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Lo Que Más Temes is the 48th episode in the series. It translates to "What You Fear Most."


Teresa works to ease tensions between her business partners after she discovers that someone is stealing from her.[1]



Pote tells someone on the phone to make sure to tell him if they hear anything and hangs up, telling Teresa that their contacts in Miami say that El Gordo's in the wind. After he made a move on Teresa and Tony he disappeared. Pote warns that Oksana has worked with El Gordo for a long time and says that if they take him out, they will have bigger problems to worry about.


Teresa asks Marcel to make a move on El Gordo. She says that Oksana has the best molly in the country, and if he does this, she'll convince Oksana to supply him. He agrees to make him a memory.

Industrial building complex[]

Lafayette complains about state budget cuts with another man. He brags that he has the ear of the state house. Lafayette is upset to hear that his partner is thinking about moving to New Mexico when Louisiana is the prison capital of the country. When asked how close he is to his fundraising goals, he says that he convinced a friend of his to invest in the project, meaning the $3 million he got from Teresa. The man says that if Lafayette delivers $30 million, New Orleans will have a new correctional facility.


Pote and Teresa coach Tony on driving as her sicarios wave him on from the outside. Teresa says that she'll be back home by 9. Tony asks if once he gets his license he can drive himself to school, mentioning a great art school in New Orleans. Teresa says that's great that he wants to study art and that they'll look into it. They hug and she tells him to have a good day before he gets out of the car.

Pote reminds her that he's already missed a lot of school and those fancy private schools don't need much reason to say no to a kid like him. Teresa says he's talented and that he'll get in.

Siete Gotas[]

Teresa and Pote speak with the Judge, who is waiting for them at the bar drinking tequila. She asks why he's there and he says that he wants an advance on his 10% -- $30 million. Teresa says she pays him enough already and he reminds her what he's done for her recently. He wants the money in 72 hours.

Teresa's office[]

Teresa asks her man if she can get her $30 million in 72 hours. He says he can liquidate some assets overseas but she'll take a hit. Kelly Anne overhears the conversation while delivering some papers so Teresa can give her power of attorney and she can set up a trust for Tony. Kelly Anne says that she was on a first-name basis with the bank manager of TCB due to her ex-husband Cole's activities and she could look into it and make sure nothing's holding up her money. Teresa says to please look into it.


Oksana asks why Raul's rat is still breathing. Teresa reassures her that he won't talk. Oksana says that she didn't know that El Gordo sent hitmen after her and her godson and says that she doesn't condone his actions. Teresa says that she's going to kill him. While she understands her anger, Oksana says that it is best if they let things calm down. She has known the man for years and says that scorched earth won't fill their pockets. She asks if she brings El Gordo to the table, will Teresa agree to a meeting? The meeting would be in Teresa's city on Teresa's terms. Teresa says that if she can find him, she'll meet.

As soon as Oksana is out of earshot, Javier says that she's going to set her up. Pote says that they'll hit him there. Teresa says no, that she thinks Oksana want to keep the peace and if they're going to take him out, they need Oksana to agree to it.

Teresa's office[]

Kelly Anne tells Teresa that they have a problem. Dieter's been stealing money from Teresa. The bank balances go from empty and back up again and he's been replacing her funds with what he gets from the people he cleans money for. It's a Ponzi scheme. Pote says that he's a dead man walking. Javier asks if she wants him to get on a plane now. Teresa says no, that if he thinks they're onto him he'll disappear. Teresa says that she'll need Kelly Anne's help. Anything.

Marcel's office[]

El Gordo FaceTimes Marcel and says that he hears that Marcel has been looking for him. He tells Marcel that he never got to pay him back for kidnapping his nephew. Marcel reminds him that his nephew made it back home safely. El Gordo pivots to show a group of Marcel's men who are executed by El Gordo's men. Marcel warns him that if he steps one foot in his city that he'll be dead and at the bottom of the Mississippi. Gordo says that he's already there and not him or Teresa or any little river can take him down.

Marcel throws his phone at the wall in anger. Dieter says that he sold some of the securities and he'll wire the money tonight. Teresa asks if he knows the name Cole Van Awken. Dieter says that he's heard of him -- a lawyer from Dallas that went missing. Teresa says that her friend Kelly Anne has a large sum of money that she couldn't access due to being a person of interest in his disappearance. He imagines the sum is rather sizable. She says it's 9 figures and she's in New Orleans. She says she can make an introduction and he can bring her money in person. They hang up. Teresa asks if she's sure about this and she says yes.

Outside, Pote says that this is dangerous. Kelly Anne says she knows, that Teresa needs her. She's either in this family or she's not.

Tony shows Teresa images from the art school he wants to go to. It's really hard to get into and his grades aren't that great. He decides to apply. Teresa gets a call from Oksana and has Chicho take Tony home. Oksana says that El Gordo is willing to meet, just the 3 of them. She doesn't like it. As a show of good faith, she and El Gordo would like to double their regular shipment. The camera pivots to show El Gordo is in the room with Oksana. She reminds him that she promised Teresa would be safe and that she won't be in the middle of a war. Wouldn't you rather get back to business?

