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Ryan O'Nan is an actor, writer, and director for Queen of the South, and co-produced the third season. He has played King George since Season 2.   


Ryan is married and they have at least two cats, one of which is named Amelia.  

When he was in his 20s, he worked in restaurants and saved up so he could travel; he kept the money he earned in his sock drawer and counted it everyday.  


  • He gained 45 pounds to play King George.
  • Stephen King is his favorite author, and "It" is probably his favorite book after "Catcher in the Rye."
  • His in-laws live in Massachusetts.
  • Caracas Arepa Bar is his favorite place to eat in New York City.
  • He and Jorge Reyes often argue about Game of Thrones in the writer's room.
  • He tweeted, "For my first tv role ever as an actor, Me and Armando Riesco (Pecas) played buddies of Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) on an NBC series called Kings. The director of that episode was Francis Lawrence who directed three Hunger Games films, I am Legend, etc."
  • He worked with Zahn (Taza) on Fargo season 2.
  • He saw Hamilton on August 22, 2017..
  • He tweeted, "The part in the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeve, where he sees Lois is in trouble up in the helicopter, and rushes toward the phone booth, and pulls his shirt open, revealing the Superman “S” underneath his suit IS ONE THE BEST MOMENTS IN ANY MOVIE EVER."
  • Ryan spent his birthday on set filming Season 4 so the cast gave him a cake. [1]
  • O'Nan left the show in Season 4 in order to work on his Hulu series Wu-Tang: An American Saga .

On Queen of the South[]

  • King George is a man of his word.  
  • Bilal's death..  
  • When asked why it's so hard for Teresa to trust James, he responded "I think she wants to trust, but she grew up in some dark shit and that trauma is still in her. The world she’s in is dangerous AF. I mean, she trusted Kelly Anne too. Its fucking hard."
  • When asked about King George's nicknames for James, he responded, "Coming up with nicknames for James is one of my favorite things to do. I’d have to say my favorite is probably Giant Peach :)"