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Camila Vargas was in charge of the Vargas Cartel branch in Texas. James Valdez served as her right hand. As of Season 3, the Texas cartel is no longer headed by Camila due to Camila's role as governor.


The Texas cartel deals in cocaine and sex trafficking, namely, prostitution. The mules use stolen cars, fitted with LoJacks by the cartel, to complete their routes.


  1. The warehouse (later commandeered by the DEA)
    1. The warehouse has a foosball table. The women inside the warehouse are often seen doing their nails or doing laundry.
  2. Camila's club
  3. the safe house (unbeknownst to Epifaño)
    8 new warehouse El Precio de la Fe stills.png
    1. Camila bought it cheaply from a dealer who went to prison2x01.
  4. new warehouse 

Pickup Locations[]

  • Savings Club.
    1. Contact: Bill
    2. Nearby, there is a man that works at a plant nursery. If James drives by and sees him watering his plants, the man is to stop watering his plants if it is unsafe to continue with the deal.
    3. Usual buyer: Lopez
  • Parking Garage.
    1. Contact: Columbian cartel members

Notable Customers[]

  1. Russell
  2. Sandra
  3. Allen


  1. Camila Vargas
  2. James Valdez (formerly)
  3. Teresa Mendoza (formerly)
  4. The Charger (formerly)
  5. Aveline (deceased)
  6. Tonto (formerly)
  7. Pote Galvez (formerly)


  1. Teo Aljarafe (deceased)
  2. Cole Van Awken (deceased)

Law Enforcement[]

  1. DEA agents
  2. Police officers
    1. Officer Bradley1x04
    2. Denny


  1. Eric Watson of the Jimenez cartel


  1. Vargas cartel (formerly)
  2. Columbian cartel
  3. Talky John (one-time deal)
  4. El Santo (formerly)