the power isn't split evenly though. Taza controls the border and everything goes through him. Pecas is the boss and brings in the most product. Teresa plans to ship out of state, so they won't be cutting into anyone's territory. They'll still have to transport through it though, so they need to cut a deal with the corrupt sheriff. About seven miles from James' house is a mass grave filled with bodies of dealers who didn't pay tribute to La Commission. "Trust me, you wanna break into this market? It's gonna cost blood."

James is working out when Teresa interrupts him. She asks him why, if La Commission has the sheriff in their pocket, they put road blocks on their routes. James guesses that Mayo wants a bigger cut. She asks him if he can get them a meeting. He says he knows some people and can make a call.

James calls and tells Teresa that their meeting with La Commission will take place in two hours. She tells him that he's ready.

Teresa and James send a video of the Mayo abusing a prisoner of color to a journalist and when Mayo intercepts them on the next day, he kills the journalist in front of them to make a point that this is his town. He takes Teresa with him to wait until James gets back with a bribe of $10 Million.

Pote is tasked with delivering the cash which is mainly fake bills while James has taken a sniper position close to the exchange spot. Mayo's man see the fake cash and a pursuit ensues, whereby Pote's hand fails again and he misses a shot. James has to shoot to save Teresa from being hit with an axe by Mayo. Teresa is free while Mayo is taken to hospital in grave condition. James is afraid that if he survives La Commission will come after them.

Ivan and James set up the surveillance of the Winery when the members of La Commission arrive to congratulate Teresa and to welcome her business. When James and Teresa are opening a bottle of wine to toast, Pecas takes a suspicious call outside.

3x05: El Juicio[]

James and Teresa are sharing a bottle of wine in the living room. James congratulates Teresa that her plan of cutting out the middle man and turning the product into champagne has worked. Teresa decides that now that they have a team, they can expand and get big enough so no one can hurt them.

Wine night.jpeg

James says that he wants a decent rib eye steak, because he hasn't had one since he was in Dallas. Teresa reveals that she took flying lessons when she was in Europe. They are comfortably enjoying each other's company and flirting.

After Devon takes over the Winery and requires their presence, they drive off. James tells Teresa that there's no service in the wine cellar, but he's sure that Pote's safe. They pull up beside a white van, and Lil T approaches Teresa's window. Teresa tells her that they haven't heard from the guys yet and that they're going to need her help. James interrupts to ask Lil T when she last spoke to her uncle; she tells him that they don't talk anymore and he points out that it's a little convenient how Pote killed her gangbanger buddies and after she came to work for them, Devon found them. Lil T shoots back that Teresa got shot when he switched out the coke, and that she lost her family over this shit. Teresa turns to James and tells him that she brought Lil T there because she trusts her. Teresa tells Lil T to be ready and that she'll call her. Lil T cocks her gun and says that she was born ready before getting into her van.

Teresa and James cannot agree about who goes in first to deal with Devon. Teresa ends up going in and James goes to meet La Commission for backup.

James enters the Winery to give himself up to Devon so that Teresa and Kelly Anne can go free. James finishes talking to Devon privately and approaches Teresa, telling her that Devon's leaving, and she and Kelly Anne can go free, because he's backing off of her business. Teresa asks what he's getting in return, and Devon interjects that James is leaving with him so that they can settle their unfinished business. Teresa tells him no. Devon reminds her that he nearly got her killed last year, and she confirms that she's willing to sacrifice everything, including her life, for James. Devon reveals that what James did to the Douglass family isn't what he told Teresa, and forces James to tell her the truth.

James' flashback. James chokes the father, Mark, in the bathroom. His wife wakes and screams as she spots James. James snaps her neck, but not before her screams alert the three daughters. James tells them that they caught someone trying to break in, and they need to go next door to the neighbor's house. James turns on all the gas burners and lights a flare before running from his house. As he reaches his truck, the youngest of the daughters, Suzie, runs back to the front door calling for her mom. James yells for her, but it's too late, and Suzie dies in the explosion.

Devon asks if she still wants him, and Teresa tells Devon to take James. When Devon moves away to talk to his men, Teresa whispers to James that she's not going to let them take him, and she just said that to buy them time. She reaches for the guns in the cabinet and tosses him one. She says that if they don't make, then they don't make !


They're in a standoff when The Professor gets a call. She orders them to stand down and shows the phone to Devon. It's a FaceTime video of his mother singing in church, being taken by Lil T.

