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Un Asunto de Familia is the 41st episode of the series and the second episode in the season. It translates to "A Family Affair." 


Teresa's deal with a smuggler goes sideways when a local kingpin discovers she's smuggling cocaine. 


Teresa has a flashback of Brenda Parra's baby shower. Teresa is the first person that Brenda tells that she's having a boy. In the meantime, Pote goes to Tony's school and sees the coroner wheeling out a body on a stretcher. He doesn't tell Teresa about it, just says that he hasn't found Tony yet.

Eddie calls Teresa and apologizes for crossing the line by kissing her last night. Teresa says that it's not him, it's that her godson ran away. Eddie reassures her that Tony will turn up again once he gets hungry and offers his assistance if he can help in any way.

Birdie warns Teresa that they have company. El Gordo is waiting for them in the bar.

Teresa's men transporting the tequila/cocaine are redirected by construction as Marcel's men corner them. Marcel's men fire at them.

El Gordo tries to get Teresa to admit that she's the one that stole his shipment as he plies her with alcohol. Teresa reaches for her gun under the table. Teresa reiterates that it wasn't her. The tense moment is dissolved when Gordo breaks out into laughter, telling her that it's water under the bridge, but threatens her if she does it again. After another shot, he leaves laughing.

Kelly Anne Van Awken is alive. Pote tells Kelly Anne and Tony to go. Kelly Anne shoots Pote's attacker and saves his life. Tony sees Pote slit the man's throat. Gordo finishes his cigar. Pote says that Cortez paid the men to kill Tony before he died. As they drive away, the second shooter comes out of the forest.

Birdie and George share a joint and it is implied that they have sex while Pote makes Kelly Anne get out in front of a church, telling her to disappear again. Kelly Anne says that she's tired of running.

Birdie kisses King George and it is implied that they have sex.




  • Teresa: It's not just me you’re gonna have to answer to
    • Marcel: Guessing you’re gonna have to answer first


  • Molly Burnett: "It was real hard to keep this from y’all.. but you know the rule - if you don’t see the body, she ain’t dead we are all in for a WILD New Orleans ride" [1]
  • [2]

Crew Comments[]

  • From Dailyn Rodriguez: "We were so excited Justina was game to come back to Queen of the South ... She’s such a talented actress and such a joy on the set. The character of Brenda brings so much levity to the show and her relationship with Teresa is a special one. We can’t wait for the audience to watch her scenes this season."[3]
  • From Ben Lobato: "Justina Machado is a beloved member of the Queen of the South family," co-executive producer Benjamin Lobato adds. "It was an honor and privilege to bring her back into the fold for season four.  Her scenes this season will bring laughter, tears and new revelations into her character and relationship with Teresa."[3]


This episode had 790,000 views with a 0.3 rating for audiences between 18 and 49 years old. [4][5][6]