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Season 5 of Queen of the South was confirmed on August 29, 2019 [1][2]. It has 10 episodes, though the previous seasons had 13 episodes each [3]. It premiered in April 2021 [4]. Season 5 is the final season of the series.

Plot Overview[]

In this season Teresa solidifies her Empire in NYC and sets foot in Europe. Her dream to become' too big to fail' and to become legitimate is disrupted by an old enemy from the CIA, which agency has had other plans for Teresa for a long time. In this season Teresa loses more members of her extended family and finds love. Teresa refuses to be a pawn for the CIA and develops a plan to fake her death and escape the narco life for good.


The Judge officially blames Dumas for the murder of his son. Captain Gamble appears and it becomes clear that he is in the Judge's pocket. Teresa sits around and nervously waits for James, who has just had surgery, to wake up.

George goes through James's bag and finds tracking devices and jammers. He suggests James is the one coming to kill Teresa. After waking up James discloses that he worked for Devon Finch, who is a CIA contractor, and as parting gift received the information about the hit on Teresa. James tracked the kill team but could not eliminate them as he got wounded. James does not know who they are. He tries to convince Teresa to disappear. She is shocked he went back to Finch, but James tells her he had not choice as Finch would have kept coming back. Teresa realizes James has sacrificed himself to protect her and her business.

George expresses strong feelings that James is a traitor, and it is decided that he would take him to the shootout place to gather details while the rest got to NYC to meet with a possible new buyer Polanko, the Dominican, and a new banker. George and Chicho take James to the distillery. The group is attacked by the kill team. One of George's men is killed and using his gun James eliminates the rest and saves the situation. George and James determine that the tats on the back of the kill team men are Russian.

Teresa needs $100 mln urgently to counteroffer on the water front property which is the key to making her business legit. As she cannot sell to the Russians, Teresa orders the shipment to be made to their competition the Dominicans.

Teresa thanks James for risking his life for her again and asks him about his plans and after realizing he is planning to stay; she tells him to leave. James is shocked but prepares to leave

On his way out James sees Pote who thanks him for sparing Kelly Anne and tells him the tragic story of Tony's death whom they failed to protect. James understands that Teresa told him to leave to protect him. Pote tells James to stay as Teresa needs him. Teresa sees James helping Chico with the security systems. She seems happy he has not left. Oksana calls and demands a meeting. Oksana delivers the dead kill team stating that they were sent by Kostya to protect her, however they were traitors and turned against Teresa. Teresa receives news that the Russians attacked the Dominicans in NYC. She and James leave for NYC as Teresa intends to fix things.

Pote and Kelly Anne meet with Wheeler who was in cahoots with the Judge to give maximum sentences to poor boys to get paid the maximum money from the State. Kelly Anne tells Pote that she is pregnant.

Teresa and James share drinks and discuss Teresa's plans for a legitimate future. Teresa cannot hold herself and kisses him. It is evident that James reciprocates the feelings.

Teresa conducts a successful meeting with the Russians and the Dominicans whereby they divide NYC. James and Teresa share a cigarette on the balcony. Teresa asks James to stay, and he agrees. She says that they cannot be together in this life, but maybe in another one.

Teresa tells the Judge that she has proof of his corruption and that he needs to call in a press conference to clear Dumas's name. He unwillingly agrees. The Judge gets into his car to find angry Boaz waiting for him.  The next morning the Judge’s conference is cancelled unexpectedly. Boaz brings a box with the severed head of the Judge to the bar. Everyone is grossed out. Captain Gamble arrives with other policemen at the bar looking for information on the Judge who is missing. Teresa sends James to smuggle Dumas out of state. Teresa and Pote are advised of serious problems at the port of Altamira, Mexico that is managed by Boaz. Boaz resolves the matter for Teresa.