James goes upstairs to the loft where Teresa is seating on a couch browsing online.

I am gonna leave.gif

He sets the keys down on the coffee table and tells Teresa that the house is hers now and he's going to leave. Teresa tells him no. James reminds her that he lied right to her face and put her in danger. Teresa agrees that he did, but she knows why he did. James sits down, telling Teresa that the little girl's name was Suzie and that she couldn't have been more than six years old. He can't stop thinking about her. Teresa moves to sit next to him on the couch, reminding him that he didn't mean for that to happen.

Teresa: You once told me there's no good or bad in this business. Right?

James: I'm not sure I believe that anymore.

Teresa: Because of that little girl?

James: Her. And you.

Cheek kiss 1.jpg
T&J faces.gif

Teresa: Listen. Whatever you’ve done, you don’t need to hide from me. We’re in this together.

James: I don't deserve that

Teresa: Everyone deserves that.

Teresa presses a kiss to James' cheek.

After a second, he turns his head towards her and kisses her on the mouth. James and Teresa kiss a bit more before he pushes her back on the couch.

J&T couch 2.gif

James' room, the next morning. Teresa has just finished getting dressed and takes another second to watch James sleep before scrolling through her tablet for a steak place.

3x06: Los Enamorados[]

James yells at Pote to cover him as he helps Teresa and wounded Guero to the car. Pote gets into the driver's seat and they escape. Teresa holds Guero in the backseat as he loses more blood.

The bullet had only grazed Guero. Guero thanks James for helping them and notes that Pote's lost a little bit of weight, asking if he's on a diet. James and Pote play along with the idea that Guero will make it to Phoenix, with James saying that they need another guy at the winery and Teresa's been shopping for planes. Teresa and James exchange emotional looks.

Taco Bell parking lot

Pote pulls over, asking if they want anything from Taco Bell. James and Teresa say no. Teresa asks if Guero needs something, but he doesn't respond. He isn't breathing. The two men check on him, but he's gone.

Teresa stares at Guero's body. She takes the necklace from his neck, getting his blood on her hands, and goes back to the car wordlessly. Pote and James stand by, leaning on shovels, watching her. She gets into the backseat and the men pick Guero's up and put him in the grave they've dug.

Pote crosses himself as he looks at Guero's body in the shallow grave. James drives them back to Phoenix as Teresa tears up in the backseat.

3x07: Reina de Espadas[]

Teresa has a flying lesson and almost crashes the plane. Pote and James watch the plane from the ground, concerned. Teresa gets out and assures them that she's fine. James notes that she hasn't been sleeping, and asks if she should be flying. Teresa ignores him and takes a call from Lil T.

Lil T reports that she's making a delivery, but someone is shooting at her. In the back of the van, Tonto fires back at their attackers. Teresa tells her finish the run and get somewhere safe until the next shipment. James questions her decision to have Lil T finish the run, but Teresa reminds him that they have orders to fill.

James tells her that they know Pecas is going to retaliate and that they should leave town while they can, which Pote agrees with. Teresa tells them that if they want to go, they can go, before leaving.

When it becomes clear that Teresa has left alone, James tells Pote that they need to find Teresa before Pecas comes for them. He asks Tonto and Charger to be on guard, and to look out for suspicious cars.

Teresa comes downstairs as James says "Last time you disappeared, you ended up in a cell in Mexico. Now you leave without telling us?" Teresa says that she met with Taza. Pote is upset that she didn't take him with her. Pote shares a look with James and tells him that he'll be outside.

James reminds Teresa that she could have been killed. She says that she did what she had to do. Taza hasn't said that he'd side with them, but she expects that he will. James says that even if he does, they still won't be strong enough to take on the rest of La Commissión. He calls it suicidal, and tells her that she's making bad decisions. Teresa says that Pecas won't attack while there's civilians there. James is surprised that she's using innocent people to protect the business and tells her that that isn't her. She said that they'd do things a different way and this isn't it. "You're always questioning me. Just stop".

She moves to leave, but pauses. "You have no obligations to me. You can leave". James says that he isn't leaving, and he just wants to protect her. Teresa says that she's tired of running, and if Camila wants war, she can have it.

