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King George was a smuggler who worked with Teresa and was part of her trusted inner circle.


He used to run guns through Belize [1].

In Season 2, George worked on the Texas coast, making smuggle runs to and from South America [2]. He had a crew of men who tried to stage a mutiny against him, but after that he came to think of them as sons [3].

His father died in a "nut house" [4].


George thinks of himself as a king and likes to be treated as one. He gives people nicknames and uses 'royal' terms. He also practices sword-fighting with Bilal.


  • Bilal: Bilal is George's closest friend and First Mate. They play at being pirates together and sword fight. It is suggested that George and Bilal are sleeping together [5]. When Bilal dies, it really hurts George, and he seeks revenge. George tortures and kills Cortez with a chainsaw in revenge for lobotomizing Bilal.
  • His crew: George's crew tried to stage a mutiny, but now he considers them family. He loses them all in Season 2, save Bilal.
  • Teresa Mendoza: George respects Teresa and they work together. George came through for her by staying the extra time in Bolivia and by helping her rescue the women in Malta. When George asks to leave New Orleans, Teresa lets him go and tells him that someday they're going to need a place to escape to, and maybe George can find that place. Teresa makes sure that he is rescued after he is kidnapped by Cortez's men. He often calls her "principessa."
  • James Valdez: James is annoyed by George because he is childish and calls him a variety of nicknames.
  • Pote Galvez: Pote, too, is not a big fan of King George and his nicknames, but due to his own relationship with Teresa, he stays silent.
  • Boaz Jimenez: Boaz killed King George in Plata o Plomo.

Season 2[]

  • El Cuerpo de Cristo: King George agrees to do business with Camila's cartel if Teresa and James bring him someone (Rolando Rios) that he wants to talk to. They do so.
  • El Nacimiento de Bolivia: King George ignores Camila's calls for two days while shaking the DEA before he can go to Bolivia. They discuss terms, and he gives her a 72 hour clock. George steps in front of James's car and pounds on the hood, saying welcome to La Paz, bitches! George gives Teresa, James, and Guero papers to get the coke through the borders, and leaves them in front of the bar where they're meeting Leo.
  • El Camino de la Muerte: James calls George from El Santo's truck and tells him that they'll be there in a few hours. George reminds them that he gave a deadline and they didn't keep it, so he's leaving. Teresa takes the phone from James's hands and tells George that they have a metric ton of Bolivian flake and that that's just the start. George is surprised and tells her that it's a death sentence if she doesn't get back to Dallas tout suite, especially with a time frame of a week. George says that if they aren't at the border by sundown, he'll leave them to rot there. She says thank you and he tells his men to turn around. Turn around. Don't give me that look. You ain't never seen a hero before?

Season 3[]

  • El Carro: George and Bilal ride in the van on the way to the drop-off location, blaring rock music. Sheriff Mayo and his officers stop the van and force them to get out of the vehicle. Bilal and George are saved by the others in the Mendoza Cartel. Later, the two of them are captured by Cortez's men.
  • El Diablo: Cortez and Camila keep George in an asylum. They want information about Teresa from him. George says that he'll give them what they want if they take him from that place and bring him Bilal. Cortez has Bilal brought to him. After realizing that they lobotomized his best friend, George tries to attack Cortez and swears that he's going to kill him.
  • El Mundo: George takes a chainsaw to Cortez and kills him.

Season 4[]

  • Noche de las Chicas: George shoots Tic Toc as a sort of mercy kill. He then leaves New Orleans for Belize with Teresa's blessing, but not before inviting Birdie along. She declines to join him.

Season 5[]

  • Fantasmas: George is uncharacteristically suspicious of James and his absence. He behaves rude to James when he takes him to the place of the shoot out. George and Chicho get ambushed by the kill team and James saves them.
  • Plata o Plomo: Teresa sends George to spy on Boaz in Miami. George goes to lengths to win Boaz's trust and favorable disposition but is unable to fool him. George uncovers that Boaz is cutting the coke with Fentanyl and plotting against Teresa. George is murdered by Boaz Jimenez.



  • Ryan O'Nan is a story editor and writer for the show and he writes his character's lines.
  • He uses a stamp with a crown and the letters KG inside, with purple ink2x01.
  • He owns monogrammed clothing with this stamp, though outlined in gold, including shoes, a belt buckle, and swimwear he purchases for himself and the women that visit him.
  • His men (Somali) tried to "Captain Phillips" him off the coast of Somalia, but now he thinks of them as his sons.
  • Teresa notes that a man who puts holes in his own boat isn't in the business for the money, that he's in it for the thrill. He says that he likes the money too2x01.
  • George did a run for Rocco de la Peña and says that it was bad. Rocco crucified the family members of his enemies.


  • Ryan O'Nan said that "KG is kinda timeless. Like an elf. But like fatter, and far more bearded. And with a lot more guns." [6]