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Rocco de la Peña is a banker and money launderer.


He came up as an enforcer in the Galician mafia and had a dark reputation even then. He had the families of his enemies crucified3x03.

Oleg sets him and Teresa up together so that he can launder her money.

He helps Teresa when she is arrested, saving her from Camila, who plans to kill her3x02.

Teresa, after seeing that he tortures his girls and treats them like slaves, plans to save them from him. In doing this, she makes an enemy out of her. He vows that the next time he sees her, she'll be screaming3x03. Rocco de la Pena died after one of the girls he'd enslaved got tired of being abused and killed him.


  • He owns a club.
  • He owns the Bank Internazzjonali Ta Malta.
  • He prefers to work with women.
  • For all his "magic tricks," he charges 5%, but Teresa adjusts it to 4% instead.
  • He is amused by Pote's loyalty and offers Teresa money to borrow him.
  • King George has smuggled for him in the past.
  • He inadvertently gave Teressa the idea for her current distribution method.
  • He occasionally traffics women.