James tells Pote that they need to clear the winery out, and that they can't wait any longer. Pote says that Teresa wants to stay. James says that Teresa isn't thinking straight and that her calling the shots isn't safe right now. Pote asks if he's calling them for her now, because he knows that he won't let that happen. James tells him that Teresa hasn't been the same since Guero died and that she's out of her mind with grief and exhaustion. He just wants to keep her safe and get her though his, or they're all gonna pay. Pote nods his agreement.

Pote locks Teresa in the cellar.

The Queen of the South appears to Teresa, telling her that she has blood all over her hands, and that pain can be powerful, but she needs to use it against her enemies, not herself. This is Teresa’s final goodbye to Guero. Teresa looks to her left and sees a machine. She stands and uses the machine to break down the door.

Teresa steps out of the room as Kelly Anne asks if James and Pote locked her in there. The girls go outside to where the boys were loading the van. They notice a bloody dove and a bloody handprint on one of the vans. Teresa approaches the van and opens it, revealing a dead body.

Teresa calls James and asks him where he is. He and Pote surprised that she's out. She tells him to come back because someone's been killed outside the winery. James and Pote enter, and James identifies the sicario to Pote as Kelly Anne takes the stage and asks everyone to go outside so they can get the honeymoon started.

Teresa presses a gun to the sicario's back. He turns around, unafraid, and tells her to take her shot. Pote takes a knife off a table as he approaches them. The sicario easily takes the gun from Teresa and pushes it into her stomach, telling her that Pecas wants her dead, and she will never make it out of Phoenix alive. Teresa's breathing slows until Pote grabs the man from behind and presses the knife to his throat. James tackles the sicario and takes his gun away, then pushes them all into a room and closes the door.

Teresa is sending Kelly Anne away until it's safe. She apologizes for being rude earlier, but Kelly Anne waves her off, saying that she'd had a rough night. Kelly Anne tears up as Teresa and James drive away before snorting some coke. James brings up what happened in the cellar and tells her that it had to be done. Teresa stares silently and then calls Taza, telling him that Pecas sent his sicarios to kill her, and asks him what makes him think that Pecas won't do the same to him. Taza says his tribe will protect him. And her. Taza tells her to come to the reservation before hanging up.

Teresa tells James to take her to the reservation. He notes that it could be a set-up, but she tells him that it isn't. He looks at the address and drives off.

3x08: El Carro[]

James arrives at the Taza reservation with George, the coke and the guns. Teresa is still upset with him and it shows.

The transport plan involves getting the coke into Phoenix using side roads and driving three modified super fast cars.

Pote and Taza ride in the "rabbit car," 10 miles ahead of King George and Bilal, who are in the transport van. James and Teresa cover the rear.

James brings up the events from yesterday in an effort to reason with Teresa. Teresa understand he is worried about her when he says she needed to come to terms with what happened in Mexico. James wants to know if she regrets them sleeping together and Teresa says that she definitely doesn't, however it wasn't right for him to make decisions for her. She wants him to respect her.

James and Teresa tell the men in front of them to turn around to help. There is a fire fight and they get away from the police, but the van has caught on fire. They all work to remove the cocaine shipment before the van explodes. James tries to run back in to get the rest, but Teresa chases after him and pulls him down just as the van explodes.

In the bathroom, James is attending to his injured arm when Teresa comes to see him. He reminds her that respect goes both ways and tells her that she doesn't have to hide from him. Teresa opens up about her difficulty in trusting people and her inability to handle others making decisions for her. James makes her see he understand who she is. Pote overhears their conversation.

Teresa, James and Pote discuss strategy how to take Pecas while being at war with Camila down and decide that they need Mayo on their side temporarily.

Pote and James kill the guards on the Mayo Compound and sneak up on him while he's in the hot tub. Teresa gives him a bag of money and offers him her terms. Mayo accepts as he has no loyalty to Pecas.

King George and Bilal are captured by Cortez's men.

Pote shows up and asks her if there was anything going on between her and James that he should know. Teresa's silent stare confirms she and James are together. Pote says it endangers everyone if she has a relationship with someone from the team. Teresa asks him of his opinion about James and Pote responds that James will die for her.

James is ready to sniper shoot Pecas but cannot get a good shot. When he asks Teresa what she wants him to do, she tells him to bag it if he has no good shot as they will kill them all when the time comes.

3x09: El Diablo[]

Teresa is in the bathroom getting ready. As she does, her conversations with James and Pote play as the camera shows us images of what they are talking about. James and Teresa note that Bedoya is La Commissión's weakest link, but it'll be harder to get to the others. Teresa wants to turn Bedoya against La Comisión, and James says that they'll set him up so that they have leverage. Pote and James are going to make a drop-off at Bedoya's mattress store.

