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"If you plan on sticking around, you have to remember Teresa's the boss, so when she gives you an order, you'd better follow it."
―Kelly Anne Van Awken to James

Kelly Anne Van Awken was the wife of Cole Van Awken. She helped Teresa by warning her about Camila setting up the trawling business in her name. She cared for Tony while Teresa was in Malta. After being wine boarded by Devon Finch, Kelly Anne developed a cocaine addiction. When it was revealed that she was the mole inside Teresa's operation, James was ordered to kill her. However it was revealed in Season 4, that James actually spared her.


Kelly Anne is a southern belle who graduated top of her class at law school. She gave up her dreams of becoming a powerful lawyer when she married Cole. Despite years of verbal and physical abuse from her husband, she maintained a cheerful, friendly, and upbeat demeanor. Kelly Anne ends up in Teresa's cartel by circumstances and does her best to fit despite not having any experience in the criminal world. She betrays Teresa and sets up James to take the fall under extreme pressure from Devon Finch who is CIA. Despite her fear and cocaine addiction, her actions are not reasonable as she does not look for help from her 'sister' as she calls Teresa, but chooses to believe the man who wine boarded her. Kelly Anne redeems herself by saving Tony. She proves to have a strong character when she decides not to run anymore and to face her destiny which can be redemption or death. She succeeds in gaining Teresa's trust and Pote's love and becomes an integral part of the operation.


Teresa: Kelly Anne meets Teresa at a party while she is still married to Cole. Their relationship starts when KA uncovers two sets of ownership documents for Camila’s company whereby one set states Teresa as an owner. KA warns Teresa that she may go to prison as Camila is setting her up. From then on Teresa helps KA when she murders the husband, then takes her as part of her operation. KA sets up the winery and runs it, she also takes care of Tony and deals with all legal matters for Teresa. In season 3 she is wine boarded by Devon Finch to force Teresa to disclose a location. KA loses control after this stressful event, starts using drugs and falls prey to Devon. She betrays Teresa and the group which results in the CIA taking out their supplier. After Teresa orders her death, James spares her life and let’s her escape. KA comes out of hiding to save Tony’s life and Teresa lets her stay. KA slowly wins Teresa’s trust again as well as Pote’s love and they become a couple. KA gets pregnant in season 5. After a kidnapping ordeal, she manages to escape the business with the rest of the team.

James Valdez: KA and James are friends and work together at the Winery. Instead of killing her when she sets him up for the El Santo fiasco which also ruined his relationship with Teresa, James spares her life. Later she thanks him and he admits that he knew she was being used and she really meant no harm. James saves pregnant KA on the finale as Pote is unable to.

Pote Galvez: Pote meets KA when she and Teresa need help with Cole’s dead body. Pote develops a liking for KA and it shows when he meets her again at the Winery purchase. Pote helps KA when Devon attacks the Winery and comforts her afterwards. He is devastated when she is found to be the mole and passes the task to kill her to James as he is unable to. In season 4 Pote encounters her again and is very happy when he realizes she is alive. Pote lets her go, but she refuses to run. They provide comfort to each other when Pote has issues with Tony and they end up admitting their feelings for each other. Pote is unprepared for the pregnancy that happens and they show very different attitudes towards birth and children. However, when Pote reunites with the team after his prison sentence and sees his 4-year-old daughter, they seem to not have any disagreements. KA is over the moon when Pote returns.

Boaz Jimenez: Boaz and KA have a business relationship in season 5. They have discussions regarding his assistance with the issues at the port of Altamira when Boaz guesses KA is pregnant. Later Boaz kidnaps KA to get to Teresa and it is a very distressful experience for her.


Notable Injuries and Moments[]

  • Kelly Anne shoots her husband Cole Van Awken in the head.2x11
  • Kelly Anne is wine boarded by Devon Finch and his men at the Winery to force Teresa to give up El Santo. 3x05
  • Kelly Anne is supposed to be shot by James after she betrays Teresa. He, however, spares her life unbeknownst to anyone else and sends her on the run.3x11
  • Kelly Anne is kidnapped by Boaz and Angel from the hospital where she is having an ultrasound. She manages to escape by overturning a moving vehicle and causing an accident. 5x08


  • Kelly Anne ran a wine club in Dallas.3x05
  • Kelly Anne pinched cocaine from Teresa to satisfy her drug habit resulting from the stress of being wine-boarded.3x09
  • As a lawyer, she goes back to practicing law in NOLA and becomes the group's legal counsel.