James picks up Dumas and attempts to drive out of town, however Dumas insists on making a stop to meet with Lucien. James is chased by a police car; he loses it in a pursuit and hides in a road safehouse while informing Teresa to send another car. Dumas wants to leave, but James talks him out of it by convincing him that Teresa is a loyal person who would never betray him. Teresa sends Boaz to Miami to take care of business. Captain Gamble arrives at the bar looking for Boaz. He accepts Teresa’s bribe but still needs a body to go to jail. A car arrives at the safe house and Captain Gamble accompanied by Teresa arrests Dumas for the murders of the Judge and his son. Dumas is shocked Teresa has betrayed him. James is also shocked at her betrayal. Teresa says she had not choice and is planning to get Dumas out of jail. Teresa snorts coke again and in anger tosses the coke box on the floor.

Teresa and the team are searching for the Judge’s bank accounts to solidify their claim that he is corrupt. KELLY ANNE realizes that the Judge is old school, and he would not use technology to keep track of the bribes, but rather a manual ledger. The team meet with Captain Gamble and ask him to search for the ledger. Gamble finds the ledger, but on his way to recover it James finds out that the FBI is surveying Gamble.

Teresa gets scared that Gamble may turn on them if questioned by the FBI and orders James to kill him. Everyone is shocked at the extent of the risk; James is not in agreement but takes the task. James shares his disappointment with Pote that apparently Teresa has lost her moral code. KELLY ANNE and Pote tell Teresa they are expecting a child.

James breaks in Gamble’s house but is unable to kill him as his girlfriend arrives. James hides in the closet and hears over the police dispatch radio that the FBI is planning a raid on the distillery. James warns Teresa. James waits out the girlfriend and kills Gamble making it look like a heart attack. He places the thumb drive for the FBI to find.

Oksana comes to the bar as she is in trouble with a German arts dealer Durant who paid her for her molly with a fake painting. The deal was done behind Kostya’s back. The only way out is to fly to Germany and attempt to recover the molly from the arts dealer.

George arrives in Miami and is greeted by not so enthusiastic Boaz who is having trouble with some Haitians working for him. George talks about not agreeing with Teresa coming down hard on Boaz for killing the Judge, but Boaz assures him he is loyal as Teresa is the boss.

The team arrives in Berlin Omni’s hotel which boasts a Van Gough painting in the lobby. James is tasked with stealing the painting, which he does successfully after creating a small shootout in the lobby. The meeting with Durant goes sideways. A shootout ensues where all of Bashara’s men are killed, and the molly is recovered.

James and Teresa discuss the expansion in Europe. Teresa believes that when the biz gets too big to fail, they will be safe, while James questions the expansion as at present the bank is not willing to launder more of their cash. Teresa responds that if needed they will buy the bank. It becomes clear to James that Teresa has lost her beginnings and is focused on the drive for power.

Navarro, a distributor in Western Europe, does not show at a prearranged meet and sends shooters for Teresa. James is angry with Teresa as she could have died in the attack and questions the need to expand with Navarro when he does not want them. The team determines that an Interpol agent needs to be kidnapped as he secretly works for Navarro and can set up a meet. James attacks the man in his gym and after a short but serious fight, James overpowers him and brings him to Teresa. The meeting with Navarro goes well. Teresa and Navarro discuss their mutual humble beginnings and agree to do biz together.

Boaz takes George on a chase of the Haitians who allegedly are cutting the coke with Fentanyl. Boaz thanks George and asks him to stay in Miami as his right hand. George calls Teresa.

Kelly Anne is unable to get access to the waterfront property in NOLA as the only road leading up to it is not part of the sale. The sellers extort Kelly Anne and she discovers that they have sold the bought back the property for half the price several times over the years. When she shares with Teresa, Teresa decides to treat them as the gangsters they behave like. The sellers meet with the team, where Pote shoots one of them and has the other one sign a revised version of the sales contract. Upon closing of the escrow, Pote, under Teresa’s order, eliminates the second seller.