James calls to tell Teresa that they're outside of Bedoya's shop and they're about to make the drop-off. She tells him to be careful.

After the success of the Bedoya play, Teresa joins James, Mayo, and Pote at a table in the bar. Mayo calls them the four horsemen of the apocalypse and asks Teresa which one she thinks she is. He says that he knows Pote can't be famine. Pote is unamused, and Teresa sends him to watch the door. James reports that Bedoya's in the county jail. She thanks Mayo. He says that he just saw which way the wind was blowing and made the smart choice. He says that it's kind of disappointing that she was once on her high horse with her heart bleeding over that kid in his jail, and now he's right there with her. He throws down a hundred dollar bill saying that everyone has their price, and I guess yours is Phoenix. He leaves as James rolls his eyes.

James asks how it went with the DA. Teresa thinks that he's on board. Neither of them have heard from George and they need to find him. James says he'll stay on it, and tells her to go get Bedoya.

Beyoda hangs up the phone and tells James, Teresa, Pote, and the Charger that La Commissión is willing to meet. He told them that he would hand Teresa over to them. James tells Teresa says that if they do this, they'll be the only game in town. They'll run Phoenix and they'll do it together. Teresa says that she hopes so.

James reports that Pecas' men just picked up Bedoya and they're on their tail. Teresa says okay and gets up. Pote notes that they're pulling into the club.

Teresa, James, and Pote meet in the house. James reports that Pecas wasn't there at the club, and they need to find him before Pecas hears about the shooting. Teresa asks about Bedoya and they say that he was hit but not by them; Pecas must have been tipped off. Pote and James both blame the leak on Sheriff Mayo, but Teresa is hesitant to. Teresa agrees that they need to get Mayo, but they need to get rid of Pecas first.

In a warehouse Mayo is telling Pecas that his men will drive him to the border. In strides Pote, Teresa, and James walk in. Pecas reaches for his gun, but Mayo presses his to the back of Pecas's head and tells him that it ain't gonna happen. Mayo takes his gun away as Teresa and her men approach.

Pecas starts mouthing off as he realizes that he's about to die. He tells Teresa that he underestimated her from the start and that if he didn't want to kill her so badly, he might make an honest woman out of her. She looks on in unimpressed silence. He says that they should call it a draw and suggests that they run La Comisión together like it should have been run all along. Teresa asks about Taza. Pecas says that of course the three of them would be equal partners. Pecas asks her to make a deal with him. Teresa reminds him that they made a deal and that he broke it when he sold her to Camila Vargas. Pecas says that she would have done the same thing. Teresa says that she wouldn't. No? Then you're an idiot. Teresa looks to James.

James takes his gun out and slowly screws on the silencer. What? You think you're going to make me beg for my life? That's not going to happen. James ignores him and slowly points his gun at Pecas, who crosses himself. Pecas splays his arms out wide. I don't kneel to bitches. Adios, puta. I'll see you in Hell. Anything more that he might have said is cut off by the two bullets that James puts in his chest.

And then there were none, Mayo comments. Mayo kneels and takes off Pecas's jewelry, talking about how Pecas was never going to show up to the club and how jackals only come out after the fight is over. Teresa notes that Pecas trusted him though. Mayo said that he had no one else to turn to, and she knows what that's like. Pote takes out his gun and steps in front of Teresa as Mayo approaches her. Mayo puts his hands up and tells her that he has a spot picked out for Pecas in the desert right next to the reporter. Teresa turns and leaves

Back at the house Teresa scrolls through her orders at the kitchen table. James notes that the orders are backed up, and she says that they should start filling them. James and Teresa share a meaningful look and she gives him a small nod. Their moment is interrupted by Pote turning back around and asking where all the tequila is. Teresa tells him that he drank all of it. He has to settle for bourbon.

James reminds Teresa that they can't trust Mayo. She says that she knows that and that she has to make a call.

Teresa hangs up from Mayo at the prison as James comes into her room.

J&T win.gif

James asks if it's done, and she nods in response. He says that they did this and she thanks him for helping her. "Phoenix is ours". Teresa kisses James and he responds in kind. She drops her phone on the floor as they start making out and taking off their clothes.

