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Kique Jimenez was the son of Boaz Jimenez and was engaged to Isabela Vargas before his death.


Kique has short hair and pretty brown eyes. He is usually well-dressed.

Season 2[]

El Beso de Judas: Kique is introduced to Isabela by Olivia and he kisses her hand.

El Camino De La Muerte: Kique, Pedro, and Olivia take Isabela to Dallas on their jet after Isabela catches her father cheating on her mother.

Season 3[]

Reina de Oros: Kique and Isabela attend a dance class to practice for their first dance at their wedding, but they spend a lot of time giggling and getting it wrong. Boaz later picks Kique up from the dance studio and takes him to meet with the Colombians.

Los Enamorados: Kique tells Isabela that his father, Boaz, has given Teresa over to Cortez and Camila.

Reina de Espadas: Kique and Isabela had planned to run away and get married after Camila forbade Isabela from seeing him and called off the wedding. Cortez kills him with a nail gun, pinning him to a wall.


  • Kique and Isabela are seen as the "goodie two shoes" of their friend group
  • In a close-up of his and Isabela's intertwined hands, you can see that Kique has a small yin yang tattoo on his left forearm [1].
  • Kique and Isabela are taken hostage by Kique's cousin, Pedro.
  • Isabela decided to marry Kique to unite the two cartels.