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Sacar Con Sifón el Mar is the 21st episode in the series. It translates to "Siphon Out the Sea."


  • Camila sends the team to Chicago to secure a meeting with Devon Finch, an elusive drug distributor. The team crashes a party given for Devon's customers and offers El Santo's coke. After an altercation, they secure a meeting for Camila with Devon.
  • Guero seduces Teresa in the hotel and convinces her to run away with him. Teresa is hesitant and on the way out Pote notices signs of unease and tells Guero that Teresa is a changed woman now and he better leave if he wants to survive.
  • When getting to the parking garage, the team discovers that James has been taken by the DEA. Teresa forgets her plans to run away and rushes to where Cortez and Loya keep James, which is on a high floor in the building still under construction. Cortez offers James to work for him and when James refuses Cortez electrocutes him several times. Teresa, Pote and Guero manage to save James and escape Cortez, who is stopped by Loya as his Mexican methods are not acceptable to the DEA in the USA.
  • Camila meets Devon Finch at a private airport, while Guero says goodbye to Teresa and leaves.



  • Epifaño: A real man always knows his woman's step, Camila.
    • Camila: Inches from death and you're still a charming son of a bitch.
  • Epifaño, to Camila: Every year that passes, you look more lovely to me. When I lost you, I thought my heart would break. Perhaps it finally has.
  • James: Spreading coke on his territory is one thing, but an outright attack on his operation that's just asking for trouble.
    • Camila: I never had to ask you twice to do something. Today is not the day to start, James.


  • La Costilla by Mariachi La Estrella
  • Bad and Boujee feat. Lil Uzi Vert by Migos
  • Si Te Pones Loca feat. Mr. Castillo by MZA


  • James wears the white sweater again.
  • James is tortured via electrocution. This causes him to be absent from the following episode.
  • Pote makes a birthday cake for Camila.