3x10: La Muerte[]

Teresa calls James to ask him where he is. He says that he's at the safehouse and she tells him that she just got to the motel. Pote's at the winery and James is about to deliver some product. Teresa reports that she's almost to the motel. James brings up Kelly Anne and tells her that she's been using product and skimming, asking if Teresa really wants her back in. Teresa knows that she's been using, but thinks that Kelly Anne is safer with them, and she's just going to check on her.

Teresa tells James and Pote about what happened and she decides that she has to go. Pote gives her a gun made of plastic and a card that his godfather, El Puño, gave to him, which got him through some dark times. On the card is printed "Bendito sea el señor mi roca, que adiestra mis manos para la guerra y mis dedos para la batalla." This translates to "Blessed be the Lord my rock, who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle." He reminds her that if she needs him in Bolivia, he's there. He asks her to be careful before leaving the room, though he watches from the hallway as James says goodbye to Teresa. James reminds Teresa that she won't have him and Guero there to protect her this time, and she says that she remembers saving both of them. James tells her to come back to them and she says that she will.

In Bolivia after having taken a drug to lower her body temperature Teresa has a dreamscape of her and Guero where Guero asks her to stay dead with him in an imaginary world. Teresa looks at Guero watching her imaginary daughter leave before saying that she wishes that this was real. Guero asks if it matters, because they have another chance. Teresa repeats that this is a dream, this isn't real. He asks if she wants to go back to a life where people are trying to kill her. He says that there's nothing for her back there. The figure in the black hoodie turns to face Teresa. It's James. The Queen of the South cuts in to say that her life is painful and ugly but it's hers and she only gets one. A firework goes off loudly and she has flashbacks of various violent scenes from the show.

Pote gets a call from Teresa on a satellite phone on a small boat in Bolivia. She asks if he's alone and tells him that they may have lost their supply. She tells him that they have a rat and that they put a tracker in Guero's necklace that Devon Finch used to track her there. Pote asks if she suspects James. She says that she doesn't know but that they have a mole.

3x11: Diez de Copas[]

Teresa, James, Kelly Anne, Ivan, Charger, and Pote sit together by the pool. Pote sweeps the whole property under the guise of getting more alcohol and finds a bug in James's room. James tells Teresa that he's glad that she's back home safe. When she tries to leave to get tequila, Charger and James throw Kelly Anne into the pool.

After pulling Teresa aside, Pote tells her that he believes that James is the mole and tries to convince Teresa to wake up and realize that James is a danger to her. Pote says there are weeks of recordings on the bug and that James recorded her when they were together. Teresa is hurt but keeps silent.

Teresa goes upstairs to tell James that she's meeting with El Santo at an abandoned factory by Taza's reservation. James reminds Teresa that he's there for her and kisses her and she lets him hug her.

James examines his room and figures out that someone has been inside and has touched the electronics on his desk. James calls Devon and tells him that he knows who the mole is.

James calls Teresa and tells her that he knows about her doubting him and that if he means something to her, she should meet him at the compound.

James has found the mole: it 's Kelly Anne who has been using coke and who has been extorted by Devon to place bugs in James's room and in Teresa's medallion. She was made to believe she was protecting Teresa by helping Devon eliminate El Santo. Kelly Anne confesses to Teresa and after some hard thinking and insistence from Pote, Teresa orders Kelly Anne be killed. Teresa is shocked at Kelly Anne's betrayal and James retorts that she had no trouble suspecting him. It is obvious that he is hurt by her suspicions. Pote is not able to kill Kelly Anne, so James take over and shoots her.

Teresa goes to James on the terrace and apologizes for suspecting him. James is hurt and says she should have come to him first. James says they need a break and walks out.

3x12: Justicia[]

James drives Camila to meet with Teresa where Camila offers Teresa a truce. In exchange, she wants Teresa to kill Cortez and free Isabela. Teresa agrees and Camila introduces her to Reynaldo Fioto who agrees to do business with Teresa.

James tells Teresa he will help her take down Cortez but then he will leave the operation as he cannot work for her as she keeps 'questioning his loyalty' after everything they have been through together. Teresa tries to stop him but he leaves, a tear falls down her cheek.

Teresa shares with Pote that she made a mistake and now James is leaving and she wants him to stay. Pote inquires if she has actually told him all this.

Teresa goes to talk to James who is smoking by the fence. She asks him not to leave as he helped build the business and she wants him to run Phoenix. He wants to know if this is just a business offer and she replies with a breaking voice that she does not want to lose him. James says he will think about it.

