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Los Pecados de los Padres is the 47th episode of the series. It translates to "the sins of the parents."


Teresa must weigh her ties to New Orleans, and whether it’s worth staying to sacrifice her ethics. [1]


Teresa shows Tony his new room at her house, while Pote calls for her from the other room, ruining the moment. Cheo is still alive and he's going to talk, so Pote is having everyone get ready to run. Teresa and Pote meet with Randall Greene, who says that the Judge won't speak to her himself because she's toxic. The DEA is going to drop the hammer on Cheo tomorrow and that means she has 24 hours to deal with Cheo's family.

The Judge's son Davis watches him put the $3 million into his safe. He calls the Judge a crook and a liar. He says that everything he's done, he's done to take care of him because he can't take care of himself. Davis says that's not true. Now who's lying, son?

Randall calls and says that he has a person of interest in Rene's murder at the smokehouse. Lafayette tells him to put something down on the floor because his shoes got ruined last time.

Teresa says that he'll go wake Tony up. She opens his door and sees that all of his stuff is unpacked. This is significant because he's lived out of his backpack for year. Teresa tells Pote to find Cheo's family. Teresa finds a sketchbook full of drawings of Tony killing people. One page features Tony shooting Pote in the face.

Javier asks to speak to Teresa and apologizes for failing her. In Mexico, Boaz prepares a welcome party for Emilia, including a ice sculpture mermaid, a roasted pig, and a mariachi band. A sicario reports that Emilia missed her flight from New Orleans. Boaz shoots the ice sculpture in anger.

The Judge questions Emilia at the smokehouse while Tony plays a violent videogame. Teresa invites him to go for a drive so she can teach him how to drive. Teresa uses the time out of the house to have her men pack up the house.

El Gordo's men watch them from a nearby car, commenting that El Gordo never mentioned anything about a kid. Javier takes them to a theme park that was abandoned after Katrina so Tony can hit anything he wants. Teresa says not to hit anything.

Pote waits in the paralegal's house to get information on Cheo Ortiz's family. Pote's man tosses picture frames on the floor, shattering the glass. Pote tells her that they're visiting one of the women that day, Cheo's girl, or her daughter. Teresa instructs Tony on how to drive.

Pote and Chicho watch Cheo's girl. Javier asks a henchman what he would do if he wasn't in this business. He says that he'd ope a bird store with his girlfriend. Javier says that he knows nothing else.

Emilia is questioned but she is lying. Randall discovers that she's lying because he finds the other earring in her purse. The Judge gives her one last chance to save herself but she continues to lie to protect Javier.

Teresa tells Tony that she's worried about him and that she saw his sketchbook. He's mad that she went through his sketchbook. Tony gets out of the car.

At Cheo's safehouse, Pote slits the throat of the guard. On the abandoned park grounds, Teresa and Tony discuss the drawings. He has nightmares about killing people and he sketches them to get them out of his head. The Judge continues to try to get information from her. Emilia pins it on her boyfriend who she says is in Mexico now and he was just following orders. He asks if he's associated with Teresa. Outside, Randall asks if he wants him to pick up Teresa. Lafayette orders for them to keep Emilia alive because she might come in handy later.

In Cheo's safe house, Pote is fired upon by Cheo's girlfriend holding a shotgun. Drugs and needles are on the coffee table. Pote gets the upper hand and points a gun at her forehead. Luz struggles when she sees that Pote is approaching the room where her son is. The boy fires a small plastic gun at him.

Boaz calls Javier and asks how her lady, meaning Teresa, is as he chops at the pig with a machete. You're a good liar. Teresa asks Tony if he knows what Siete Gotas is. He says yes, it's the name of her tequila and the neighborhood where she grew up in Culiacan. She reminds him that she got by as a moneychanger. She used to go to bed every night hungry. She reminds him that here he can be whatever he wants to be and people have died for that chance.

Someone rolls up on the theme park and shoots Teresa's man. Teresa and Tony run into the theme park and Tony cuts his arm while getting through the gate. Javier tries to help Teresa.

Pote buckles Luz's son into their car as Luz sits in the front seat. He tells him that he's taking them to see a nice lady and that he didn't mean to scare him. Everything's going to be okay. Right, Luz?

Teresa bandages Tony's arm and tells him to apply pressure. We're going to get out of here, okay? We are going to get out of here. The men follow Tony's blood trail to where they're hiding. Teresa says that they're after her and she's going to run and get them away from him, but he needs to stay here. Tony begins to tear up and says that he can't lose her but she reassures him that he won't.

Teresa runs through an abandoned theme park. A man stands in front of her and says that El Gordo says adios. Tony interrupts the man and points a gun at him. Put it down or I'll blow you away. The man says that Tony can't do it. Tony squeezes the trigger and misses, but Javier finally catches up and the man dies. Javier asks Teresa if she's okay and she takes the gun away from Tony. The three of them leave the theme park.

In Mexico, Boaz is drinking. His man can't find Emilia and suggests that they call Javier. Pote and Teresa talk about what happened. Teresa says that Raul is going to pay with his life. Pote agrees but reminds her that they need to deal with Cheo first or none of it matters. Javier takes Luz's son to get a doughnut.

Teresa says that she was in love with a narco once and if she had to do it all again, she'd run away. Luz says that her son's all she has. Teresa says that she knows what she's capable of and tells her that she will destroy her family to save her own. She has Luz and Cheito call Cheo. Teresa takes the phone and tells him that she has his family and tells him that she can save them or spend the rest of his life in witness protection alone. Cheo says that he's not testifying.

Teresa warns Luz and Luz says that she won't talk and she'll never see her again. Emilia recites the Lord's prayer. Davis hears her from outside the smokehouse. Teresa tells Javier that she called Boaz and he agreed to send money to Manny's sister since he was killed. Javier thanks her and says that that's what Manny wanted the most.

Davis breaks Emilia out of the smokehouse. She asks him why he did it and she says that he can't keep hurting people like this and he has to stop him because no one else will.

Pote offers Tony food but he says he's not hungry. Pote says that he knows Tony hates him but he needs to tell him something. You stood up for Teresa. Doesn't matter the way it went down. Tony thought he could do it and wanted to do it but he couldn't. Pote says that a pistol doesn't make him a man, sacrifice does. You're a soldier. Tony takes out the gun and says that he wanted to be like his dad, but he's not a soldier. He gives the gun back to Pote.

Teresa enters and watches as Pote offers Tony a handshake. Tony bypasses the handshake and hugs Pote. Emilia asks for Davis's cellphone so she can call her boyfriend. Davis gives her the phone but not before he is pulled over by the police. Emilia asks him to keep driving but he pulls over. Randall pulls Emilia out of the car and Lafayette asks Davis what he's trying to prove. A gunshot is heard. Davis sobs.

Javier smokes and tries to reach Emilia but it goes to voicemail. Adios, Emilia. Randall buries Emilia's body in the forest.



  • Pote: In this life, family is your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness... It comes down to this, Teresa. It comes down to this, Teresita, Cheo's family or yours.
  • Randall: You've got less than 24 hours to save your ass.
  • Teresa, to Luz: I was in love with a narco once, just like you. If I had to do it all again, I'd run away.
  • Teresa: You know what I'm capable of. I will destroy your family to save mine.