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Noche de las Chicas is the 43st episode of the series and the fifth episode in the season. It translates to "Night of the Girls."


El Gordo introduces Teresa to Russian drug queenpin Oksana in the hopes of forging a partnership.


Teresa questions Javier Jimenez about where he'd been. Marcel Dumas holds Bobby's girlfriend hostage and asks where Bobby is. He has her lover brought in and he threatens to kill them.

Teresa scolds Javier, who lies about killing. Teresa tells him to bury Bobby and send Boaz back to Mexico. If Javier wants to behave like him then he can go with them. Pote calls them a liability.

Pote breaks Bobby's phone after Marcel calls again. They find surveillance footage of King George talking with Bobby and Marcel orders for them to gear up. Mardi Gras 2004 George and Bilal partied for four days straight.

Boaz wants Javier to try to take back Sinaloa with him while George gives Teresa intel on Oksana.

Tony sketches the scene in the woods. Pote arrives at his house with more men to protect Tony and Kelly Anne. Teresa declines a call from Eddie.

Raul says that she must take the meeting with Oksana or she'll lose his business. Teresa meets with Judge Cecil Lafayette because he came to Pote's house. Nobody makes money during a war. Including you. She tries to get him to stop the war. He says he'll do it for the right price. He wants 10% now. Pote fights with Javier.

The judge tells Marcel to lay off Teresa. He expects an inconvenience fee for turning a blind eye to this. Birdie delivers flowers from Eddie.

Marcel and his men prepare to attack Teresa. Teresa meets with Raul and he introduces her to Oksana. They toast to America. Kelly Anne has flashbacks which are interrupted by Tony. She likes housewives shows and Tony offers to watch them with her. They plan to eat tres leches cake and play Hearts. Tony goes upstairs to get the cards and takes the gun from her bedside table. Teresa markets her business to Oksana.

Kelly Anne discovers that Tony is missing and calls Pote while Oksana asks if her house is in order and she lies and says yes. Jasmine calls Marcel and tells him where Teresa is. He has men on the way. Raul, Oksana, and Teresa snort cocaine. Marcel sneaks women into the room.

They call Tony again to see if he went to find Teresa. Pote finds that the gun is missing. Teresa goes into the restroom to freshen up. She sees that someone is in the stall and hits them before racing out and warning George, who tells her to run. Two men follow Teresa into a warehouse and George is a bit behind. She locks herself in a room and grabs a screwdriver. When the door is broken down she stabs Tic Toc with it and they struggle. Teresa ends up on the floor, but George shoots him. As Tic Toc squirms on the ground George apologizes and mercy kills him.

Pote finds Tony on a bench and asks him to come home. He doesn't want to. Pote asks for his gun back and he hands it over. Tony reminds Pote that his dad, Chino Parra, joined the cartel when he was fourteen. Pote lies and says that he wasn't there when Chino died. Pote wants Tony to prove that he can handle himself with a gun and instructs him to do a number of exercises with it before entrusting it to him. This is our secret. Between men. Let's go home. You saved my life George. He asks to leave and she gives him permission to go to Belize and offers him money from the safe.

Javier enters the office to report that their men control the block and no one is getting near her. George tells Birdie that he's going to the tropics and invites her along. She says no because Teresa wants her around. He thanks her and kisses her hand.

They talk about Tony. Kelly Anne gives Pote a massage. You're not a burden. He calls her a blessing. Kelly Anne, without you I wouldn't be here. Likewise, she responds. She kisses him. A pause. He kisses her back.

Oksana calls and tells her that she has a good reputation. They agree that they'd be happy to have a new partner. Javier says that Boaz is back in Sinaloa. I'm with you. All in. Something unsettles Teresa about Javier's behavior and she palms the gun in her purse.

Birdie goes outside to take the trash out. Dumas's men stab her in the gut and leave her to die.



  • "That's the thing about infidelity. Somebody always gets hurt."
  • "I was drowning. You threw me a line."
  • “You think they’ll kill you if you talk? I will if you don’t.”
  • "The only certain thing in Teresa's life is uncertainty." -- Kelly Anne [1]
  • If we lose this war, we need a safe place. Maybe you can find one for us.


  • Tonight’s episode was written by the dope veteran Tom Garrigus, who is not on social media, & @davia_carter, in her first tv credit. You’ll be hearing A LOT from her in the future. Make sure she hears you tonight—when you see the dopeness, show her some love! #QueenOfTheSouth [2]
  • Fun fact. Episode co-writer Tom Garrigus originally worked with @dailynrod on The Glades, as did fellow writer @matthewlbrmn! Keepin it’ in the familia. #QueenOfTheSouth [3]
  • I took these on @davia_carter’s first day producing her first episode on set in NOLA. It was wonderful for me to be there, because I know the joy of finally doing this. Hearing your words. So happy for her. #QueenOfTheSouth [4][5]
  • Dumas will stop at nothing to protect his own. [6]
  • When we came up with the chase scene initially we really wanted to capture that sense of claustrophobia from the infamous club scene in Killing Eve, but NOLA style. #QueenOfTheSouth [7]
  • When we came up with the character of Oksana, we asked our writers assistant @runolgarun for a name - Oksana is named after her mom. #queenofthesouth [8]
  • Tic Toc’s time just ran out. #QueenOfTheSouth. [9]
  • [10][11]
  • One of the best parts about working with our composer @raneyshockne is that he consistently KILLS IT with this score. #QueenOfTheSouth [12]
  • “You think they’ll kill you if you talk? I will if you don’t.” One of my favorite performances from @AlimiBallard in this scene. #queenofthesouth [13]
  • Pote's loyalty looks a little different with Kelly Anne. [14]
  • Happy #4thofjuly2019 We hope you enjoyed the fireworks - both in real life and in this powerful episode. #QueenOfTheSouth [15]
  • Brace yourself, east coast. Tonight’s episode of #QueenOfTheSouth was written by Tom Garrigus and Davia Carter @davia_carter, and directed by Jessica Lowrey @JtotheLowrey [16]
  • Dammit, Cedric! Birdie just wanted to open her own bar, and then marry George and live happily ever after! @Donald_Paul #queenofthesouth [17]
  • "I was drowning. You threw me a line." My favorite scene of the episode. Tom Garrigus killed it. Such a privilege to write with him. #queenofthesouth [18]
  • If anyone is curious about what I'm working on right now, I'm honored to announce I'm writing QOTS fan fiction about this go go dancer #queenofthesouth [19]
  • I told @dailynrod and @BenjaminDLobato the thought of being in a writers' room terrified me. Then they put me in their room and changed my life. #QueenOfTheSouth [20]
  • "That's the thing about infidelity. Somebody always gets hurt." He ain't lying. #queenofthesouth [21]
  • I love you guys and all your amazing love and support!!! Warms my goddam heart!! #QueenoftheSouth [22]