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The Jimenez cartel was a rival of the Vargas cartel, led by Don Manuel Jimenez.

As of season 3, the Jimenez and Vargas cartels were combined under the leadership of Boaz Jimenez, which is now referred to as the Sinaloa Cartel.

Season 1[]

The Jimenez cartel has an accord with Epifaño Vargas that allows them to use Dallas as a hub, so they can get down to the ports if there's trouble with their other outlets. This way, if the DEA is causing them trouble, they can get drugs to Europe, which keeps supply going out, and keeps money coming in1x05.

The Bird Man violates these accords when he offers to help out one of Camila Vargas' customers when she doesn't have the supply to his demand1x06.

Season 2[]

Camila makes a deal with Don Manuel to unite their two cartels and take down Epifaño. She promises to get Don Manuel's favorite lieutenant out of prison while he's being transported. She succeeds in doing this, and it is revealed that the lieutenant is Manuel's brother.

Boaz kills Manuel and takes over the business.

Pedro, angry over the murder of his father, kidnaps Isabela Vargas and his cousin Kique Jimenez and holds them for ransom.

Season 3[]

Boaz does not trust Camila, due to Cortez's interference, and the two conspire to get rid of her.

Notable Members[]

  1. Don Manuel Jimenez † (former leader)
  2. Boaz Jimenez (current leader)
  3. Kique Jimenez
  4. Pedro Jimenez
  5. Eric Watson † aka Bird Man, who was the placeholder for Texas