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Jorge Reyes is a writer, co-producer, and story editor for Queen of the South.


Jorge A. Reyes was born and raised in Buffalo, New York [1]. He is the creator of the UPN television series Kevin Hill. His brother is a police officer. He has referred to himself as Puerto Rican [2].

Around 1996, Reyes was working an office job in his hometown of Buffalo. He quit his job to become a writer, which caused him to lose his car, his girlfriend, and his apartment. He had to move in with his brother due to losing his apartment. A year later, he had his first writing credit on NY Undercover. He later moved to New York City and then to Los Angeles.

After his first staff job, he didn't work for 18 months. He spent that time writing his first 'spec pilot.' His agent at the time told him that no one would want to develop with a baby writer. That pilot got him two pilot assignments, his next staff job, and his next agents.


  • "I learned so much growing up listening to the words of Susan Harris and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. They are two of the finest writers of their generation. And I'd love to hear them talked about as much as we hear about David Chase and David Milch. "
  • After the death of Neil Simon, Reyes posted the following on Instagram: "God of writers. I pored over his plays like The Odd Couple, Chapter Two, and Barefoot In The Park in high school, and modeled him shamelessly. There was no bigger influence in my early education as a writer than this man. If you watch comedy, if you write comedy, if you write ANYTHING, there is no one that hasn’t been influenced by the melody and rhythm of his words. Deeply personal, deeply funny, genuinely moving. Thank God for Neil Simon. Rest in power, Doc. #ripneilsimon"


  • He likes Hamilton and Prince. He grew up loving musical theatre and Sondheim [3]. He is also a fan of Snow Tha Product's music [4].
  • He often rewatches Mad Men [5].  
  • Ben Lobato’s dad was a mailman in real life. What kind of Freudian shit is this??? Great episode @BenjaminDLobato!!! [63]
  • He was formerly a Gersh client, and he and his friends and fellow writers on the show have certain opinions about the WGA. Namely, that they stand with the WGA. [6][7]

On Queen of the South[]

  • When asked about the input he and the writers have with the set designers when creating a character's personal space (specifically James' bedroom), Reyes replied, "Everything is approved by our showrunner, but our set designer reads the script, knows the character, and is pretty independent in terms of choosing the artwork."
  • After a Twitter user was posting theories about how James might be a DEA agent even after Jorge told her that she wasn't CIA, he responded once more, "Hi guys. James is not CIA, DEA, or any of the other three letters of government enforcement. Also, the story of the little girl that was accidentally killed (recounted in full with Devon) is true. James didn’t tell Teresa because of the absolute guilt and shame."
  • He loves seeing Epifaño and Camila together.
  • When asked what his favorite episode of season three was, he said that, "Episode 6 this year, where Guero dies, is my favorite episode of the entire series."
  • When asked how worried we should be that James isn't in any of the flash forwards, he replied, "Not very."
  • After El Juicio premiered, he tweeted, "We work on the stories as a team. I just got to drive this car home. And it was a damn blast. Fun fact: it was @IamRyanONan @dailynrod and I that came up with the little girl dying. We needed something that would tear James up." [8]