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Season 2 of Queen of the South consists of 13 episodes.

The season premiered on June 8, 2017.

Plot overview[]

After getting in with Camila Vargas's side of the Vargas Cartel, Teresa Mendoza must prove herself to Camila. Camila must fight to keep her cartel up and running, as her husband tries to shut her business down and get her to come home.


Teresa deciphers notes from Guero’s book and convinces Camila to let her and James make contact with a pirate smuggler King George who can help them smuggle the coke. James and Teresa meet George who runs with a bunch of Somali soldiers and have to kidnap and deliver a man to him in exchange for him to consider doing business with them. Teresa has doubts about the righteousness of the situation and James helps her understand that if she blows this chance, Camila will not give her another one. Despite her hardened exterior Teresa is suffering about the losses of her friends and the murder she contributes to. She breaks down, opening up to James, and ends up crying in his arms. James is shown to care about Teresa and to not take Camila’s orders to get close to her and to spy on her at face value.

The team organizes a bust to steal the cash at a cartel horse race in order to get start up capital under the guidance of Manuel Jimenez, the head of the Jimenez cartel who has no problem working with Camila. Epifanio and his new right hand man General Cortez get set up in the narco business behind the cover of being in government. Epifanio’s daughter Isabella, who is at odds with her mother Camila and chooses to live with her father, starts a live affair with Kique Jimenez, nephew of Manuel. Camila and Manuel reach an agreement to work together and to prove her loyalty, Camila has James and his men break Boaz Jimenez, Kique’s father, out of DEA custody.

Epifanio wants to sell his biz to Jimenez as he wants to stay clear of the narco world, however Manuel refuses to buy it. Boaz kills Manuel and having taken over the Jimenez cartel, accepts the purchase of the Vargas operation. Meanwhile Camila has plans to return to Mexico and take over anything left from the Vargas operation she helped Epifanio build.

Guero makes contact with Teresa and she is shocked to discover he is alive and is a snitch to the DEA. Camila’s team including James, Teresa and Pote go through several operations trying to outsmart and outrun Epifanio's tricks with great risks for their lives as the DEA has information from their snitch. During some of the dangerous operations Teresa and James risk their lives for each other several times and it becomes clear that they are developing feelings for each other past the business partnership. They are shown flirting, James lies to Camila a second time to protect Teresa and to help her with Tony’s care.

After the Galveston bust, Guero joins Camila’s operation and she lets him live only because he provides a contact to a Bolivian coke producer El Santo, who runs a sect as well. As Camila’s operation can only survive if she gets a new supplier, Guero’s contact proves important.

Teresa has refused Guero’s attempts to make her a snitch for the DEA and despite having told him that their life can never be under his terms as before, she is not ready to see him die and as such does her best to ensure Camila and James do not kill him.

Guero, Teresa and James make a trip to Bolivia to meet El Santo. They are successful, however they go through many dangers, Teresa almost loses her life several times and despite Guero’s presence, she has a dreamscape where she dreams of James kissing her. Guero acts jealous of James, behaves like a child and as the operation progresses it becomes clear that Guero cares to win no matter the cost to save himself from Camila’s anger, while James cares far more for Teresa’s wellbeing and is not willing to take crazy risks.

Upon their return to Dallas with 1 metric ton of coke and a weekly payment plan, Camila praises Teresa’s performance and looks down on James’ efforts in an attempt to put them at odds.

The team embarks on a distribution effort, again hindered by Epifanio, and ends up making a deal with Devon Finch, a Chicago dealer.

Camila starts an affair with her lawyer Cole van Awken, whose wife Kelly Anne, also a lawyer, is targeted by the DEA and more specifically by agent Loya, who has worked on Guero before. Kelly Anne uncovers fake ownership documents for the biz that implicate Teresa. These have been devised by Camila and Cole to protect Camila.

Camila ensures Guero leaves her operation as she does not trust a snitch. Teresa choses the Business and parts with Guero.

Kelly Anne kills Cole and Teresa and Pote help her clean up. Kelly Anne shows Teresa how Camila was planning to set her up and Teresa decides to leave the business. She shares her intention with James and asks him not to be the one to come after her on Camila’s behalf. After Guero's return and after Camila's machinations, it is clear that James has pulled back in his relationship with Teresa despite him still wanting to protect her.

Camila’s men locate Teresa, Kelly Anne, Pote and Tony who are on the run by following Loya whose DEA powers help him trace a credit card purchase Kelly Anne makes. In the shootout that follows, it is revealed that Tony’s game boy has a tracker in it. As James bought the game boy for Tony when he gave Teresa money to help her out with Tony’s care, Loya suggests that James might have betrayed her location. Camila asks James to locate Teresa, but James is shown to make a long face but not to betray Teresa.

Teresa sends Kelly Anne and Tony away and goes back to Dallas where she and Pote engage a gang to steal half of the coke which she considers to be hers as El Santo will be looking for payment from her. Teresa ends up in confrontation with James and his men, where she gets shot in the leg. James delivers to coke to Devon Finch, gets the payment, goes to Mexico where he saves the kidnapped daughter of Camila and Epifanio and prepares to leave the Vargas operation as Camila has agreed to return to her husband.

Teresa offers James to work with her and Guero. Teresa shares with him that the wants to do business in a better way, without the killing that follows Camila. James refuses to work with them, and they part while James shoots above Teresa to end the conversation.

Teresa has Guero, who is a pilot, divert the Vargas plane as she needs the money on the plane to pay El Santo. In the following stand off Teresa shoots and kills Epifanio is self defense in front of Camila and Isabella. Teresa escapes with enough money to pay El Santo and to continue her relationship with him.

Teresa, Pote and King George leave for Malta on one of his boats, having waited for Guero who never shows. Camila takes over as governor of Sinaloa and vows to avenge the death of her husband. Camila ensures Teresa is a fugitive.


  1. El Cuerpo de Cristo
  2. Dios y el Abogado
  3. Un Pacto Con el Diablo
  4. El Beso de Judas
  5. El Nacimiento de Bolivia
  6. El Camino de la Muerte
  7. El Precio de la Fe
  8. Sacar Con Sifón el Mar
  9. Sólo el Amor de Una Madre
  10. Que Manden los Payasos
  11. La Noche Oscura del Alma
  12. Todas las Horas Hieren
  13. La Última Hora Mata