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Secretos y Mentiras is the 46th episode of series. It translates to "Secrets and Lies."


Teresa gets threatened by an FBI informant.[1]


Javier is processed into prison.

18 Hours earlier[]

Teresa, Pote, and Javier attend Rene's funeral. Judge Cecil Lafayette vows to hurt the people responsible for killing him. Davis visits his mother's tomb. Marcel mentions to Teresa that she died under mysterious circumstances.

Marcel's man had an issue with Oksana and she says she'll talk about it with him later. Kelly Anne calls Pote and says that Tony tried to leave and says he wants to go back to Mexico. Judge Lafayette meets with Teresa and she gives him the 10% payment she owes him -- $3 million. They tracked Rene's phone to Siete Gotas and they want to interview everyone that was there that night. Teresa says to start with Javier as he was running the bar that night.

Teresa questions Javier about what happened that night. He lies to her. She wants him to cooperate with his investigation. Teresa knocks on Tony's door. He tells her to go away and that he doesn't want to talk to her. She wants him to understand that he's safer with Pote.

Tony opens the door and demands to know if Teresa knew that Pote killed his dad.[2] You had me living with my father's killer. He says that he's going back to Mexico and that he never wants to see her again.

Javier tells Emilia that she needs to get ready to run. He lied to Teresa in order to keep Emilia safe. He's going to tell Teresa the truth. She just wants them to run. Teresa has been good to us. I can't leave her exposed like that. She asks where the hell he wants her to go. He gives her the plan and tells her to run and not look back. Javier kisses her goodbye and leaves. Javier calls Boaz to say that he's going to tell Teresa what they did. Boaz thinks it's a terrible idea but he needs to protect Teresa. Boaz invites him back to Mexico where he will protect him. Randall pulls up behind Javier and tells him to come with him.

Ishmael sits at the bar at Siete Gotas. He advises Teresa to answer her phone. Raul wants her to kill Cheo, who was recently arrested, so that the two of them don't get ratted out and spend the rest of their lives in federal prison.

Cheo needs to be taken out before he can make a deal. He won't go into witness protection without his wife, Luz, and son so he has 48 hours to take the deal. Teresa changes the plan so that there is a smaller risk of hurting innocents.[3]

Javier is caught in a lie by Randall. He pulls over in a deserted area and takes him into a bar. In a back room, Javier finds a man bound and gagged. Randall asks if he knows him and shows him his ID. He asks if that's one of the men he threw out opening night and Javier says no. Randall says that's too bad and they leave. Randall's men put a bullet in the prisoner's brain. Javier ignores a call from Emilia.

Now that Oksana has Teresa's product he's moving into Marcel's friend Shomari's business. They want her to intervene and get Oksana to back off. The Atlanta man also wants her to supply him with her product. Teresa apologizes but says that she can't get involved in territorial disputes. Ishmael stabs a mail worker who spots him fixing a bomb to the bottom of a mailbox. He then steals the man's lunch before Pote gets rid of the vehicle.

Teresa orders them to call off the bomb when she is told that there is a woman and a child in the car with Cheo. Pote shoots Ishmael but not before he flips the switch and the bomb explodes, hitting the 3 SUVs. Raul orders for his men to go to New Orleans and kill Teresa. At the junkyard crime scene, broken tail light glass is found. Javier texts Emilia and tells her to run.

Emilia calls Boaz and tells him that she's not okay and she misses her family and home and wants to go back. He says yes and that he misses her. Teresa meets with the Judge. Cheo has 48 hours to decide to sign a deal and has been put into protective custody. He gives one option to get close to Cheo but it's risky and they'll need help.

Javier comes home to find that Emilia is gone. Teresa wants someone to go into federal lockup and then the Judge will get them out. Marcel says he has a man who works as a guard who can help but murdering a witness under federal protection is a suicide mission.[4] Javier volunteers.[5]

Outside the room, Teresa tries to talk him out of it. As he is led to his cell, Javier is recognized as El Gallo by one of the prisoners, who vows to kill him.[6]

By the pool, Teresa speaks with Tony and reminds him of how they got to this point. She thinks that because they don't hate him, Tony feels like he's betraying his father but he's not. She hopes he changes his mind about going back to Mexico. With tears in her eyes, Teresa asks Tony to come live with her.

Javier finds a screwdriver in his toilet that was left for him. Kelly Anne and Tony exchange a tearful goodbye. Pote tells Kelly Anne that Tony tried to kill him but couldn't bring himself to do it. She is upset that he didn't do anything to stop him.

Emilia is pulled over and arrested by the cops while Javier is attacked and misses his chance to kill Cheo.

