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Justicia is the 38th episode of the series. It translates to "Justice." It premiered on September 6, 2018.


Teresa tries to free a friend from his cage and comes face to face with her sworn enemy.


  • James meets Camila in a motel and organizes a meet with Teresa who needs a new supplier. Camila says she misses having him by her side.
  • Teresa meets Oleg at the airport but he refuses to provide her with a new supplier. Pote tries to convince Teresa not to give up and to look for a new supplier.
  • James drives Camila to meet with Teresa where Camila offers Teresa a truce. In exchange, she wants Teresa to kill Cortez and free Isabela. Teresa agrees and Camila introduces her to Reynaldo Fioto who agrees to do business with Teresa.
  • Teresa needs George freed and his arsenal of guns to prepare to attack Cortez. Camila discloses the location where Cortez keeps George.
  • James tells Teresa he will help her take down Cortez but then he will leave the operation as he cannot work for her as she keeps doubting his loyalty after everything they have been through together. Teresa tries to stop him but he leaves, a tear falls down her cheek.
  • The maid puts arsenic in Cortez's wine, but it isn't enough to kill him.
  • Teresa shares with Pote that she made a mistake and now James is leaving and she wants him to stay. Pote inquires if she has actually told him all this.
  • Teresa goes to talk to James who is smoking by the fence. She asks him not to leave as he helped build the business and she wants him to run Phoenix. He wants to know if this is just a business offer and she replies with a breaking voice that she does not want to lose him. James says he will think about it.
  • Javier Jimenez joins the team to help with the rescue of George and the attack on Cortez. He is a cousin of Boaz. Javier and James know each other and James calls Javier a clown as apparently he is not impressed with him.
  • James and Javier, accompanied by Javier's men, go to Mexico to save George but only locate Bilal who gets shot and dies. It is obvious that Cortez has moved George as Camila insists she provided the correct location. James saves Javier's life during the escape.
  • Teresa calls Cortez and suggests an exchange: George for Camila. Cortez agrees.
    You should see me in a crown.png
    The exchange happens at the gates of the Taza reservation.



  • James: I can't keep working for someone who keeps questioning my loyalty.
  • Teresa: You helped build this business. You shouldn't walk away from it. I want you to run Phoenix.
    • James: Is that just a business offer?
    • Teresa: I don't wanna lose you.
  • Javier: Ask James. He knows I tell it like it is.
    James and Javier.jpg
    • James: In between all the bullshit.
  • Javier: Ese cabrón saved my ass at the hospital. You have a good soldier.
    • Teresa: I know.
  • Teresa, to Boaz: After we take out Cortez, you will run Sinaloa. I would like you to share any major decisions with James.
  • Cortez, to Isabela: I love you, as if you were of my own flesh and blood.
  • Camila, to Reynaldo: I know Teresa told you she'll keep me safe. But what happened between us was very personal. I don't think she'll keep her promise to you. You know me, Reynaldo. I won't go down without a very bloody fight.
  • Camila: It's interesting though. She never approved of violence when she was working for me.
    • Pote: She's la jefa now. She will do what she has to to protect her people. And her business.
    • Camila: Hm. Must be eating away at her. To become what she hated the most.
    • Pote: And what's that?
    • Camila: Me.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • James' beard is longer.
  • Jorge Reyes tweeted, "Camila is nothing if not a seductress, even here with Teresa."
    • “I don’t want to lose you.” KISS HIM, GIRL!
    • You better tell James, girl. #Jeresa
    • Wow! Camila had the servants poison him! And this maid talking all kinds of greasy to his face!
    • Uh-oh. James saying he’s done??
    • Camila in a cage. Mirrors of Teresa’s beginning.
    • Is it just me, or is it wonderful seeing Camila with the old team again? And the actors play off each other so well
    • There they are. Two Queens. There can only be one.