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Lil T is a gangster that worked with her uncle, Big T. She spent time working for the Mendoza Cartel, but Teresa eventually sent her away.


She wants to prove herself. She portrays herself as aggressive to earn respect.

Season 2[]

Lil T works with Teresa to prove herself to Big T and the other gangsters. They rob a gang of white supremacist neo-Nazis, and Lil T is especially rough with them, shooting one in the crotch.

Season 3[]

El Juicio: Teresa has welcomed into her operation. She is no longer in contact with her uncle. Lil T goes to a church to film Devon's mother singing in the choir, which serves as their leverage -- if they don't let Teresa and James go, Lil T will kill Devon's mother. 

El Carro: Lil T is sent with Tonto to send a message to Pecas. Pecas kills Tonto and beats Lil T. She is found with "RETURN TO SENDER" carved into her back.  

Diez de Copas: Lil T is given money and sent away by Teresa.  

Notable Injuries[]

El Carro: Pecas beats Lil T and carves "RETURN TO SENDER" into her back.