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"Everyone has a right to the throne...if they can take it!"
―Pote Galvez

Pote Galvez is a trusted friend of Teresa Mendoza and serves as her sicario.


In a flashback, it is shown that his father taught him how to shoot at a young age.3x02

His brother had a pet weasel when he was young. One night, the weasel clawed out one of his eyes and ate it.3x03


Pote is a man of few words. As Camila says, he's never one to kiss ass.2x01 Like James, he is a loyal person, and is very protective of Teresa. Pote talks too much and on several occasions influences Teresa's decisions about Kelly Anne and James that backfire.


Pote is an experienced sicario and started shooting at a very young age, thanks to his father.

He is also a talented chef. Teresa wants him to have a restaurant in the new strip mall she plans to build.


  • Camila Vargas: Pote was Camila's cook and did other cartel-related work for her, including killing his mentor, after he followed Teresa to the Texas cartel. He left Camila's service when Teresa did. 
  • Teresa Mendoza: After Teresa let him live, Pote found himself on her side of things more and more often. He followed her to Camila's side of the cartel. When Teresa broke off from Camila, Pote followed her to Malta. After his hand is injured, he tells Teresa that he might not be able to shoot anymore, but he can take a bullet for her. Pote accompanies Teresa to New Orleans where she gifts him a house and hopes that someday he will have his own restaurant. Pote stays with Teresa and escapes the narco life with her, James and Kelly Anne.
  • James Valdez: Pote displays obvious distrust of James after he incorrectly believes that James sides with Camila in season 2, but warms up to James after he saves Teresa's life in the shootouts in the bank in Malta and with Sheriff Mayo when Pote's hand gives in.3x03 Pote accuses James of being the mole after someone betrays El Santo3x11 despite knowing that Teresa and James are together and that his unfounded accusations hurt Teresa. When the actual mole is discovered, Pote never apologizes but he tells James that he will miss him when James leaves. By season 5 Pote has realized that Teresa needs and loves James and despite her asking James to leave to protect him, Pote stops James from leaving. In season 5 the two men work side by side for Teresa and have a friendly relationship. They escape the narco life together with Teresa and Kelly Anne.
  • Brenda Parra: Pote and Cesar are sent by Epifaño to hunt down Brenda so that they can find Teresa.1x02 He was there when Brenda's husband was killed.
  • Tony Parra: Pote is protective of Tony because he is Teresa's godson. When Tony calls Teresa and tells her that he's in danger in Season 4, Pote is sent to retrieve him. When Tony finds out that Pote and Gato were sent to kill his dad, Tony wants to kill him. Pote is accepting of this.
  • Epifaño Vargas: Pote was part of Epifaño's inner circle along with Guero, Gato, and Batman. He leaves his services when he realizes that Epifaño was going to let him die to protect himself.
  • Kelly Anne Van Awken: Pote develops a liking for Kelly Anne when he helps her get rid of the dead body of her husband. In season 3 Pote and KA fend of Devon's attack together at the winery. Pote senses KA's fear and gives her a gun and encourages her to be brave. He even goes on to say that Kelly Anne saves his life. Later he allows her to hug him and calls her family. Pote is more than upset to learn that Kelly Anne is the mole, and James offers to kill her as per Teresa's orders to save him from doing it. As is revealed in Un Asunto de Familia, James actually lets her go. Upon their paths crossing again, Pote lets her run again to protect her from Teresa, but KA goes back to New Orleans with him and Tony. There, she stays at his house with Tony.   Pote and KA fall in love with each other and escape the narco life together with their daughter Lena.
  • Gato: Gato was Pote's partner but Pote thinks that Gato 'got what he deserved' when Teresa killed him.
  • El Puño: El Puño trained Pote and made him godfather to his daughter. Camila has him use the information Pote has on him to kill him.
  • Guero Davilas: Pote dislikes Guero for being a thief and a rat. Pote openly blames Guero for not being careful enough and putting Teresa at odds with the cartel as well as getting her raped. Pote tells Guero to leave as Teresa does not need him in her new life. Pote and James bury Guero after his death.

Notable Injuries[]

  • Pote is beaten by Camila's men and they crush his hand, causing it to be painful to use and hindering his ability as a sicario.3x02
  • Pote is shot in the chest but when saving Teresa in Kostya's tea room but the bullet proof vest saves him. 5x09


  • Alice Braga refers to Pote as a sort of guardian angel for Teresa.
  • Due to his panting after climbing a few flights of stairs, it can be assumed that he is not used to being athletic.
  • He says that he's trying to lose a few pounds while eating a salad, and then takes Teresa's plate and says that he'll start tomorrow2x03.
  • Ryan O'Nan tweeted, "We keep all the nicknames characters call each other on that character’s turf. No one else is allowed to call Teresa “Teresita” but Pote.

What’s the first thing he wanted when he got out of prison after four years in the final season? Carnitas.


  • Seeing what's happening to my friends, and you letting me live, it's more than that pinche cabron Epifaño would ever do for me. Teresa, you don't need to hold a gun on me.1x13
  • The heart will kill you faster than a bullet.2x13
  • Everyone has a right to the throne...if they can take it. 2x13
  • James: You should know that my intentions with Teresa are good. Pote: You proposing? I'm not her father.3x03
  • Teresa to Pote: Where are you going? Pote: I am going to NOT make myself a sandwich!3x03
  • James: She doesn't want me to stay. Pote: She might not want you to stay, cabron, but she needs you.5x02
  • Pote: Thank you for saving Kelly Anne, brother! James: Of course!5x10