3x13: El Mundo[]

After Cortez is defeated and taken hostage, Teresa and James arrive at the warehouse where Cortez is hanging by his arms from ropes. Theresa offers to let him die quickly, by bullet, if he gives up the location of Camila. Cortez defiantly refuses.

Back at Teresa's winery, the Mendoza cartel celebrates their now-total control of the Sinaloa Corridor. As Teresa shares a toast with her new alliance of underbosses- Taza, George, Boaz and Javier - James pulls her aside and tells her he is ready to leave the business. She and James share a goodbye kiss and hug. Teresa tells him she will miss him, and James says he will see her around. James shakes Pote's hand as he leaves, with Pote claiming he will miss him. Javier remarks to Teresa that James will be a hard soldier to replace.

James drives to a railroad in the wilderness and is picked up by Devon and the CIA. Devon reveals to James that Castel Fioto is a CIA asset and that they targeted El Santo because he was the Columbian's biggest competition. The CIA is willing to tolerate Teresa as long as she is useful to them. James has shown weakness in Texas and as such needs to go with Devon as he cannot allow him to drag Teresa's expanding operation down. James leaves with Devon after telling him Teresa believes he left her on his own volition. James looks devastated as the car drives away.

Season 4[]

4x01: Bienvenidos a Nuevo Orleans[]

Teresa and Pote walk around the unfinished construction of a large building and Teresa shares with Pote that she wants to build a mall and own legal businesses. Pote says he wants ot have his own restaurant. Teresa asks him if he has been able to make contact with James and Pote responds that James is a ghost, and no one has heard from him. Teresa stares sadly in the distance.

4x13: Vienen Por Ti[]

Pote, George and Teresa discuss the rapid expansion of the business at the loading dock of the transport company when a car approaches unsteadily at a high speed and makes a forced stop.

E13s4 end.jpg

Pote and George point guns at it pushing Teresa back while the car door opens and James stumbles out clutching his bloody middle and falls to his knees. Teresa’s eyes are filled with horror as she rushes to his side. James looks at her and warns her "They're coming for you."

Season 5[]

5x01: Fantasmas[]

Teresa sits around and nervously waits for James, who has just had surgery, to wake up.

George goes through James's bag and finds tracking devices and jammers. He suggests James is the one coming to kill Teresa. Teresa’s eyes fill up as she tells George that he must be sure before taking any action.

After waking up James discloses that he worked for Devon Finch, who is a CIA contractor, and as parting gift received the information about the hit on Teresa. He tries to convince Teresa to disappear. She is shocked he went back to Finch, but James tells her he had no choice as Finch would have kept coming back. Teresa realizes James has sacrificed himself to protect her and her business.

5x02: Me Llevo Manhattan[]

 James secures Mossad soldiers to guard Teresa's safe house. James tells her that the tats on the backs of the killed man from the kill team are former FSB (KGB) but it is unclear who they are working for now.

Teresa thanks James for risking his life for her again and asks him about his future plans and after realizing he is planning to stay, she tells him to leave. James is shocked but prepares to leave.

On his way out James sees Pote tells him the tragic story of Tony's death whom they failed to protect. James understands that Teresa told him to leave in order to protect him. Pote tells James to stay as Teresa needs him.

Teresa sees James helping Chico with the security systems. She seems happy he has not left. Oxana calls and demands a meeting. Teresa goes escorted by James.

Teresa receives news that the Russians attacked the Dominicans in NYC. She and James leave for NYC as Teresa intends to fix things.

In NYC Teresa meets with Oxana and later Teresa and James share drinks and discuss Teresa's plans for a legitimate future. James makes references to the past and her loss of Tony. Teresa cannot hold herself and kisses him. It is evident that James reciprocates the feelings.

J&T NYC 1 kiss.gif

James and Teresa share a cigarette on the balcony. Teresa asks James to stay and he agrees. She says that they cannot be together in this life, but maybe in another one.

5x03: No Te Pierdas La Cabeza[]

Teresa sends James to smuggle Dumas out of state. James is chased by a police car, he loses it in a pursuit and hides in a road safehouse while informing Teresa to send another car.

Dumas wants to leave, but James talks him out of it by convincing him that Teresa is a loyal person who would never betray him. Dumas realizes James is in love with Teresa and says so.

