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La Situación is the forth episode of Season 5 and the 56th episode overall. It translates to "The Situation" 


With the Judge dead and Dumas behind bars, Teresa finds herself in the crosshairs of the FBI.

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·        Kelly Anne is having trouble finding a reputable lawyer for Dumas

·        Teresa and the team are searching for the Judge’s bank accounts to solidify their claim that he is corrupt. Kelly Anne realizes that the Judge is old school and he would not use technology to keep tack of the bribes, but rather a manual ledger

·        The team meet with Captain Gamble and ask him to search for the ledger.

·        Lucien approaches Teresa asking for a coke shipment for Dumas’s crew. Teresa does not trust Lucien and visits Dumas in jail where he tells her that he would prefer his people to stare than to do business with her.

·        Gamble finds the ledger, but on his way to recover it James finds out that the FBI is surveying Gamble.

·        Teresa gets scared that Gamble may turn on them if questioned by the FBI and orders James to kill him. Everyone is shocked at the extent of the risk, James is not in agreement but takes the task. James shares his disappointment with Pote that apparently Teresa has lost her moral code. Pote supports Teresa’s harshness and tells James not to mess up the job. Kelly Anne and Pote tell Teresa they are expecting a child.

·        Lucien calls Dumas and upon finding that he does not want to work with Teresa, calls her and lies to her asking her to send a shipment. Suspicious Teresa orders the men to send a truck full of tequila, but no coke.

·        An FBI agent visits Dumas in jail asking him to betray Teresa, but Dumas refuses.

·        James breaks in Gamble’s house but is unable to kill him as his girlfriend arrives. James hides in the closet and hears over the police dispatch radio that the FBI is planning a raid on the distillery. James texts Teresa and she insists that he finishes the job, while she and Kelly Anne go to the police station to make a confession.

·        Teresa and Kelly Anne meet with the FBI agent and Teresa confesses to having paid bribes to the corrupt Judge as he had been extorting her. In the meantime, the FBI cease the truck and find only tequila. They have no choice but to call off the raid on the distillery.

·        James waits out the girlfriend and kills Gamble making it look like a heart attack. He places the thumb drive for the FBI to find. The FBI is first on the scene. James escapes while Pote visits Lucien and kills him.

·        Teresa calls Dumas to tell him that Lucien was a traitor and is dead. Dumas is devastated and tells Teresa he is not holding his breath that she will save him. James walks in and tells her that the mission is completed. Teresa tries to engage him further in a conversation as she feels that her decisions are hurting him, but he walks away. Teresa and Pote talk at the little shrine for Tony and both share that they are afraid for the future.


Behind the Scenes[]