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Judge Cecil Lafayette is a major antagonist in Queen of the South. He was the corrupt judge in New Orleans, serving as the main antagonist of Season 4 and a major later posthumous antagonist in Season 5. He is a member of one of the oldest blue blood families in New Orleans,

Season 4[]

Lafayette threatens to use her blood in his roses if she doesn't pay the price of $10,000 so she can stay in business.

The judge blackmails Teresa several times and in her attempts to establish herself and play a fair game, she always pays up. The Judge uses the money to build a private prison where he says Teresa will have her own cell.

Lafayette stops Teresa and Pote as they are escaping from Joel Boucher. He takes the three of them to a secondary location and has Boucher strangled to death. The Judge makes it clear he rules in NOLA and that he does not intend to allow Teresa to turn: "Bourbon street into Tequila street!"

The Judge sends his dirty cop Green to search for clues as to the murder of his nephew Renee. Once they capture Emilia and find out that Javier is to blame, they target Teresa by putting a bomb under her car, which ends up killing Tony and sending Teresa to hospital. The Judge continues his attack by forcing Teresa to deliver the guilty party to him as she claims that she did not order the murder of Renee. Javier willingly surrenders ot the Judge's men to face his mistakes, where he goes down taking Green with him as revenge for the murder of Emilia.

The Judge sees his mentally unstable son Davis witness the above developments and when Davis commits a suicide, it is the Judge who finds his body.

Season 5[]

The Judge provides fake testimony to the police blaming Marcel Dumas for the murder of his son Davis. Teresa uncovers the the kickbacks he took for his private prison and blackmails him to giving a press conference to clear Dumas' name for the murder of his son.

On his way back, he is kidnapped and killed by Boaz for ordering the murder of his cousin and love of his life, Emilia.


  • “Judge Cecil Lafayette is a judge who’s as corrupt as they come and runs New Orleans strictly for his own benefit. He may be only slightly worse than some of the roguish characters who have roamed this state, but it’s fun to play such a devilish and colorful guy,” says David Andrews [1]