A car arrives at the safe house and Captain Gamble accompanied by Teresa arrests Dumas for the murders of the Judge and his son. Dumas is shocked Teresa has betrayed him. James is also shocked at her betrayal. James tells her he promised Dumas she would never betray him and Teresa says she had not choice and is planning to get Dumas out of jail.

James and Teresa return silently to the safe house, each one pondering the events of the night.

5x04: La Situacion[]

After it becomes clear that Gamble is surveyed by the FBI Teresa gets scared that he may turn on them if questioned and orders James to kill him. Everyone is shocked at the extent of the risk, James is not in agreement but takes the task.

James shares his disappointment with Pote that apparently Teresa has lost her moral code. On his way out James and Teresa exchange a long look through the window and then he gets in the SUV and drives off.

James breaks in Gamble’s house but is unable to kill him as his girlfriend arrives. James hides in the closet and hears over the police dispatch radio that the FBI is planning a raid on the distillery. James warns Teresa and she insists that he finishes the job, while she and Kelly Anne go to the police station to make a confession.

 James walks in and tells Teresa that the mission is completed. With a guilty look on her face Teresa tries to engage him further in a conversation about how the information on the drive will benefit the imprisoned boys, but he does not engage and walks away.

5x05: Mas Dinero Mas Problemas[]

The team arrives in Berlin Omni’s hotel which boasts a Van Gough painting in the lobby. To get a meet with the arts dealer the team needs a stolen piece of art. James is tasked with stealing the painting, which he does successfully after creating a small shootout at the lobby.

James delivers the paining to Teresa and Pote who are waiting in a car. Teresa thanks him and he only nods. James walks in and Teresa follows him to the balcony overlooking Berlin at night. There is an awkward silence and Teresa tells James to ‘Say it!” James expresses his disapproval of the expansion in Europe. Teresa believes that when the biz gets too big to fail, she will be safe, while James notes that at present the bank is not willing to launder more of their cash.


Teresa responds that if needed they will buy the bank. It becomes clear to James that Teresa has lost her beginnings and is focused on the drive for power.

5x06: Plata o Plomo[]

Navarro does not show at the meet and sends shooters for Teresa. James and Pote protect her and once back in the hotel Oleg makes contact with Navarro. It becomes clear that Navarro would not do business with Teresa as she killed his supplier Bashara.

James promises to be supportive but his face and voice show that he is angry with Teresa as she could have died in the attack. James questions the need to expand with Navarro when he definitely does not want them.

J&T power.jpg

Teresa has not valid explanation besides that the market in Europe is hot and James accuses her of doing it for power. Teresa gives him a guilty look but again has no sensible answer.

Back in NOLA after a bloody reconciliation with the waterfront property owners who tried to cheat and Teresa had them shot, Kelly Anne and James have a heart to heart conversation where James shares his pain from the changes he sees in Teresa. Kelly Anne tells James that the old Teresa – the girl from Culiacan – whom he misses, is gone and he must accept her as she is. James’s face shows pain and resignation as he picks up his drink.

5x07: El Zorro en La Gallinera[]

The team prepares for a reception to mark the ready plan for the construction of the water front property. Many city officials and businessmen are invited. KA has invited Dumas who has been released from jail, but there are doubts he will show up.

Teresa and James share a drink and reminisce about the long ride they have had together that has brought them to the first step of legitimacy. The exchanged looks speak of deep undercurrents, but both behave in a reserved manner.

James and Teresa visit Dumas in an attempt to bury the hatchet, however it becomes clear that he wants to sever his relations with them. On the way back they are attacked by Boaz’s men and after a heated shootout where James takes all shooters out and saves Teresa’s life, they escape back to the safe house. Teresa learns that her Phoenix operations has been hit as well and it becomes clear this is Boaz. Despite Teresa’s protest James leaves to warn Pote and Kelly Anne as they are not reachable.

5x08: Todo Lo Que Toco[]

James shares with Teresa that kidnapped Kelly Anne maybe dead and Teresa tells him she wants to enlist Castel to cut off Boaz’s supply to force him down. James has no choice but to disclose to Teresa that Castel is a CIA asset. James explains he did not tell her sooner to prevent her from leaving their circle as then her money would have stopped flowing and her plan to go legit would have been at risk. Teresa understands that James has been protecting her all along. They share a long understanding look with deep undercurrents. They decide to call Devon in the hope he can fix the situation.