Kelly Anne and James have a heart to heart conversation where James shares his pain from the changes he sees in Teresa and Kelly Anne tells him that the old Teresa he misses is gone. James understands that he has to accept her as she is. George discovers that it was Boaz and his cousin Angel who were cutting the coke and Boaz shoots George in the head.

The team prepares for a reception to mark the ready plan for the construction of the water front property. Many city officials and business men are invited.

Dumas who is freed from jail and Cedric discuss Dumas’s unwillingness to have anything to do with Teresa Mendoza and her business. Dumas is tired of the violence and leaves the biz to Cedric

Teresa meets with the envoy of her Colombian supplier Castel and requests double the product as she has made a new deal to supply Europe. Teresa meets with Osvaldo Ruiz, who is Boaz’s right hand in Sinaloa. Osvaldo talks to Boaz on the phone, who is on his way to NOLA ready to attack. Teresa and James share a drink and reminisce about the long ride they have had together that has brought them to the first step of legitimacy. The exchanged looks speak of deep undercurrents, but both behave in a reserved manner.

The day after the reception Teresa is informed that the Colombians will not double her coke shipments as they believe she has grown too big, and they already do enough biz in Europe. James and Teresa visit Dumas in an attempt to bury the hatchet, however it becomes clear that he wants to sever his relations with them. On the way back they are attacked by Boaz’s men and after a heated shootout escape back to the safe house. Teresa learns that her Phoenix operations has been hit as well and it becomes clear this is Boaz.

Kelly Anne is kidnapped when having an ultrasound at the hospital. Pote is searching for her, and James joins him and breaks the news to Teresa.

Teresa speaks to Boaz on the phone and offers him the biz in exchange for Kelly Anne. Boaz refuses and tells her she will soon find out what he wants. James shares with Teresa that Kelly Anne may be dead and Teresa tells him she wants to enlist Castel to cut off Boaz’s supply to force him down. James has no choice but to disclose to Teresa that Castel is a CIA asset. James explains he did not tell her sooner to prevent her from leaving their circle as then her money would have stopped and her plan to go legit would have been at risk. Teresa understands that James has been protecting her all along. They decide to call Devon in the hope he can fix the situation.

Boaz and Pote talk on the phone. Boaz agrees to exchange Kelly Anne for Teresa. After several hours and no success in reaching Devon, Pote and Teresa leave to the meet with Boaz, while James, Chico and the Mossad men get in position around the meet location. Pote and Teresa arrive at the meet. A shootout ensues, where Kelly Anne is taken in an SUV and Pote chases them in a truck.

James and Teresa arrive at the bar to find Devon expecting them. Devon reveals that he has ordered Castel and Boaz to start this war as they both work for him. He tells Teresa that the CIA allows criminals like her to exist so that they can be used for secret ops. The secret op that Teresa and James are tasked with is to kill Kostya after locating him using their relationship with Oksana. It is ‘kill or be killed” scenario! Both Teresa and James are shocked. Teresa calls Oksana and tells her Boaz has started a war and the only way out is for her to kill Kostya and take over Teresa’s biz.

Kelly Anne is brought to a cheap motel and from there taken on the road in another vehicle. Kelly Anne manages to cause and accident whereby she survives, and the driver dies. Pote rescues her.

James and Teresa tell Pote they are leaving the biz and that they expect Oksana to kill Kostya and take over. Pote is not happy as the plan does not involve punishing Boaz. Oksana arrives but is not feeling well and asks for water. Before being able to walk in, she falls with blood coming out of her nose and eyes. She has been poisoned by Kostya using the arsenal of KGB poisons.

Kelly Anne sees the dead body and has a mental breakdown. Teresa sends Pote and Kelly Anne away to live in another town and out of the biz. Kostya calls Teresa and tells her that he is coming for her and everyone she loves. She and James are listening to the threats and exchange scared looks.

James and Teresa uncover that Kostya is a Russian diplomat who is heavily protected. They bring the information to Devon, however, he insists that they take Kostya out. Devon promises them to become the largest cartel with the support of the CIA if they succeed in this mission.

