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Que Manden los Payasos is the 23rd episode in the series. It translates to "Send the Clowns."


When Teresa competes with James for Camila's trust, she begins to question everything; Epifanio plans to leave the cartel world for good.

Plot [1][]

  • With Camila in jail, James and Teresa have to visit her to discuss how she wants the business to be run without her. Camila instructs them to keep things going.
  • Teresa arranges for people to keep Camila safe in the jail despite arrangements that James has already made. Teresa meets with Devon, while James meets with Boaz. Camila states that she is happier with what Teresa has achieved. James is hurt but holds back and does not engage in playing Camila's 'divide and conquer' game.
  • James and Teresa have a serious conversation about whose loyalty lies where.
  • Epifanio meets with Boaz, Cortez, and Reynaldo to announce that Boaz is going to have total control over the Sinaloa cartel and Cortez will be his operational partner, while Reynaldo supplies the Colombian cocaine. Epifanio says that as governor he won't interfere with cartel business because it's too profitable for Sinaloa.
  • Epifanio congratulates Cortez for having Camila arrested.
  • King George's men are slaughtered. George pulls a gun on James and blames him.
  • Kelly Anne finds a fake copy of the trawler company ownership documents stating Teresa as owner. She calls her to advise her of Camila's treachery. Kelly Anne kills her husband Cole when he arrives and threatens Teresa. Pote is called in to clean up the mess.
  • Epifanio sets Cortez on fire.
  • Teresa visits Camila in prison again, telling her about the contract she found in Kelly Anne's house. She lies and says that Cole put everything under Camila's name and that she must be careful with him. Camila doesn't know why he would do that or why Kelly Anne would help Teresa. Teresa asks her if it's true that she's having an affair with Cole. Camila looks into her eyes and lies and says no.
  • Cortez is later seen wandering through the desert alive.



  • Up in the Room by Mr. Airplane Man
  • Not Tonight by Snow Tha Product
  • El Charro Alegre by Noise Cloud
  • Despedida by Mariachi Zafiro Imperial
  • Huapango de Victoria by Noise Cloud
  • Son Zapateado by Noise Cloud
  • Despedida by Javier Solís


  • She's not ready, Camila. I can handle the business alone.-James to Camila on Teresa
  • James, to King George, who is holding a gun in his face: You don't want to threaten me.
  • James: You know, Camila likes you because she can control you. But the truth is, you are a sloppy, inexperienced girl who lets her emotions affect her judgement.
    • Teresa: No. You're upset because I work with Camila and you work for her.

Notes & trivia[]

  • James is jealous that Camila chose Teresa to run the cartel in her absence when he has been her right hand for years.