James and Teresa arrive at the bar to find Devon expecting them. Devon reveals that he has ordered Castel and Boaz to start this war as they both work for him. He tells Teresa that the CIA allows criminals like her to exist so that they can be used for secret ops. The secret op that Teresa and James are tasked with is to kill Kostya after locating him using their relationship with Oxana. It is ‘kill or be killed” scenario! Both Teresa and James are shocked.

Teresa calls Oxana and tells her Boaz has started a war and the only way out is for her to kill Kostya and take over Teresa’s biz. James listens to her call Oxana.

Assumed scene: Teresa and James make a plan to leave the business together! See the comments!

J&T fear.jpg

James and Teresa tell Pote they are leaving the biz and that they expect Oxana to kill Kostya and take over. Kostya calls Teresa and tells her that he is coming for her and everyone she loves. She and James are listening to the threats and exchange scared looks.

5x09: A Prueba de Balas[]

Samara, Oxana’s daughter, shares with James and Teresa that Kostya is a Russian diplomat who is heavily protected. James and Teresa bring the information to Devon, however, Devon insists that they take Kostya out. Devon promises them to become the largest cartel with the support of the CIA if they succeed in this mission. James and Teresa work and plan together as partners like they used to with no awkwardness and blame in looks or words.

J&T Samara.jpg

Teresa and James plan how to take Kostya out. James suggests getting with a pass in the Russian embassy, but Teresa believes it is suicide and does not let him. Their only option is to attack Kostya in NYC and they enlist the help of the Dominicans.

Teresa thinks that if she can meet Kostya alone, she has a chance to kill him. She calls him and makes an offer to give him all that is left of her biz. Kostya agrees and tells her to wait for meeting details. The look of James’s face shows he is not happy that Teresa is talking such a great risk.

As the meeting details do not come, James does not feel ok sending Teresa on this mission as it is a suicide just as breaking in the Russian embassy is. Teresa does not engage to discuss what lies ahead of them, but kisses him, and although caught off guard, James responds to her kiss and then tells her he loves her.

J&T love scene.gif

James and Teresa make love. In the morning Teresa pensively watches him sleep and gently removes her hand from his to avoid waking him up. A little later when he is showing her a gun that looks like a cell phone, she whispers to him that she loves him.

After the successful kill of Kostya, Teresa gets a call from Devon who congratulates her on the successful mission. Teresa tells her team that they will not be CIA pawns and are going to Belize. She asks James to stay behind and close the biz.

 James is visited by Devon, who tasks him with one last mission – to kill Teresa as no one escapes this life. Devon tells him he is a good shooter and that Devon’s replacement may not be so nice as he has been.

Teresa arrives in Belize. She is shown to retire for the evening. She snorts some coke, then walks to the window and gets shot. The coke box is shattered by a bullet. Only one shot is heard. The camera moves to the shooter it is revealed that it is James. His expression is somber and focused.

5x10: El Final[]

James breaks in the police station and takes pics of Teresa’s dead body. In a flashback he remembers her telling him she loves him.

Pote meets Chicho in Mexico and they drive to the hills outside of Culiacan where Pote spreads her ashes. James is hiding to take pictures.

James send the pics to Devon. They talk on the phone and James confirms the job is done and Teresa is dead. After they hang up, James finds a bomb in his truck and gets into a shootout with a killer Devon sent.

In FOUR years Pote has served his sentence and has left the USA. He is shown walking on a deserted beach where he meets a young girl building a castle. Kelly Anne appears and reunites with Pote presenting him to his daughter Lena.

When they walk in the house James greets Pote and asks him what took him so long. Teresa appears shortly after.

5 finale.jpeg

It is revealed that Teresa, James and Kelly Anne have lived a quiet life in this house for four years, Teresa learning to cook, James to surf. James hugs Teresa and plants a small kiss on her head in a moment of affection.

The four have dinner at the table, where James and Teresa are happy together and share a kiss, while KA cannot hide her excitement that Pote is back. James proposes a toast to a new life.

James and Teresa are sitting at the dock, holding hands and watching Pote, Kelly Anne and Lena play in water. Teresa narrates how the girl from Culiacan killed the Queen to choose Life despite being told that her only options are prison or death.

J&T hug finale.png
J&T dock.png

Writers' Comments[]

  • When asked about when James started developing 'a thing' for Teresa, Jorge Reyes replied, "Too many to count, but it clearly started in Season 1. I can’t specifically recall the episode. But that’s what Netflix is for."

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