Gordo says that if she's open to a truce, he supposes he can find his way there as well. Outside, he tells his man that he has every intention of taking out Teresa. Eventually Oksana will come to her senses and agree to killing Teresa, and if she doesn't, she can die too. Kelly Anne tells Teresa her new account is set up. Dieter will have 2 bodyguards with him inside the club and 2 outside with the car and the money. The plan is for Javier to distract one of the bodyguards while Pote disarms the other one. They'll put a gun to his head and make him transfer the money to the new offshore bank account. Once that's done, Dieter will have his men bring the $30 million into the bar.

Dieter enters the bar with more muscle than they expected and Teresa goes to greet him. She introduces him to Kelly Anne and he puts his hand on her lower back which upsets Pote. Going past the four guys is going to be tough without starting a bloodbath. Dieter has three SUVs outside so they don't know which car to steal. Dieter is intrigued with the idea of working with Kelly Anne but he doesn't do one night stands or one-off transactions. She says she has more stored in hotels across the country.

Marcel warns Teresa that El Gordo is in town and he's going to hit Oksana. He gives her 24 hours.

Dieter says that they should move this to the house he rented, where he's keeping the money. He didn't want to tempt the gods by carrying so much cash down the streets of New Orleans.

Outside Siete Gotas bar[]

Teresa and Kelly Anne go for a ride with Dieter. Pote, Chicho, and Javier follow under orders from Teresa.

In the boys' car, Javier tells Pote not to worry because he's got security but he's just a banker. Who knows what he's capable of. Silencers on. In Dieter's car, Kelly Anne comments on how beautiful it is. And private, he adds. Just wait until you see the house. On the property, the women follow Dieter inside the house.

Pote asks one of Dieter's men for a cigarette and a light. Inside, Dieter says that the furniture is antique and shipped in from France. Kelly Anne says that he should add some cow skin rugs and horns up on the mantle so he can liven up the joint. Kelly Anne is impressed by his choice of wine. Tony calls to ask if he can RSVP for the art exhibit which closes tomorrow night. She says she has a meeting tomorrow night but he wants her there because he knows how good she is at convincing people to do stuff. Dieter decides that he can't help Kelly Anne after all because he doesn't believe that there is any money. When she mentioned that she had other money in more hotels, he knew she was lying. The June in Chicago closed three months ago. Chicho reports that there are 13 guards to Javier, who shoots the man that gave Pote a cigarette. Javier orders them to disperse. Dieter questions Kelly Anne some more.

He thinks that Kelly Anne was arrested for Cole's murder and now she's here to serve them up. He thinks she's a rat. Teresa plays along with Dieter's fantasy. Teresa tells him to give her the gun because if she's betraying her, she wants to be the person to finish her.

Teresa breaks a wine bottle over Dieter's head. Kelly Anne and Teresa fight him for the gun. Teresa shoots him. Chicho reports that they got all of them. He says that the computer is in the office. Teresa says that she knows that he's been stealing from him so now he's going to steal from one of his other clients to pay her back. He wants a guarantee that she'll let him live. She says that if he doesn't, she can guarantee that he won't.

Dieter does something on the computer. Let's go. Teresa thanks her for her help and asks her to put together a list of candidates for a new money manager who will be working under her. Really? I won't let you down. Teresa calls Oksana, who says she was praying for them to have peace. Teresa says that there is no peace and that she has to make her choice. She's going to kill El Gordo. El Gordo says that their operation is small but once they take out Teresa and Marcel they'll own New Orleans. Oksana reminds him that they'll need her Colombian supplier, but he doesn't think that will be an issue because he has contacts all over Colombia. She realizes that he's wanted this all along. He says it's the smart play.

Gunfire sounds outside the room. Marcel and Teresa enter the room. Marcel reminds him of what would happen if he set foot in his city. Oksana says that she tried to help him but Teresa showed him what he is -- a liability. Marcel shoots him in the head. Oksana crosses herself.

Teresa and Marcel share a look. Oksana has tears in her eyes. The Judge walks through his garden and looks at his bags of money. He tells Javier to give Miss Mendoza his best. Randall gets a nod from the Judge and leaves. Teresa fills Pote in. Oksana made peace with Shomari in Atlanta and Dumas will be distributing her molly. Kelly Anne gives Teresa Tony's trust.

Tony says that he registered for the art exhibit. Chicho hands over the keys to Tony. He's excited to drive and she says that it's his car. He's surprised that she gave him the Range Rover.

Pote says that if Tony doesn't get into the school with his grades, they could always buy a building like all those rich white parents do. Teresa says he'll get in on his own. Tony heads out to the car alone and gets in. He closes the door, puts on his seatbelt, and turns on the engine. A device beeps and Teresa yells his name, but it's too late. The car explodes, killing Tony.



  • Kelly Anne earned her spot back in this family. Find out how in the latest episode of #QueenoftheSouth [2]

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  • The episode name was announced via Twitter on May 13, 2019 [3].

Filming Locations[]

  • 44400 Dauphine St in New Orleans, LA 70117 [4]
  • 1051 Annunciation St in New Orleans, LA 70130 [5]
  • 1000 Poeyfarre St in New Orleans, LA 70130 [6]
  • 1066 Tchoupitoulas St in New Orleans, LA 70130 [7]