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Teresa Mendoza is in charge of the Mendoza cartel, which spans from Arizona to Mexico to New Orleans. Pote Galvez serves as her sicario and counselor.


The Mendoza cartel deals El Santo's Bolivian cocaine, the finest available. Over the course of Season 3 , Teresa managed to take down La Comision in Phoenix and absorb it into her cartel.

After the events of Season 3, Teresa gave Arizona to Taza to control and Mexico to Boaz Jimenez, while she and Pote moved to New Orleans to focus on expansion. There, they built a bar called Siete Gotas.


  1. The Winery
    1. The winery.png
      The winery is the base of operations for the Mendoza Cartel. From there, the product is distributed through mail delivery. It is located off of Highway 115.
    2. Security: There are infrared cameras set up throughout the facility and an escape tunnel in the basement.
    3. Jorge Reyes tweeted, "Our amazing location manager in Dallas found Delaney's. We spent four days there and loved it. Our production designer tricked out the winery to make it look even more beautiful than it was."
  2. James' Compound
    1. James' home is surrounded by an electric fence and has guards posted to keep watch. It is near Phoenix and Interstate 18.
New Orleans[]
  1. Siete Gotas is Teresa's bar in New Orleans.

Pickup Locations[]

  • They sell their product on the dark web. It is shipped in champagne bottles, which are boiled and baked to reveal the cocaine.

Notable Customers[]


  1. Teresa Mendoza
  2. James Valdez
  3. Pote Galvez
  4. Tonto †
  5. The Charger
  6. King George
  7. Kelly Anne Van Awken (affiliated)
  8. Lil T (formerly)
  9. Ivan (associated)
  10. Javier Jimenez
  11. Chicho
  12. Manny


  1. Kelly Anne Van Awken

Law Enforcement[]

Competitors & Enemies[]

  1. Camila Vargas of the Vargas cartel (formerly)
  2. Colombian cartel
  3. Devon Finch
  4. Alberto Cortez †
  5. Marcel Dumas


  1. El Santo (formerly)
  2. Castel (formerly)
  3. Joaquin Guzman (El Chapo)


  • As of El Juicio, they are making $30 million per month.