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Kim Brown was James's girl.


Kim is James's girlfriend whom he takes care of and spoils. She meets Teresa when James brings her home from work to borrow a high end dress for a work event. Kim is very proud of James and comments on how he is moving up.


Kim was James' kept woman.

She is acquainted with Teresa after James brings her by.

She mentions a friend named Cara[1].

It is implied that Kim is cheating on James.


  • From the look on her face when she is first introduced, Kim desires a ring.
  • She likely doesn't cook because she says that if she had known that James was coming home that she would have ordered some food.
  • She believes that James spoils her.
  • She refers to James as "Jimmy."
  • She has a slight Southern accent.
  • James often asks her to go to the trailer when he's about to do something dangerous.
  • She is upset when James asks her to go up to the trailer because she used up all her sick days the last time this happened1x06.
  • While trying to convince her to go up to the trailer, James reminds her that she loves the view from the lake. She tells him that she meant when they build a home on it, not hiding in some rusty old trailer. James promises that it's not always going to be like this.



  1. In Un Alma. Un Mapa. Dos Futuros, Kim tells James that she's going out that night with her friend Cara.