Kelly Anne and Pote live in Little Rock under fake names.

Teresa and James plan how to take Kostya out. James suggests getting a pass and breaking in the Russian embassy, but Teresa believes it is suicide and does not let him. Their only option is to attack Kostya in NYC and they enlist the help of the Dominicans. Boaz attacks the Dominicans in NYC and kills several men as he is in cahoots with Kostya unbeknownst to Devon. James and Teresa lose the element of surprise. Teresa thinks that if she can meet Kostya alone, she has a chance to kill him. She calls him and makes an offer to give him all that is left of her biz. Kostya agrees and tells her to wait for meeting details. Chicho calls Pote and asks for his help in NYC.

As the meeting details are not coming, James and Teresa wait and end up kissing each other, making love, and confessing their love for each other. The meet with Kostya happens later in the morning in a Russian tearoom and Teresa walks in with her gift – a bottle of her own tequila. As Teresa has had his glass coated with the poison used on Oksana, Kostya dies, and his men are ready to shoot Teresa when Pote and James come in guns blazing.

After they escape Teresa gets a call from Devon who congratulates her. Teresa tells her team that they will not be CIA pawns and are escaping to Belize. James is visited by Devon, who tasks him with one last mission – to kill Teresa as no one escapes this life . James accepts the mission unwillingly.

Teresa arrives in Belize. She is shown to retire for the evening. She snorts some coke, then walks to the window and gets shot. The camera moves to the shooter, and it is revealed that it is James. His expression is somber and focused.

Teresa’s body is on the floor with blood trickling from her mouth. Pote is shown witnessing how Teresa’s body is cremated. James breaks in the police station and takes copies of the pics of Teresa’s dead body. Boaz takes over Teresa’s house and biz in NOLA. Dumas refuses to work for Boaz. Devon visits Boaz and the conversation shows that Devon is not expecting Boaz to run the biz like Teresa did. Pote meets Chicho in Mexico and they drive to the hills outside of Culiacan where Pote spreads her ashes. James is hiding and taking pictures for Devon. After talking to Devon James finds a bomb in his truck and gets into a shootout with a killer Devon sent. James secures the killer's phone with pics of Pote and Kelly Anne. James is wounded in the shoulder, but he calls Pote to warn him that Devon is after them.

Pote calls Kelly Anne and instructs her to run as Devon’s men are coming for her. Kelly Anne manages to escape in a prearranged motel where she has to wait for Pote. Pote and Chico are attacked by Boaz’s men. They steal a car to escape and get caught as they get a flat tire. Pote is arrested for car theft and sent to prison.

Pote is released in FOUR YEARS. Chico meets him and they plan a retaliation on Boaz. Dumas joins them and lures Boaz in his club. Pote challenges Boaz in a knife fight. The fight is bloody, but Pote prevails and kills Boaz avenging George, Kelly Anne and Teresa. Pote hands documents to Dumas and Chicho and tells them to never look for him. The documents are the ownership and the funds for the development of the Waterfront property which Teresa had left to Dumas.

Pote is shown walking on a deserted beach where he meets a young girl building a castle. KELLY ANNE appears and reunites with Pote presenting him to his daughter Lena. When they walk in the house James and Teresa appear. It is revealed that all of them have lived a quiet life in this house for four years, Kelly Anne taking care of Lena, Teresa learning to cook, James to surf.

The escape plan is successful and is presented in a flashback. Teresa expected Devon to ask James to kill her and James agreed. After the shot Pote and Teresa faked the blood and paid off the morgue officials in Belize. Teresa escaped by boat that she had on standby. After warning Pote that Devon is after him and Kelly Anne, James drove to Texas and saved Kelly Anne at the motel as Pote was arrested.