Dumas calls to say that Javier failed.[7]




  • Lafayette: The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. [8]
  • Tony: Did you know? Did you know that Pote killed my dad? Did you!?
  • Javier: Teresa has been good to us. I can't leave her exposed like that.
    • Emilia: And if she kills you too?
    • Javier: Then I'll be ready. You have to be ready too.
  • Randall: I’ll put it to you this way. When I meet the guy that did this, I wanna shake his hand. Then I wanna kill him. [9]
  • Teresa: I want you to come live with me. What do you think about that?
  • Pote: It's about to go down.
  • Pote: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
  • Pote: I'm a murderer.
    • Kelly Anne: Well, so am I.


  1. RickyRenuncio and it's Thursday, so we've got two reasons to celebrate because IT'S #QUEENOFTHESOUTH NIGHT IN AMERICA! Tonight is a barn-burner. written by one of our fearless leaders, @BenjaminDLobato. We'll be on here later to live-tweet with y'all. See you tonight! [10]
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  • Ryan O'Nan: TONIGHT FAMILIA!! Some of the cast and writers are getting together to tweet with you guys and hang and watch tonight’s episode together. We’ll be thinking about our badass fans and looking for your tweets!! [30][31][32]
  • Technically Javier isn't lying. [33]
  • Golden Rule No. 1, Queen: Be careful with them Russians! Just in case. [34]
  • Oooooo Javier. You better pull this off!! Teresa ain’t messin’. Bring in those acting classes!! [35]
  • Teresa is willing to put her feelings aside to help Tony heal. [36]
  • WTF JAVIER!! [37]
  • THAT DAMN JUDGE!!!!!!!! [38]
  • What a nasty ass prison. [39]
    • It was hot as hell in there, too. Never so happy to walk out of a place at the end of the shooting day. It had an unnerving, claustrophobic effect. [40]
    • It was hot as hell in there, too. Never so happy to walk out of a place at the end of the shooting day. It had an unnerving, claustrophobic effect. [41]
  • He deserved that shit!! [42]
  • This is my favorite suit he wears. The piping on the lapel is everything. [43]
  • Truer words have never been spoken [44]
  • Every plan has complications. [45]
  • Who said dating #JavierJimenez was gonna be easy? Don’t miss out tonight’s awesome episode! [46]
  • Another beautiful performance by @SOFIALAMA and @ponchohd [47][48]
  • Chewy’s grunt is worth a 1000 words. [49]
  • Tony's asking the tough questions, but is he ready for the answers? [50]
  • Looks like we have a guest... [51]
  • Boaz is always trouble!!! [52]
  • Looks like if El Gordo is going down, he's taking Teresa with him. [53]
  • Actor who plays Ishmael is @realcarlosgomez. Fun fact Carlos was on The Glades - a show I used to write for with gellow #QueenoftheSouth writers @matthewlbrmn and Tom Garrigus (who is not on twitter) [54]
  • That scene between Javier and his girl though: KILLA! Major skills, @ponchohd! WOW. [55]
  • Taking out a mole isn't easy...especially when you're playing by Teresa's rules. [56]
  • never trust a man who talks about putting a bullet in your head and then casually whistles as he walks away. [57]
  • Shomari. A former enemy becomes a possible ally. [58]
  • Coño he was hungry! [59]
  • Javier “I’ll do it”. With his girl gone, he’s got nothing but his loyalty. [60]
  • La Reina & Shomari! [61]
  • Ben Lobato’s dad was a mailman in real life. What kind of Freudian shit is this??? Great episode @BenjaminDLobato!!! [62]
  • Dear USPS! Is it possible to use Pote’s speed as a standard for delivering urgent mail? THANKS. [63]
  • El Gordo is not happy that Teresa went against his orders. Do you think the #QueenFamilia should be worried? [poll] [64]
  • Did this just seal Javier's fate? [65]
  • I hate seeing Javier @ponchohd sad. [66]
  • Marcel is speaking some truth about Teresa's plan to take out the mole [67]
  • Javier steppin up!! I’m scared for him. [68][69]
  • Pote is so much more then just a murderer. Are you rooting for this love story? [70]
  • Fun fact, guy in the prison with the beard is (Boaz) J.T. Campos's brother. [71]
  • This scene with Teresa and Tony slays me. [72]
  • Tony is FINALLY getting what he wants [73]
  • "Some kind of macho sicario bullshit" Love @mollydollyy [74]
  • Emelia picked the wrong day to wear heels... Can anyone relate? Tell us your worst heel story. Best story wins swag. Go!!! [75]
  • Not only did Javier just miss his opportunity, he's now stuck on the inside. [76]
  • I loved that scene with Teresa and Tony! Super complicated. You understand both sides. If I found out someone killed my dad... [77]
  • Some beautiful Sons / Fathers / Father Figures scenes in this Episode, @BenjaminDLobato! Heartbreaking! I’m not crying — YOU ARE! [78]
  • Shout out to the amazing Laura Belsey @ellebeeshadow - you captured my vision for this episode beautifully. So happy to have you in the #QueenFamilia [79]
  • I think Javier feels pretty guilty about everything he's done and this is his way to pay her back. [80]


0.34 rating [81][82][83][84] with 1,028,000 viewers.


  • The postal worker


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