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The Charger works for the Mendoza Cartel.


The Charger worked for the Vargas cartel in Texas and for Camila Vargas. He spent a lot of time in the warehouse and works closely with James Valdez, serving as a sort of unspoken right hand man.

When James left Camila, The Charger followed him. As of season 3, he is working for the Mendoza Cartel because James has aligned himself with Teresa.

Season 1[]

Cuarenta Minutos: The Charger is there to cut open Aveline and remove the balloons from her body. He also helps prep Teresa for her airport run.

El Engaño Como La Regla: When they realize that they are in debt to the Colombians, he suggests that they sell Teresa to Epifaño for five million dollars to pay it off.

Coge Todo lo Que Puede Llevar: He helps James care for Tonto after he is shot. He watches over Tonto while James is meeting with Leon and searching for Maria Sanchez.

Punto sin Retorno: The Charger hurries everyone along, forcing them to pack faster. He tells Teresa that she has 5 hours to get back from her deliveries. Teresa sneaks a bag of cocaine off one of the counters and slips it into her bag before exiting the building.

Season 3[]

La Fuerza: James tells Teresa and Pote that The Charger and Tonto will be working for them.