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Plata o Plomo is the 6th in the fifth season and the 58th of the series. It translates to "Money or Bullets."


Teresa expands her operation in Europe while putting everyone's life, including hers at risk. Boaz and George work to resolve business issues in Miami.

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  • Pote and Teresa meet at the hotel pool. James who went dark for two days to research Navarro joins them. A meet with Navarro is set. James and Pote secure the location.
  • Navarro does not show and sends shooters for Teresa. James and Pote protect her and once back in the hotel Oleg makes contact with Navarro. It becomes clear that Navarro would not do business with Teresa as she killed his supplier Bashara.
  • James is angry with Teresa as she could have died in the attack and questions the need to expand with Navarro when he definitely does not want them.

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Teresa has no valid explanation besides that the market is hot and James accuses her of doing all this for power. Teresa gives him a guilty look but again has no sensible answer.

  • Boaz takes George on a chase of the Haitians who allegedly are cutting the coke with Fentanyl. The Haitians arrive and are captured by Boaz’s men. After finding fentanyl in their house, Boaz kills them brutally.
  • In Berlin the team determines that an Interpol agent needs to be kidnapped as he secretly works for Navarro and can set up a meet. James attacks the man in his gym and after a short but serious fight, James overpowers him and brings him to Teresa. The cop agrees to set up a meet with Navarro as Teresa threatens his daughter.
  • The meeting with Navarro goes well. Teresa and Navarro discuss their mutual humble beginnings and agree to do biz together.
  • Boaz thanks George and asks him to stay in Miami as his right hand. George calls Teresa.
  • KA is unable to get access to the waterfront property in NOLA as the only road leading up to it is not part of the sale. The sellers extort KA for $500 mln and she is unable to resolve. KA discovers that they have sold the bought back the property for half the price several times over the years. When she shares with Teresa, Teresa decides to treat them as the gangsters they behave like.
  • The sellers meet with the team, where Pote shoots one of them and has the other one sign a revised version of the sales contract. Upon closing of the escrow, Pote, under Teresa’s order, eliminates the second seller.
  • KA and James have a heart to heart conversation where James shares his pain from the changes he sees in Teresa and KA tells him that the old Teresa he misses is gone. James understands that he has to accept her as she is.
  • George discovers that it was Boaz and his cousin Angel who were cutting the coke and Boaz shoots George in the head.