The four have dinner at the table, finally as a family in peace. James proposes a toast to a new life. Later James and Teresa are sitting at the dock, holding hands and watching Pote, Kelly Anne and Lena play in the water. Teresa narrates how the girl from Culiacan killed the Queen to choose Life despite being told that her only options were prison or death.


  1. Fantasmas
  2. Me Llevo Manhattan
  3. No Te Pierdas La Cabeza
  4. La Situación
  5. Mas Dinero Mas Problemas
  6. Plata o Plomo
  7. El Zorro en La Gallinera
  8. Todo Lo Que Toco
  9. A Prueba de Balas
  10. El Final

Season 5 Cast[]


On 22 August 2019, Ben Lobato tweeted, "Still waiting on the S5 pick up. Light some candles" [5]. The official writer's account also tweeted, "RT if you want #QueenOfTheSouth to get a 5th season!"[6].

The official Queen of the South account tweeted, "The #QueenFamilia is coming back. But where do you think we'll go next? [7]" and "The season finale of #QueenOfTheSouth hits @USA_Network tonight, but don't worry #QueenFamilia... Season 5 is on the way. [8]" on August 29, 2019. Dailyn Rodriguez also tweeted, "Thank you all for watching season four. We will see you next year for Season five. [9]" A few days later, Season 5 was re-confirmed by the official Queen of the South page [10].

Cast & Crew's Response to Renewal[]

  • Dailyn Rodriguez: Posted a quick link to variety for the season five announcement ‘cause I was in a restaurant. So... thanks to the fans, cast, crew, writers, post team, Fox 21 and USA. TV is a collaborative medium and we couldn’t make this series without all of you! [11]
  • Ben Lobato: We did it! I'm so thrilled #QueenoftheSouth is picked up for season five! Congratulations to our amazing #QueenFamilia from the cast to the crew - it takes a village. Thank you to the amazing fans for helping make this happen! [12]
  • Jorge Reyes: Well look at this. [13]
  • Ryan O'Nan: SO DAMN EXCITED! Season 5! So fun to find out this amazing news with this awesome guy. @alimiballard my brother. Thanks for being awesome. We’re so psyched y’all!! P.S. Sorry for calling you “my babies”. Don’t know what that was.Just got too excited!! WOOHOO!! [14][15][16]
  • Ryan O'Nan: WE GOT OUR SEASON 5 FAMILIA!!We have the best fans ever!! Thank you for your loyalty, humor and passion. So much love to my @queenonusa family!! [17][18]
  • Alimi Ballard: [19]
  • Davia Carter: Yay!! Muchas gracias a todo la #QueenFamilia!! [20]
  • Vera Cherny: Tonight’s Season Finale is going out with a BANG — and some major good news! Because: That is how La Reina rolls, ya’ll! CONGRATULATIONS, #QueenFamilia! So much LOVE! [21]
  • Molly Burnett: WE ARE COMING BACK FOR MORE!!! Thank you to the most amazing fans in the world for ridin with us!!!! Season 5 here we come [22][23]
  • Alice Braga: [24]

Writing Process[]

On October 30, 2019, showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez tweeted that they had their first day in the writers' room with the writing team and said that "[e]veryone is super psyched for season 5!" [25]. On December 2, 2019, Alice Braga visited the writers' room [26].


According to showrunner Ben Lobato, filming was supposed to take place in March and the season was supposed to premiere in June 2020 [27]. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that schedule has been delayed.   

On September 22, 2020, showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez confirmed that they are going back to filming "very very soon!" [28]. In late September 2020, actor Ryan O'Nan tweeted that he expected to return to filming Queen of the South "pretty damn soon" [29]. JT Campos also confirmed via Instagram that they are "gearing up and getting ready to bring you the best in season 5 of #QueenoftheSouth" [30]. Hemky Madera told a fan via Cameo that they would be resuming filming in October 2020 and that they should be finished with filming by March 2021 [31].

In January 2020, Dailyn Rodriguez tweeted that she would be heading to New Orleans to produce the seventh episode [32].




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