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Reynaldo Fieto was the don of the Columbian cartel and the uncle of Castel.


Reynaldo is misogynistic and has the confidence of a cartel don.

Season 1[]

Camila had been receiving extra cocaine from Reynaldo's cartel, so much so that her business was three times larger than Epifaño thought it was.

After Epifaño places a call1x05 to Reynaldo asking him to stop supplying Camila, Reynaldo sends a shipment to Camila, but all of the cocaine is seized by the DEA due to Epifaño tipping them off1x06.

Season 2[]

Un Pacto con el Diablo: Epifanio says that they have been business partners for a long time. He tells Epifanio that he gets more and more handsome while he just gets older and fatter. His wife took him off meat, and he can't have salt or sugar. Cortez shows him the drones that they will be using, and Reynaldo is pleased.

Sólo el Amor de Una Madre: Reynaldo and Epifanio meet at Manuel Jimenez's funeral. They speak about the past, and Reynaldo complains at the excessive displays of wealth by cartels these days. It is revealed that Reynaldo had a son who was murdered by a rival cartel. Epifanio, thinking of Isabella's safety, asks if he would trade his success in the business to have his son back, and Reynaldo says he would do so in an instant. However, he must keep looking forward instead of to the past.

Que Manden los Payasos:

Season 3[]

La Ermitaña: Reynaldo and his niece Castel meet with Camila Vargas to discuss business.

Justicia: Camila introduces Teresa to Reynaldo and asks him to become her supplier. Reynaldo agrees on the condition that Camila will not be harmed.

El Mundo: On the orders of Castel, Reynaldo is shot and killed by men pretending to work in the hospital.


  • He calls Camila "Muñequita," or "little doll," because he she is beautiful in the day and scary at night. She calls him an 'old world, chauvinist prick.1x05'


  • Reynaldo, to Epifanio: You keep getting more and more handsome. I just get older and fatter.