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Vienen Por Ti is the 52nd episode and the finale of Season 4. It translates to "they come for you."


Teresa uncovers who is behind the betrayal and the attacks on her and must make difficult decisions about how to handle all the players, when unexpectedly wounded James returns to her with a message.


"There's only one way to be safe in this business -- be powerful enough that no one can touch you."

The Judge asks Marcel if he's with him. Marcel shrugs and says "of course." King George learns that Marcel and his men were responsible for Birdie's death. Javier learns that Emilia is dead from Davis and is taken to where she was buried. He falls to his knees in distress and tries to unbury her. He sobs as he touches her hand. He screams and punches the ground in his grief.

Boaz tells Javier to make sure that the person that killed Emilia suffers. Make sure the idiot dies a painful death.

Pote attempts to kill the Judge while he's with a prostitute, but his attempts are foiled by Randall, who breaks in with a gun and shoots at him. Randall seems to get shot. Pote gets back into the truck and tells Chicho to go. A man confirms to Randall that Teresa is there. They watch her through binoculars. She's been boxed in.

Randall and the men enter the building where Teresa is under the leadership of Randall. Randall checks the room she was in earlier and finds nothing. He tells his men to fall back, realizing it's a trap. Teresa and her men attack Randall's men. Randall realizes that Dumas set them up and gets away.

King George struggles to kill the man responsible for Birdie's murder, Cedric. Why'd you do Birdie that way? Tears streak down the man's face. Cedric says he was just following orders. Eventually, he turns away and leaves, ending the cycle of retaliation.

Javier stalks Randall, finding a blood trail, but he can't find him. He screams in frustration.

Teresa tells someone, "I could have protected you, but now I can't." Teresa and Pote learn that Javier was responsible for Tony's death. Pote cocks his gun and is ready to kill him, but Teresa tells him to wait.

Lafayette tells Davis that Teresa is the reason that Rene is dead. Davis Lafayette dies. Lafayette decides to punish Javier for killing Rene by lighting him on fire. Let's do this, pendejo. Randall dumps gasoline on his body in the trunk of the car. Javier wraps his cuffs around Randall's neck and pulls him into the trunk, taking him with him. They both burn to death.

In preparation for the meeting with Kostya, Teresa puts on a white suit.

Eddie comes to see if Teresa is okay after the explosion in front of her bar. He knew she had been in the hospital but he didn't go because he wasn't sure she wanted him to. Teresa says that she's glad he didn't. Eddie says he knows that she's not just a bar owner or a tequila maker. He asks her to tell him the truth. I run a drug cartel. Eddie asks if she's serious. She tells him that every minute he spends with her, he's in danger.

Pote, George and Teresa discuss the rapid expansion of the business at the loading dock of the transport company when a car approaches unsteadily at a high speed and makes a forced stop.

E13s4 end.jpg

Pote and George point guns at it pushing Teresa back while the car door opens and James stumbles out clutching his bloody middle and falls to his knees. Teresa's eyes are filled with horror as she rushes to his side.[1]. James looks at her and warns her "They're coming for you."




  • Teresa: There's only one way to be safe in this business -- be powerful enough that no one can touch you.
  • Teresa: He's kept us under his thumb for too long. I'm done with that. [2]
  • Pote: You're a pet in a cage.
  • Let's get on with it.
  • James: They're coming for you.


  • In El Juicio, Teresa says that when they come for her, she'll be ready. James responds that when they come for her, he'll be ready. The episode title, meaning "they come for you," echoes this sentiment.
  • This is the first episode that James Valdez appears in this season, though he was a main character in the first three seasons.


3x05 4x13
James: When they come for you, I'll be ready. James: They're coming for you.


  • Promo: [3][4][5][6][7][2][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]
  • Dailyn: Here we are shooting the season finale. It was crazy hot. @_abemartinez_ @BoxerBray @Sanchezonthemic Latinos kicking ass in Hollywood! [16]
  • The Judge rules this town, but Teresa has one last chance to topple his reign. Find out if she can she take him down in the season finale [17]
  • Ryan O'Nan: FINALE COMING!!! “Now you will die cabron!!”~Pote Season 4 going out strong!! [18]
  • Molly Burnett: Are you with us? [19]
  • Dailyn: Thank you so much for watching. I love live tweeting with you all. I co-wrote the season finale next week with Tom Garrigus (he's not on twitter) and I'm really proud of it. can't wait for you all to see it! [20]
  • Dailyn: One more day #queenofthesouth fans! I’m so excited I get to live tweet with you from my hometown of New York City. And then I’m gonna disappear for a few weeks for a much needed vacation. I might tweet some photos. Don’t be jelly. #QueenFamilia [21]
  • Chris Greene: Season Finale of @QueenOnUSA pulling up on you tonight like... [22]
  • Vera Cherny: Tonight’s Season Finale is going out with a BANG — and some major good news! Because: That is how La Reina rolls, ya’ll! CONGRATULATIONS, #QueenFamilia! So much LOVE! [23]
  • [24]
  • Ben: Be careful what you admit to in mixed company...George knows exactly whose blood is on Dumas's hands now... [25]
  • Ryan: More Russians?! Careful principessa!! [26]
  • Javier's guilt is coming home to roost, but it's too little too late for Emilia. [27]
  • RIP Emilia [28][29]
  • Dailyn: Shit is about to get real dark with Javier. He’s realizing all of this is his fault. [30]
  • Ryan: Poor javi. Dammit!! [31]
  • Dailyn: Southern charm [32]
  • Ryan: That’s what happens when you’re a SHITTY father, judge!!! Your boy wants to kill you. [33]
  • One surprise return may just lead to more questions. [1]
  • Vera: I thought that “surprise” would break Twitter. (Also: Impossible to keep that spoiler from slipping from my Russian mouth! Been biting my tongue since June, yo!) [34]
  • Raney Shockne: [35]

Character Deaths[]


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